Thursday, June 21, 2018

Movie Corner #11

                Hello happy movie fans!    So like I said these last couple weeks had a bunch of movies coming out that I was beyond stoked to see.  Plus movies are free and I don’t have any extra funds so lots of time at the theatre!  That said here is what I’ve seen the last two weeks:

Hotel Artemis:  4 Stars
                So this movie looked pretty cool from the trailer.  Dark and different and something I am totally into.  The movie was good for me.  I enjoyed myself.  It was different than I expected though and I’m not sure if the trailers were misleading on purpose, which I could see making sense to throw people off, or if it was accidental.  Either way I still enjoyed the movie and found the shift a bit refreshing.  It’s not the greatest movie but there is lots happening and it keeps things going pulling you in different directions as it turns into a crazy night at the Artemis.  One thing I found both pleasant and slightly annoying is it didn’t fully clarify some things, like membership, the current world, etc but gave pieces and hints and let the audience figure it out without being force fed it.  While I like that it wanted the audience to use our minds I would have liked just a smidge more as I have a couple unanswered questions.  Still it was an enjoyable movie for me.

Oceans Eight:  5 Stars
                Okay so I love me a good heist flick.  There is just something about a job that is well planned that gets me all excited.  Seriously if I had the skills I might not work for the police but be on the other side lol.  Shows like Leverage and White Collar with heists in them are my some of my favorites.  So this movie was perfect for me.  The cast was great and fun and the overall planning and heist were a thrill to watch.  It wasn’t super deep and the motives were a bit of revenge but mostly she’s good at it like that makes total sense to me.  The only thing I could see some people complaining about is that it’s very similar in format to Ocean's Eleven, and while this isn’t a remake it’s a sequel, the similarities are there and can make it feel like a female remake.  For me it was still a fun heist story so I didn’t have a problem with it.  It gave me everything the trailer promised and that is all I ask! 

Hereditary:  3 Stars
                Well that was something.  I honestly can say I have no idea what to think.  After the film ended I sat there for a bit not 100% sure what I had seen.  The movie was for sure creepy and weird.  I even had a couple instances that I jumped back or startled me which is hard to do in most movies so points there.  But as for a scary / horror aspect….it fell flat for me mostly because I was so confused about what happened that I didn’t know I should be scared or terrified.  Creeped out?  Yes.  Scared?  No.  Overall it wasn’t anything I’d watch again as it did feel like a very long movie without the payoff at the end for me.

The Incredibles 2:  5 Stars
                So I have a confession to make.  I only saw the first Incredibles the week before this one came out.  Yes I know it was amazing and I don't know how I went so long having never seen it but I did.  Bright side is I only had a week between movies and not 14 years so win for me!  That said this sequel was so much fun.  It was amazing and fit in so well with the first movie and something I can only assume fans who waited so long love.  The story is about family and super heroes.  I loved it.  So much going on in both aspects it has tons of fun moments and some really touching scenes as well.  I even enjoyed the little animated short before the movie.  Though the best part of it was when the 85% full theatre 90% of which are adults without kids with them is completely silent and one of the kids in there quietly asks "where are the incredibles?" and everyone started to laugh feeling the same way!  The atmosphere was happy an feel good and I don't know anyone who didn't like it! 

Tag:  5 Stars
                So this movie was what I was hoping for and more.  I heard this was based on a real story of people playing a long, decade long, version of tag and I knew I wanted in.  These friendships were epic.  The game was a main factor and so so much along the way.  It was full of laughs and action for sure.  I went with my brother and we were laughing so hard through most of the movie.  There were also some really deep parts in there as well which only add to the comedy because this is a story of friendship.  I loved it and highly recommend it! 

                This was an amazing couple of weeks for movies for me.  What movies have you seen recently?  What should I see?  This week I’m super excited to see the new Jurassic World first and foremost.  Then who knows what is out next week!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

~Can't Wait Wednesday: Wind Rider (Tales of a New World #3)~

                Can't Wait Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Wishful Endings.  Waiting on Wednesday has been don for some time so I am switching it up for now!  Basically books that are not yet out that we are dying to get our hands on.  This week’s pick is:

Wind Rider (Tales of a New World #3) by P.C. Cast
Out:  10/16

From Goodreads:
                Mari, Nik, and their newly formed Pack are being hunted.  Thaddeus and the God of Death will stop at nothing until they are obliterated from the earth.  But Mari and Nik have one goal, to reach the plains of the Wind Riders, in order to band together to stop Thaddeus from destroying all that Mari and Nik hold dear.

