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Unravel Me...further into the series

                First I want to say thank you for the questions submitted.  I am working with her on the interview and hope to have it finished up and ready in the next week or so.  In the meantime as promised I’m finishing up my reviews of the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi.  Today I’ll be discussing the he first novella Destroy Me and the second book in the trilogy UnravelMe.  There will be spoilers for the first book in this right from the start, it’s a sequel so no way to avoid them really. That being said read at your own risk.

                We left Juliette after the escape from the Reestablishment.  She’s free from their sick plan to use her as a weapon and free to love Adam.  But she still has her very lethal touch.  That is something she can’t escape.  Much like Warner, he wants her now more than ever.  She’s haunted by her past and the uncertainty of her future but it becomes clear she will have some possibly life changing choices to make. 

                So…Destroy Me.  It was a short little story.  At first I didn’t like it.  I was so annoyed having a feeling where it was going and none too happy with that option.  You see it focuses on Warner and it helps to soften him up.  It allows the reader to believe he may not be as much of a monster as we believe.  Me, I had only finished Shatter Me less than an hour prior to reading this and warming up to Warner was not something I wanted.  I was totally in love with Adam and I liked thinking Warner was the heartless monster.  I didn’t want there to be any chance that given we learned Warner can also touch her and after their little session where she used that to disarm him and shoot him.  Yes I knew this was possibly leading to a love triangle with two men able to touch her.  That is one of the somewhat convenient and fishy parts that the two guys who can touch her are her prospective love interests.  I referred to in the last review but didn’t want to say it outright and ruin any surprise. 
                So we learn Warner has some ulterior motives and also has a heart of sorts.  The idea of a love triangle seemed a bit off at first for me.  I hated Warner for everything he did.  I liked that you grow to slowly learn about him and his actions and it’s not suddenly ‘oh I suddenly like him’ after all the evil things he did but I was completely still on team Adam.  My reading buddy, who hasn’t yet read books two or three yet, knows just how unhappy I was with the prospect.  She got an ear full that’s for sure.  One of the downsides of marathon reading a series is that you don’t get a rest between them to mellow out, you’re feels for the characters stay super charged.

                That being said my feelings for the characters and story were steady.  And one thing that only increased as I read this book…my adoration for Kenji.  He is such a great character.  He is both smart and strong but also the comedic relief when needed.  He could be serious or busting jokes with everyone.  He was central to the story as it progressed.  He gave Juliette crap about her guy drama but was there for her at the same time giving her honest advice and being a shoulder for her to lean on, through her protective suit of course since he’s a friend and we don’t want to torture or kill him.  It was interesting meeting all the new faces at Omega Point and watching Juliette develop into her own skin.  She still has a ways to go but it’s a gradual process. The different talents that people have and how they have been working to fight the Reestablishment and survive thus far.  I couldn’t help but enjoy them all and the way they adapted to the world. 

Where Shatter Me was a fight to escape type arch, Unravel Me takes the reader along for the fight to live and be free as a people.  Things are a bit grander.  There was a lot going on in the book but I don’t want to give away too much and ruin it.  So from here on out I’m tossing up the spoiler warning just to be safe.  So if you haven’t continued on in the series yet then be warned.  Finish reading and come back.  Until them skip to the bottom and share your thoughts of the series thus far and speculate on what you think will happen.  I rated Unravel Me a strong 5 Stars.


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                Just one small part really for spoilers.  The development of the triangle could, like many, go either way.  Love it or hate it.  I fell on the side of enjoyment given the progression.  Warner didn’t magically get off the hook for all the horrible things he had done.  Juliette didn’t magically decide she wanted him over Adam or both.  Adam and Juliette are what causes the biggest issues for themselves.  She doesn’t break up with one for the other, she has some conflicted feelings sure but she also is trying to focus on more important things.  Things progressed in a semi-natural way.  Semi because let’s face it she has powers and the whole war and dystopian aspect doesn’t leave a lot of room for natural relationship drama to unfold.  She and Adam had issues that had nothing to do with Warner.  She was growing into a different person.  She was becoming stronger and more confident but he had fallen for her when she was his damsel in distress. 

Warner then got to explain and some of his actions didn’t seem AS bad.  He genuinely cared for her and it became clear.  She didn’t want to hurt anyone but she also couldn’t fight that he had a good side and there was a connection between them.    The main difference between Adam and Warner is that Warner didn’t want her to sit around and be safe he wanted her to be strong and push her limits to gain power and control to keep herself safe.  He went about it completely the wrong way but still.  I grew to root for him.  Yes shocking I know.

                And that ending!!!!!  I’m just glad I had the next book waiting for me at home and didn’t have to wait a year to know what happened.  That was insane.  It also made any reservations I had about changing teams fall away.

*****END SPOILERS*****

                So there we have it.  I’m finishing up my review of the last novella and the final book in this trilogy.  I plan to post Monday if all goes well, i.e. my internet doesn’t protest against me again.  Leave me a comment below telling me your thoughts on the series this far!


  1. I need to get back to reading this series. I loved Destroy Me as it explained Warner some. I didn't read your spoiler part, but I really enjoyed reading the non spoilery parts of the review. I'll probably text you excessively once I pick up Unravel Me :)

    1. I'm looking forward to receiving the texts. But as you know my lips will be sealed on any details! I'm think you'll find my spoiler part entertaining once you are caught up.