Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Siren's Secret by Heather Ostler

               The Siren's Secret is book 3 in The Shapeshifter's Secret series.  NetGalley and Cedar Fort let me review both, here is my link to my first review.  Book 2 picks up pretty much where book 1 left off so if you haven't read it then beware spoilers.

                Julia is happy with her life, strange as it is.  She isn't so fond of the hiding and threats from her evil and deranged mother Alexis and The Guild but looking on the positive side she loves her werecat form (a white tiger if you didn’t remember is my favorite), her friends, and of course the Terrance.  Overall she's feeling pretty good.  Then she learns a truth about herself, one no one dreamed of, one that threatens everything.  She's part Siren!

                Yep, if the title wasn't clear.  Not a big deal right?  Oh well there is a curse on Sirens and the whole political aspect where everyone thinks sirens are evil, untrustworthy creatures.  Feel free to insert your own joke about most politics being sirens then.  Julia struggles to understand her place in Ossai if she is a siren or a werecat.  Is she truly cursed or is she destined for something else entirely and what does that mean for her relationships.

Book 1
                The Siren's Secret is a wonderful sequel and quick read.  As a reader you learn more about Julia and all of her relationships, with family, friends, enemies, and unknowns, as well as Ossai itself.  It also gives more bread crumbs into things to come in the series.  The new world of Ossai is ever expanding and we explore deeper into it, as it changes.  I enjoyed the way Ostler showed the characters changing to what was happening around and to them.  Even if you want to scream and strangle them at times you know they are reacting to the information or situation they have or are in. 

                This book came out June 11th, I know I'm behind again.  I give it 4 solid mystical orbs.  Check it out and always please tell me what you think!

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