Monday, February 15, 2016


                Happy belated Valentine’s Day!  I don’t normally care much for the holiday myself, though this year I did have fun doing some baking for the work crew with themed cupcakes.  Also best part, discount chocolate this week!  Also this weekend The Walking Dead returned (I haven’t watched yet I’ve been at work since 6pm last night and yes I’m still here but it’s waiting for me on my DVR) and this weekend Deadpool came out!  I saw it Thursday since I had to work the weekend.  Hilarious!  This weekend I also got to read a book that recently came out, Cogling by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek.  I previously reviewed another title by her, Escape From Witchwood Hollow and was excited to learn about her new title and receive a copy for an honest review. 

Rating: 5 Stars

                Cogling is a different type of story involving hags and magic and coglings, clockwork changelings that replace children the hags steal, and one sister willing to risk anything to get her brother back.  Even rely on the help of a thief with secrets of his own.  Enduring several obstacles on their journey only to discover a much larger plan at play.

                I really like the idea of changelings.  So much material there to work with but adding in the added aspect of them being made of gears and parts, just a machine even more interesting.  Edna and her brother are really close and she is really worried about the change in him and quickly discovers he’s been taken by hags and replaced but no one will believe her outrageous tale.  The only clue she has to find Harrison is the watch that powered his cogling before it crumbled and when Ike sees it in her hand he is able to tell her more about it than anyone else.  So what if he’s a thief.  He’s willing to help and she can’t be picky. 

                There are some interesting characters in this.  We start with Edna and Ike.  Edna is driven by fear for her brother and you want her to succeed.  She is likable and relatable but still has this part of her that is unknown.  Then you have Ike, a thief living on the street but who has some secrets of his own and knows a lot about the hags and their plans.  He also seems to have his own motivations for helping Edna.  We also get to know in some form or fashion other characters like Mother Sambucus, Lady Rachel, Harrison, Hilda, and so many more. I feel we learn a bit about each of them and what drives them.  In this world we also get a variety of species and types.  I just love the world build with the automatrons, the Nix, foxkin, dragons, and tomtars everything was so enchanting.  I really enjoyed seeing and learning about each one and how they interacted in the world.  It was a great mix of magic and steampunk aspects.  I just adored Silver!

                There is constantly something happening, I’ve been really loving the fast pace of the books I’ve been reading as of late.  They really fly by.  Edna and Ike find themselves facing obstacle after obstacle trying to reach her brother and then to find a way to expose what has been happening to prevent it from happening again.  The constant will to keep going despite everything.  I was pulled in and really enjoyed it and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy or magical story. That’s all for now, share your thoughts below in the comments. What would you do if you found your sibling or loved on was replaced by a cogling?  Would you go after them? 

                Until next time…

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