Wednesday, May 16, 2012

RTW: What Book Brings Back memories?

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival’ where YA Highway’s contributors post a weekly writing or reading related question and answer it on our own blogs.  You can hop from destination to destination and get everybody’s unique take on the topic.

This weeks topic:
What book brings back memories?

                Wow this is hard because every book I read I have some memory of it and something clicks when I read it or think of it again.  So there are so many books to choose from.  I grew up and learned to read on Goosebumps, I read a lot as a kid but then took years off only reading when I had to.  I could pick Twilight, because it was the first book I read and fell in love with again as an adult and revived my love for reading.

                So many options.  So after some internal debate I’m going with White Fang.  Yep this is one of the last books I remember reading for fun when I was in…okay I want to say 4th grade but my past time memory is kinda iffy.  Anyways I remember reading this book multiple times and crying each time.  I would hide with my copy (I ended up having more than one as they got damaged) in the corner of the empty class room before school, as I hid from the morning games to read.  Or take it with me to my favorite climbing trees on the property way out in the woods that the only sounds were of nature and climb to my special spot.  Though, for safety reasons please head my warning climbing down a tree while eyes are still blurry from tears is not a safe thing, thankfully my butt broke my fall each time.

                I haven’t read this book in so long now that I couldn’t begin to tell you everything that happens or why I love it but just thinking about it makes me think of Zeus.  He was the family dog and back then he was young but would always follow me when I was on the 3-wheeler and went out.  My loyal companion content to just lay next to the tree while I read, though he was smart enough to move away when I made my descent.  He was a German Shepherd mixed with Chow and he looked to me kinda like a wolf.  He made it even more special.  He passed away of old age just over a year ago and well now thinking about this I really want to re-read this book again. 

                There you have my book memory.  Care to share your own?


  1. Aww, that's so neat. :) I never really read in a tree. I always wanted to, but when I tried it always seemed so uncomfortable.

    Here’s my latest post.

    1. Awe I'm sorry. I haven't been in a tree for many years which is probably for my own safety as I'm no longer as flexible as I once was. Plus I seem to have lost my desire for the outdoors, there are fewer days than before where I don't get swarmed by bugs when I walk out my door.

    2. P.s. I looked really hard and couldn't find your RTW.

  2. I love your memories of trees and pets and books. I had similar ones, only mine were mostly with cats. I climbed trees as often as I could (and still would today) but I don't think I ever read in one.

    I haven't read White Fang, but heard many good things about it. I think I avoided it because I didn't want to cry. I still think it's great to find a book that moves you that much.

    1. Oh I have a kitty too. Currently she is testing my limits acting like a rebellious teenager but I still love her. Well I will let you keep climbing as I've hung up my hat. Oh you should, I'm going to find my old copy and read it again (once I manage to put a dent in my TBR list).