                But will the mysterious Wind Riders accept the Pack, or will Mari and Nik and their people be rejected by the mighty Riders and be forced to flee for their lives?  And what happens when a rogue Lead Stallion gets too close to the Pack, rejecting all Wind Riders and turning to a stranger for companionship instead?

                In the next installment of the Tales of a New World series love and goodness are put to the ultimate test.  Will the Wind Riders and the Pack be strong enough to withstand the God of Death?  Will the Great Goddess of Life awaken to join the battle, and if so, will it be as Death’s consort, or will the Goddess stand with Mari and her people against the great love of her eternal life?

Why I’m Waiting:
                So I am really enjoying this series and I can’t wait to see the Wind Riders and see what happens to my Pack.   

                What are you waiting on?  Tell me below what you think of this title and leave a link to your CWW as well so I can check it out.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Summer TBR

                Hello everyone!  Top Ten Tuesday is just how it sounds, a topic is picked and we put our Top Ten for that in a post and share and check out everyone’s answers.  Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl. 

The top ten today is:  Summer TBR
 These are not all what you might think of as summer reads but it feels like the surface of the sun half the year here anyways so summer has no concept lol.

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli- Currently reading!

Storm Raven (Storm Raven #1) by K. Hanson

Brave Enough by Kati Gardner

Star-Touched Stories (Star-Touched Queen #2.5) by Roshani Chokshi

Starswept (Starswept #1) by Mary Fan

Sea Witch by Sarah Henning

A Reaper at the Gates (An Ember in the Ashes #3) by Sabaa Tahir

Smoke in the Sun (Flame in the Mist #2) by Renee Ahdieh

Children of Blood and Bone (Legacy of Orisha #1) by Tomi Adeyemi

Seafire (Seafire #1) by Natalie C. Parker

                So what do you think?  Tell me what you think of my list in the comments below.  Also please link back to your Top Ten as well so I can check out your list and see what I missed!

Friday, June 15, 2018

War Storm (Red Queen #4)

                Hello happy readers!  So I finally finished the final book in the Red Queen series War Storm by Victoria Aveyard.  Now you may remember that I went to a signing for this book last month and got to meet so many amazing people, including Beth Crowley who writes original music based on books she read and this one for Freysand of ACOMAF is stuck in my head!  Anywho at the event Victoria mentioned that people seemed to be split down the middle about her final book they either love it or hate it.  I was a bit concerned by that but now having read it I kind of get it.  I took a bit of time to process after finishing before I could sit down and articulate my thoughts.  But here they are fully digested and ready to share, spoilers for the previous books in the series.  Reviews to previous books:  Red Queen, Glass Sword, & King’s Cage. 

Rating:  4.5 Stars

                When we left  off things were not in a happy place.  Not like book two where Mare is taken captive bad but Cal just agreed to marry Evangeline and basically just broke Mare's heart choosing a crown over her.  So not a happy place.  Plus he messed up Evangeline's happiness which thanks to book three I now want.  But on more important news Cal's decision to fight for the crown has caused a hidden split with his Red allies as they don't plan to put another Silver in charge of them again.  But first they must remove the current king and go from there meaning Mare must continue to work with the boy who broke her heart.  Maven is a force but he is driven by an obsession deeper than any realize as he and his brother have more in common than they realize.  Allies that want to overthrow them.  It is all out war involving Silvers and Reds alike both on the same side and against one another.  Who will win?  Who will make it out the other side alive?  What will Norta end up?

                So this is a story of split war.  I loved that we got so many new POV's.  As I mentioned I was a bit leery of Evangeline getting a POV in the last book as I hated her but then I went and grew to like her.  I didn't full on love her like some of my others as she was still kind of a witch but I understood her so much better.  I even grew to want her to find a way to win, though only if she didn't mess with any of my others!  Which is huge progress from the first two books.  I looked forward to her story and seeing what was happening.  I felt bad for her and the whole love situation she was in, seriously I almost cried at some parts.  It was so messed up.  She ended up being one of my favorites of the series so huge kudos to the author for making that even possible!  We also got a new POV in Iris, the Lakelander princess / Maven's new wife.  That was very interesting to see how things are on her side, we got both the Lakelander perspective as well as one so close to Maven seeing him with a new outside light.  I liked getting to know more about the Lakelanders as they have been background for the first few books with new information constantly coming up.  She/they were also a villain different from Maven and seeing the pair side by side was very interesting. 

