Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Acca (Angelbound Origins #3)

                Hello happy readers!  So normally on Tuesday I’d be posting a Top Ten Tuesday but today I wanted to share my review on release day of a new book in a series I completely adore.  The book in question is Acca (Angelbound Origins #3) by Christina Bauer.  I love this series!  To see all my love check out the past reviews for Angelbound, Scala, and Armageddon and the Angelbound Offspring books Maxon and Portia.  I received an early copy of this book from NetGalley for an honest review and I’m trilled to share it with you on release day.  Acca contains spoilers for Angelbound and Scala but not for the other books in the series so you don’t have much to catch up on!

Rating: 5 Stars

                So Acca takes us back to the beginning. After book two, Scala, we jump forward several years but we know where Myla and Lincoln are concerned they had plenty of adventures and stories from that time.  We go back and see more from that time, when Myla and Lincoln work towards dismantling the House of Acca and sending their evil leader to prison…or they will end up in jail themselves and that would put a real damper on their impending wedding.  To stop him they must present their proof to the courts but it is never that simple, not when the man you’re trying to take down is as slimy as an eel and has most everyone under their control.  Myla and Lincoln go undercover on Earth to get what they need but time is of the essence.

                As much as I loved seeing Maxon and Portia I still have to say Myla and Lincoln are still my favorites!  Having them front and center again was right on point.  Myla was her usual self, tough as nails and hot tempered and ready to kick some ass, or ogle a nice one.  She is part wrath and lust demon after all.  She is trying to find a balance though and put on the appearance of being stately being that she’s about to become Queen and all but that never stops her from being true to herself.  Lincoln is just as bad ass and fierce but he is also much calmer that Myla and together they balance one another out so beautifully.  They both know how to calm, or goad, the other up and the understanding between them just makes your heart melt.   They are by far the best thing ever and I could read a hundred books about them easy.
I mean look at them!
                The story is also packed full of goodies.  First the plot to take down the evil and corrupt house.  Aldred is a real piece of work.  As I was reading I just wanted to reach through my kindle and strangle him at ever mention of his name.  He is just so devious and conniving it makes your skin crawl, more when you see the influence he has.  So rooting for our couple to find what they need to finally end him is natural.  Still as evil as he is there is something fascinating about him, in a you’re interesting but I still want you dead kind of way.  Because then you have to think about everyone who supports him and their reasons and if you can really trust them as well, very complex.

                Through in an undercover mission to gather evidence and you have a winning combo.  Seriously the idea of making Myla go undercover back in school, a school on Earth no less, and even with the urgency of everything I was laughing.  Okay no matter how serious things got and how on edge I was worrying about certain characters Myla and her outbursts or antics could make me laugh for a moment.  Oh and her tail I can’t leave him our or he’d get mad. 
                This book was amazing as were the others and I’m so excited to see that Thrax is coming out soon-ish and we will get to continue learning more of the adventures of Myla and Lincoln!  I’ve already pre-ordered my copy because auto-buy series/author here.  Highly recommend!

                Until next time…

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