Wednesday, September 19, 2018

~Can't Wait Wednesday: The Girl King~

                Can't Wait Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Wishful Endings.  Basically books that are not yet out that we are dying to get our hands on.  This week’s pick is:

The Girl King by Mimi Yu
Out:  1/8/19

From Goodreads:
                All hair the Girl King.

                Sisters LU AND Min have always understood their places as princesses of the Empire, Lu knows she is destined to become the dynasty’s first female ruler, while Min is resigned to a life in her shadow.  Ten their father declares their male cousin Set the heir instead—a betrayal that sends the sisters down two very different paths.

                Determined to reclaim her birthright, Lu goes on the run.  She needs an alley—and an arm—if she is to succeed.  Her quest leads her to Nokhai, the last surviving wolf shapeshifter.  Nok wants to keep his identity secret, but finds himself forced into an uneasy alliance with the girl whose family killed everyone he ever loved…

                Alone in the volatile court, Min’s hidden power awakens—a forbidden, deadly magic that could secure Set’s reign…or allow Min to claim the throne herself.  But there can only be one Emperor, and the sisters’ greatest enemy could turn out to be each other.

Why I’m Waiting:
                This one caught my attention because of the battle for the crown.  I liked that it was supposed to be given to a girl and that when it is taken away she (and possibly her sister) fight for it.  Plus wolf shapeshifter….yes please!                   

                What are you waiting on?  Tell me below what you think of this title and leave a link to your CWW as well so I can check it out.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Movie Corner #17

                Hello happy movie fans!    I made a split second decision on Monday when I was feeling a bit down, as I normally do on so close to my birthday, that I'd take this week off from posting in general.  But yesterday, Wednesday the 12th my actually birthday turned out to be pretty awesome and it got my spirits back up so I am jumping back in full speed.  Only saw a couple movies given the limit now but still not bad.  That said here is what I’ve seen the last two weeks:

Kin- Rating:  4 Stars
                This one really surprised me.  I don't know what I was expecting it to be the trailer looked a bit unclear for me but had my interest.  That said I was impressed.  I don't really know how to describe it but I enjoyed the brotherly bonding of this.  It had more emotional appeal than I first thought and for that I enjoyed it.  

Peppermint- 5 Stars
                Okay so this one was one of my most anticipated movies.  I saw a trailer for it some time back and it just gave me chill bumps.  I love Jennifer Garner in action roles, it took me back to Alias days.  That said the movie was great and just what I wanted and expected.  There was a couple small things I do have questions about when I think back on it but honestly I just enjoyed it overall and overlooked them. 

Alpha- 4.5 Stars
                This one I was on the fence about wanting to see.  I liked the idea of it but I figured it would have very little dialog as a large chunk of the movie is between a boy and a wolf and that could be amazing or horrible.  Well I decided to go for it and I really enjoyed it.  There isn't a ton of dialogue/conversations and any that do occur are in subtitles so be warned if you don't like reading subtitles then you may want to hold off.  The movie found a way to capture your attention and keep you hooked as the movie is played out.  You feel for this boy and this wolf and want them to bond and succeed through their troubles and trials.

                So upcoming I'm super excited for A Simple Favor and The House with a Clock in the Walls.  I will have to see what else is coming out in the next couple weeks but those are top two!  What movies have you seen recently?  What should I see?

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

~Can't Wait Wednesday: A Curse So Dark and Lonely~

                Can't Wait Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Wishful Endings.  Basically books that are not yet out that we are dying to get our hands on.  This week’s pick is:

A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer
Out:  1/29/19

From Goodreads:
                Fall in love, break the curse.

                It once seemed so easy to Prince Rhen, the heir to Emberfall.  Cursed by a powerful enchantress to repeat the autumn of his eighteenth year over and over, he knew he could be saved if a girl fell for him.  But that was before he learned that at the end of each autumn, he would turn into a vicious beast hell-bent on destruction.  That was before he destroyed his castle, his family, and every last shred of hope. 

                Nothing has ever been easy for Harper Lacy.  With her father long gone, her mother dying, and her brother barely holding their family together while constantly underestimating her because of her cerebral palsy, she learned to be tough enough to survive.  But when she tries to save someone else on the streets of Washington, DC, she’s instead somehow sucked into Rhen’s cursed world.

                Break the curs, save the kingdom.

                A prince?  A monster?  A curse?  Harper doesn’t know where she is or what to believe.  But as she spends time with Rhen in this enchanted land, she begins to understand what’s at stake.  And as Rhen realizes Harper is not just another girl to charm, his hope comes flooding back.  But powerful forces are standing against Emberfall…and it will take more than a broken curse to save Harper, Rhen, and his people from utter ruin.