                And for other new surprising POV's that don't happen much and start late we do get a couple chapters from Maven himself!  I nearly swerved when the audiobook chapter stated "Maven" as the POV like what when did this happen???  The chapters while brief and limited are very enlightening.  His mind, warped as it has been from childhood is a very captivating place to me.  I can understand why the chapters are placed sparingly as too much from him would have taken away from him.  Small glimpses was a treat and more than enough to see just what has been hinted at.  On the flip side we also get to see a few chapters from Cal's POV which I enjoyed though as much as I enjoyed him, I didn't find them as fascinating as Mavens.  They didn't offer as much new insight for me.  I understood his reasons well enough as he is an open type of person who shares and is readable.  I already knew his reasons and motivations he was easier to read.  Still it was nice to have his own thoughts of his mother and brother that was a nice balm to the crazy going on.

                Of course we have Mare as the main POV.  I have some slightly mixed feelings on her.  I did feel at times she could be a bit wishy washy but she made a choice and she stuck with it.  She never wavered.  She hoped for a difference and took time for her when possible but she didn't waver in the overall choice.  I respect that.  She had some bad choices throughout the books sure but I think she held firm on the important parts.  I was with her in this, even as she struggled with her broken heart, her PTSD, and more she kept pushing forward.  That is impressive no matter what anyone says.  I enjoyed as she got to know more Newbloods like herself.  Knowing she wasn't the only one was a sweet moment not only in solidarity but in that they can teach her more of herself. 

                There are so many side characters who really came to life in this story.  Some stepped into new lights like Jullian.  We got to see more of Evangeline's family which again is crazy and Cal's granny.  We also got to see more from the Premiere and the world he lives in and wants to help spread.  The world we want!  The time spent there was beautifully written and impacted so much.  And of course General Farley was up front and center because she has come a long way since we first met her and she has struggled through so much on her own.  I really wished we had a few chapters from her.  Some of the others we spent so much time with in previous books were less focused in this one like Cameron and Kilorn to name a few. 

                Overall the story was well done for me.  There was action and intrigue as we expect and lots of political espionage happening in all corners.  The character building and even world building as we tear down one part.  It had a lot going for it in this book and series overall.  The end had parts I expected and parts that shocked me.  I was unsure how I felt at first having finished it just in shock of it all but it makes sense.  It won't be a perfect happily ever after for anyone there was just a massive war both internal and external so lots happening there.  That can't be solved or wrapped up in a little bow.  It gave the open ending we needed to believe it was possible.  Some relationships were broken but some have the possibility of rebuilding just like the world and I love that.  I love the parallels there.  At first I wanted a quick instant fix but then I realized that wouldn’t have fit with the epic journey we had just finished.  So I am very satisfied with the ending.  Even if I wanted more as soon as I finished!

                Until next time…

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

~Can't Wait Wednesday: Seafire (Seafire #1)~

                Can't Wait Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Wishful Endings.  Waiting on Wednesday has been don for some time so I am switching it up for now!  Basically books that are not yet out that we are dying to get our hands on.  This week’s pick is:

Seafire (Seafire #1) by Natalie C. Parker
Out:  8/28

From Goodreads:
                After her family is killed by corrupt warlord Aric Athair and his bloodthirsty army of Bullets, Caledonia Styx is left to chart her own course on the dangerous and deadly seas.  She captains her ship, the Mors Navis, with a crew of girls and women just like her, whose lives have been turned upside down by Aric and his men.  The crew has one mission:  stay alive, and take down Aric’s armed and armored fleet.

                But when Caledonia’s best friend and second-in-command just barely survives and attack thanks to help from a Bullet looking to defect, Caledonia finds herself questioning whether or not to let him join their crew.  Is this boy the key to taking down Aric Athair once and for all…or will he threaten everything the women of the Mors Navis have worked for?

Why I’m Waiting:
                 So the all-female crew of a ship totally makes me think of the Daughter of the Pirate King duology that I love so yeah that is a positive.  Add in the revenge and defecting agent and I’m game. 

                What are you waiting on?  Tell me below what you think of this title and leave a link to your CWW as well so I can check it out.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Travel Bug Books

                Hello everyone!  Top Ten Tuesday is just how it sounds, a topic is picked and we put our Top Ten for that in a post and share and check out everyone’s answers.  Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl. 

The top ten today is:  Books that woke the travel bug!

Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling:  England-  I mean I want to go to Hogwarts too but if we are only talking real places I still want to go to London!

