Friday, March 31, 2017

ApollyCon 2017

                Hello happy readers!  Okay so I’ve been mentioning ApollyCon since I got my Titan Pass last year.  Well it happened.  Last weekend I went down to Orlando Florida and took part in the amazing event.  I had tons of fun meeting authors I already adore and finding new to me authors as well to check out.  Not only were the authors amazing but the event also had several cover models attending, mostly for Jennifer L. Armentrouts books as she was the one hosting the event with help from Steph and Hannah over at No BS Book Reviews.  And of course all the readers and fangirls like myself. 

                Basically lots of fun and tons of fun, new friends, and pictures!  Now as I’m not the best at selfies like most we just handed the phone to someone else to take photos so some of them are better than others but let’s be honest excitement can make anyone a bit shaky ;)  Thursday I got to the hotel and got checked in and got my pass and wristbands and such and meet my roomie.  That’s pretty much it for Thursday as I was near crashing I had been up transitioning from night shift and I was passed out by 8:30pm. 
                Friday though was the Titan signing and I got almost all of my books signed which is impressive given my suitcase full of goodies.  I made lots of new friends in lines outside and in the different author lines.  I jabbered and discussed books and stories and it was beautiful!  As the Titan signing Friday was winding down I ended up chatting with the talented and awesome Nicole Castroman, Kasie West, and Kimberly Derting as I hijacked one of the extra chairs to rest my knee for the last 15 minutes or so and just talked.  Then as I was trying to figure out my plans for food, real food given I hadn’t had anything real since Wednesday night, these lovelies asked me to join them and some others for dinner.  I was thrilled and we walked (well I more limped) over to a Japanese Steakhouse Kobe which was delicious and had a great evening.  Not many pictures from that given the lighting and it was more all about the company, conversation, and food.  So many amazing ladies and I think them again for inviting me to join.  Then back to the room to crash way early for me but my body was sore but totally in a wonderful way that happens after a great day.
                Saturday as I had all but a couple books signed and those two authors were ticketed and by number group (and I had first call numbers having been there Thursday to get my numbers) I wasn’t concerned with standing in line waiting to go in.  I took my time getting ready and just enjoying the need not to rush.  I only had a stack of books for Jennifer L. Armentrout (5 books limit and having so many books out takes more than one trip I had 9) and given I’d have to see her Saturday to get my copy of The Dead List signed from the Q&A panel the night before.  I also had one last trip to see the lovely Sarah J. Maas as she had an injured hand and was only personalizing/signing one item per trip in line and I needed 3 things overall signed I had one last item on Saturday (Empire of Storms).  Random story while she was signing I told her I was listening to it as an audiobook currently and on the way down I hit one part and ended up honking the horn when I hit the wheel in an “OMG OMG” moment and had been thankful I was on cruise control.  She asked if it was an action scene or a sexy scene, I advised action and she knew instantly which scene.  How awesome as an author when someone says they got super excited about a scene and to know just that scene.  I loved it!  Side note having finished the book now that is an even more impressive feat since there are a lot of scenes that had that reaction for me.  Anywho the line outside to get into the signing was HUGE!  I was so glad to have my tickets and got them signed and finished up first thing.  Then as it was crazy inside I decided to step out for a bit and had a drink at the bar with some new friends (also drinks at the hotel bar are hella expensive fyi) then went back into wander.  I had a T-shirt in my bag and had been working on getting everyone to sign it.  It was a great way to get to meet everyone and say hi and get to know some of the authors works as there were several I had never heard of.  So I got my shirt signed and pictures and just took random breaks when my knee was starting to hurt (I pulled it when I moved back in November and it acts up when on it excessively, I need a brace but didn’t think to get one before the event) then go back at it again.
                When the event died down I made my way up to the room to freshen up and figure out my dinner plans.  Again having spent the day on snacks I brought like crackers and pretzels and such.  There was a TGI Fridays across the street so I walked over and since I was alone I sat at the bar and made more friends.  Ended up next to a new to me author (I’m horrible and forgot so many names during this) and we discussed some items while getting food and drinks (much more budget friendly) and then some other guests of the hotel (for a business conference) joined and were asking about what had been happening in the courtyard.  Apparently the cover models were making an impact and making lots of girls squeal.  They were friendly and had lots of questions and it was a nice dinner.  Then back to the room to change for the after party.  The party was simple and fun lots of good music, some awesome costumes, and surprises…like the proposal.  YES someone proposed in the center of it and it was so so adorable!  So many were all teary after!  Then dancing while the models and Jen took pictures in the corner as they couldn’t at the table Saturday due to the sheer volume of people.  Giveaways and more dancing.  We eventually closed the room down and not everyone wanted to go to bed so we moved the after party to the hotel lobby.  Someone even brought down some wireless speakers and gave us some tunes.  More talking and fun, including some extra photo time with the models who hung out to chat.  I honestly wasn’t as excited about cover models and authors to begin with but they were so fun and easy to chat with (and smelt amazing just saying) that as everyone squealed and such you get caught up in it for sure.  Plus some of the accents….just listening to them talk was amazing. 
And this happens when you as a photographer to take the simple photo and he starts directing the shot :)
                I stayed in the lobby/bar area for a while until my feet and knees were killing me beyond belief and the random wet spots on the tile floor (dripped drinks and people walking through from the pool) that almost had me on my behind a couple times it was time for bed.  Also it had been a long day and as much as I didn’t want it to end I was drained.  So I said my goodbyes and exchanged some information and went up to my room.  That was it, next morning I just got the rest of my stuff packed up and headed out for my drive home.  It was so much fun and I hope to get to go next year as well but as it will be further from me I’ll have to keep my budget in mind but it was so worth it!  I had a blast meeting each and every person!  

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