Why I’m Waiting:
                 I saw this on another CWW recently and just knew I wanted to read it.  I didn’t even realize it was a Beauty and the Beast retelling until later but the idea is fascinating.  I love books where someone is taken from one world and put in another it just makes me wish I could do that :)

                What are you waiting on?  Tell me below what you think of this title and leave a link to your CWW as well so I can check it out.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Binge Worthy Shows / Series

                Hello everyone!  Top Ten Tuesday is just how it sounds, a topic is picked and we put our Top Ten for that in a post and share and check out everyone’s answers.  Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl

The top ten today is:  Binge worthy shows/series
I've picked shows that are finished.  One season or twelve.  They are finished and I have re-watched them at least once.

Moonlight- So it only got one season but it will forever hold a place in my heart.  If you read my about me page you understand.

Leverage- sometimes bad guys make the best good guys.  A group with different skill sets work together and play a modern day version of Robin Hood in a way. Full of fun plans and schemes.  What's not to love.  These characters…I adore them!

Bones- Booth and Bones.  The squints.  Come on this is an awesome show.  I love these characters and how everything has built together.  But what I also love is the cases. Watching them work their magic and solve these cases is on point.

Veronica Mars- I still want more!  I had a friend over to watch the movie the day it was available to order on TV and I have read the first book that happens post movie though I've held off on the second book because honestly the first audiobook was ready by Veronica herself and the second wasn't and it annoyed me lol but if they mentioned another movie or anything I'd be there in a heartbeat!  Marshmallow to the end!  #TeamLogan

White Collar- One of the best con-men/forgers/etc who has a good heart decides to work with the FBI agent who brought him in.  I love the different cons and all but really the characters and the connections between them is just amazing.

Dexter- A serial killer with a moral code.  A dark passenger as it were.  It has it's ups and downs and there are some archs I wasn’t as in love with but overall it kept me intrigued that’s for sure.

La Femme Nikita- So I was probably a bit to young when I watched the first season of this back in the day but I loved it even when I didn't understand some aspects.  So when I got to watch all 5 seasons eventually years later I was in love.  I have the seasons on DVD and have been itching to do a marathon.  At one point I knew so much random facts about this show it was crazy.  I mostly remembered how much of a crush I had on Michael back in the day and every time I watch it.  I also remember wanting to pull of some of the never worked!

Firefly- Of course this list isn't complete without this entry.  I re-watch this season at least once a year and I still get mad every time when I get to the end and there is no more.

Burn Notice-My Name is Michael Weston and I used to be a spy.  Again Spy shows are flipping awesome and I loved how the dynamic with the characters from the start.  I also loved how he broke things down, though after the fact I learned they had to cut some things out because apparently they gave too much detail on occasion which when re-watching I did see the shift in less info and yep totally makes sense. 

House-  Who didn't love House and his jack a$$ attitude.  He was brash and unapologetic for sure but you kind of love him for it.  The cases were so out there and strange it was always fun. 

A couple I love watching re-runs of on TV but weren't included because they are still running…

Criminal Minds / Supernatural / The Big Bang Theory
                I know I've left some of the other ones out because let's be honest this could be top 50 and I'd still have some left off.  I watch way too many awesome shows and I'm always down for a re-watch!  So what do you think?  Tell me what you think of my list in the comments below.  Also please link back to your Top Ten as well so I can check out your list and see what I missed!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Brave Enough

                Hello happy readers!  So a little bit of an apology.  So I have been struggling with some time management and ability to focus the last couple of weeks.  Which makes it really hard to keep on track/schedule.  Part of that is my party planning, see I was wanting to do a birthday party for myself this year but it's hard with so many of my friends having kids birthdays the same week, and it sucked and I do get a bit depressed on my birthday every year.  But this year I decided screw it I'd rather have a Halloween party anyways so yeah I decided I am going to have one of these instead and wow the amount of time spent on Pintrest looking at stuff is insane and makes you lose track of time.  But now that I have a better grip on the party and what needs to happen I am getting back to myself and I hope to get things on here back to normal too!  Anywho sorry but thanks for sticking with me! 

                Now today I am so excited to share my thoughts on not only a new release last month but a debut author as well.  Brave Enough by Kati Gardner.  The cover was so beautiful it made me click and then the summary just touched my heart and that was it for me I knew I had to get my hands on it.  I was lucky enough to snag myself an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review so here goes. 

Rating:  4 Stars

                Cason Martin is a prima ballerina at the Atlanta Ballet Conservatory.  The best.  She has spent her life at dancing t was never a choice with her mother being the artistic director making all of her decisions.  Cason is dedicated and willing to do whatever it takes….even pushing past pain and injury.  Though it is much worse than she imagined.  On the flip side Davis Channing is struggling in his own way, having beat cancer and living with his drug addiction that nearly killed him.  Staying clean isn't always easy when your past is always there in front of you.  Cason and Davis hardly know of the other but their worlds collide that all changes.