Cruel Summer by Alyson Noel:  Greece-  This book always made me want to visit.  Her vacation isn't as planned but I love the way the place is described (though maybe with better wifi access lol)

Blacksouls by Nicole Castroman:  Bahamas- So this is a pirate tale and the origin story of Blackbeard of course so yeah lots of island travels.  I went on my senior trip in high school to the Bahamas but that was a while back and it was limited I want to go back.

Succubus Blues Series by Richelle Mead:  Seattle-  So yeah I want to go to Washington.  I want to go with my bestie and hit Forks because it's on the bucket list and so many books/shows most recently for me this are there and I want to be part of it!

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare:  California- So there are several places in Cali I want to visit but LA is for sure one of them.  I want to check out the super touristy things yes but I also want to go explore some of the many scenes from books I love from LA to San Francisco and more.  So much to work with here!

Seven Days of You by Cecilia Vinesse:  Tokyo-  So yeah I hadn't had a ton of interest in traveling here before but this book made it seem like so much fun.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins:  Paris- Okay so this uber cute romance will make anyone want to go there and find love sure but I want to go and explore the city and see the sights…if I found a hottie along the way that'd just be a bonus ;)

The Holders by Julianna Scott:  Ireland- Okay one of my most desired places to go for so many reasons and the accent might be one of them.  The beauty of the land and the lore I just want to go immerse myself in it!

Wanderlove by Kristen Hubbard:  Central America- So while I love this book and respect the people who travel like this I want to do it in a more me fashion but still to see this area like this is amazing! 

Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley:  Australia- Again the accents….but seriously all the books/movies/shows/research shows I want to go here before I die.  Like maybe after some other places first because apparently everything can kill you and I'm kind of clumsy so not trying to push my luck.  Still it looks amazing!

                So what do you think?  Tell me what you think of my list in the comments below.  Also please link back to your Top Ten as well so I can check out your list and see what I missed!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Juniper Skies (Juniper Series #3)

                Hello happy readers.  So diving right into it here this book is the 3rd book in the companion series, Juniper Skies by Lora Richardson.  I have reviewed the previous books here:  The Edge of Juniper & Juniper Limits as well as her other stand-alone title Outspoken.  I was lucky enough to be provided a copy in exchange for an honest review but honestly as soon as I found out little Abe was getting his own story as he grew up I knew I had to read it!  Again this is a companion series so the other books are necessary but this will spoil those for you and they are great so start from the beginning!

Rating:  5 Quarts Rocks

                As I said I read the previous books about the other characters in this small town and I really enjoyed them.  I knew Abe as he was young going through some things that no child should have to deal with but still grabbing hold of your heart.  Now we have seen the stories from his cousin and sister but now it’s his turn, years after the last book when he is working hard in the summer before his senior year.    We also meet Delphine, who has spent her whole life on the road traveling with her gram from place to plan in an RV.  It's an interesting life for sure but she has a desire to settle down in one place for at least a little while and so her gram decides Juniper will be her home for all of her senior year.

                Abe and his life has changed quite a bit since we last saw him.  He isn't the happy easy going kid.  He is a loner with a bit of a reputation.  He doesn't want to be around people but keeps to himself.  This books, series as a whole really, manages to tackle some really deep and real issues.  With his father in prison for the past few years about to get out and the emotional upheaval that brings up, to the way he has struggled with his fathers history as he grew into a young man.  I loved reading his parts as we saw what was going on for him and how everything impacted his life and his choices to this point.  I loved seeing him with his family both his mother and sister but more with the family he made with Faye/Malcolm and his mom.  He still has a support system and you are rooting for him to take their advise. 

                 Delphine has never really had any real friends.  Moving too often to make any lasting friendships.  She has a whole list of things she wants to accomplish in fact including kissing a boy.  She reminded me a lot of how Abe used to be with a special helping of determination.  She wants to make new friends and form her own opinions and not let others shape her view of someone.  I loved her chapters as she got to know others around town and even when she wanted to be liked and included she didn't succumb to the pressure and change who she is. 

                There are several foot in mouth moments as these town begin to know and understand one another.  It is slow burning and beautiful.  I was so in awe of this story and how it weaved such emotionally powerful moments dealing with real emotion and issues into such an overall sweet and uplifting story.  It amazed me from start to finish.    I loved the romance between them some of the moments written for them had me swooning something fierce.  Seriously this is where book boyfriends are made! This was a story all about Abe and Delphine but one added benefit is we also got to check in on our other couples from the previous books because of their closeness to Abe in this one big mixed up family!  I love it all.  I'm sad this is supposed to be the end of Juniper but thrilled to know they have each other.

                Until next time…