                I really enjoyed this book.  It wasn't super plot / action driven but more a journey story and I can enjoy those.  I could tell as I read, even before reading the authors note, that this is a very personal story for the author wanting to see people like herself represented in books.  They way she writes it shows this depth of understanding and authenticity which is pretty great.  There were some things happening which I thought were awesome as the story moved along quickly for me but it felt more like a misplaced.  Not bad just felt a bit odd story wise after, like a too soon climax.  This also happened a few times when a chapter would end and we'd time jump.  Sometimes we didn't immediately know and it was from things mentioned or things happening around them that made you think you missed something then "it's been "x" amount of weeks since my audition" so you realize they jumped.  This was okay and again the story went by quickly just at times it was a smidge jarring.  It also took away some of the moments between Cason and Davis and while I totally loved them together it was a bit sudden.

                Cason and Davis are both struggling with major things.  Things I don't see as much in my YA reading and I was happen to have it front and center.  I loved the idea that just because of cancer or drug addiction the struggle of being more than that label.  How you might have described yourself one way, now the first thing someone sees is something else, something you can't control.  Understanding from both of their heads what it is like in their struggles from small things that are their new every day to the larger more complex issues really came through.  However, while I enjoyed them as characters I thought they could have been a bit more developed.  Like they did that to themselves as well, confining themselves to one thing.  With Cason it makes sense before she was a dancer, that was her sole focus in life, making things that much more real for her.  But with Davis we don't learn much about him aside from cancer and drugs.  I would have liked to know more about him as a whole before the drugs.  I got enough of him and his character to adore him and want things to be better for him but still a bit more would have rounded him out more. 

                I found the story pretty uplifting overall and again I really flew through it.  I enjoyed it and was smiling for a vast majority of the time reading it and yes I admit to tearing up as well at times.  Things can get dark but that is the nature of life.  I really enjoyed this story and while there were a couple small things I think could have made it even better nothing I "disliked" as it were turned me away from the story just made me want more and that is a huge yay because who doesn't want more of what they like!  I would recommend this for sure!  This journey was one I am glad I was along for the ride. 

                Until next time…

Saturday, September 1, 2018

~Stacking the Shelves #60~

                Welcome to Stacking the Shelves was created by Tynga and the full details can be found on her page.  Basically you showcase the books you bought or received each week.  Little, or not so little, weekly book hauls. 


Smoke in the Sun (Flame in the Mist #2) by Renee Ahdieh

                So technically I got this last week but forgot to post which as I didn’t get anything this week kind of works out! I still have some pre-orders I’m waiting on they could be a while.  Though my birthday is the 12th of this month so maybe I’ll get lucky and get some books and/or Amazon gift cards!  Show me what you got!  Share a link below. 

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Movie Corner # 16

                 Hello happy movie fans!   This week has been a little crazy as I get ready to rotate shifts at work.  This is always a bit of fun.  Bella is doing well she has enjoyed her visit out to see my family in the country with the other dogs and the horses which at first had her a bit nervous but she warmed up quickly.  I'm also adjusting to the new Moviepass rules/guidelines this last week but I did manage to squeeze in 3 more before the limit kicked in and one with the new limit so far ;) That said here is what I’ve seen the last two weeks:

The Meg:  5 Stars
                This movie is everything you think it will be based on the trailers.  It is pure popcorn fun!  I loved it.  It isn't some amazingly deep movie it's a fun summer flick that you can enjoy.  It has some pretty awesome fun in there and I can't wait to see it again with some friends.  It's something I can totally see myself always putting on when it makes it to TV.  Added bonus Jason Statham used to be a swimmer and that works for the movie too!

Christopher Robin:  5 Stars
                This movie.  There were a lot of people in it when I saw it, and I think the parents might have loved it more than the little ones.  It is a super sweet story that has so much going for it.  All of your favorite characters you know and love growing up are back.  Little Christopher Robin is all grown up and needs his old friends to help him realize what is important in life.  I adored this movie.

Mile 22:  4.5 Stars
                I was ready to see this movie as soon as I saw previews.  It looked pretty interesting and I love a good action flick.  Plus it has Maggie from TWD!  I love the whole spy/covert ops aspect to it.  The whole best of the best team.  That is just awesome and come on who doesn't enjoy it.  The action scenes were pretty epic and on point.  They have some really smart moves that I appreciate and the hand to hand combat was a blast to watch. 

The Happytime Murders:  5 Stars
                Okay so this movie is so wrong in the most hilarious way.  Seriously the trailers do it justice.  It is another reason to love Melissa McCarthy.  She is amazing and this was a barrel of laughs.  It is so out there and strange and had me laughing the whole time.  This is so not a movie for kids!!!  There were a few things that were brought up or started and could have gave it more depth overall but it didn't and just went for quick and awkward hilarity and it worked for me. 

                I have several movies I still want to see like Alpha, Kin, maybe A.X.L. but the most anticipated movie right now is Peppermint.  What movies have you seen recently?  What should I see?