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As You Wish

                Trying to keep on pace with things even as real life is being stubborn, I have another review for you.  Also don’t forget to check my previous post, interview with author Sarah Negovetich and enter the giveaway that’s open until 4/29.  This post will also serve as a heads up of sorts if you live near the Atlanta, GA. area.  There is a cute book store called Little Shop of Stories; they are amazing for so many reasons, the best of which is that they usually host amazing authors there for talks and signings.  I live about 4 hours away but I’ve made the round trip drive for a few different events and have two planned for the start of May.  I’m mentioning this because, yes there is a point to my randomness sometimes, on May 12th Maggie Stiefvater and Jackson Pearce are going to be at an event there!  I adore Maggie’s work and loved meeting her last year.  I am stoked to see her again but also to look up this new author, clearly cool in my book by association. 
                Turns out I had a book by Jackson Pearce.  I had bought it on sale because it looked cute but had not gotten around to reading it and as such the name didn’t click for me.  Looking up her books I saw a familiar cover and realized, “I have that.”  Then proceeded to read it.  So I’ll be discussing my thoughts on that book, AsYou Wish, with you today.

                As You Wish is a super-fast read.  I realize I can sometimes finish a book in a shift at work depending on how things are that day, grant it I do work 12 hour shifts, but this one was fast for anyone.  It doesn’t feel like the 304 pages it says it has.  I started it late in my shift thinking I wouldn’t be able to finish it but it only took a few hours, appx. 4-5 for me with work stuffs in between.  I found the whole thing captivating and engaging and I wanted to know what would happen next. 

                The basic storyline to give you a feeling for it focuses on Viola.  Her boyfriend broke up with her and she has spent her days since silently wishing to have someone love her again.  More than that she wants to feel she belongs again.  Then one day of mindless wishing she summons a young genie out of his world and into hers and he’s stuck there until she makes her three wishes. 

                Jinn is impatient to get back home to his world but he’s stuck with Viola, who is afraid she’ll wish for the wrong thing.  This forces them to spend time together.  After making her first wish she realizes that after two more wishes Jinn will disappear from her life forever.

                Doesn’t that just sound like a cute fun read?  It was!  First I’ve never read a genie book before and I like it.  I have always been caught up in the idea of the genie and being the one to grant wishes, I believe it’s all Robin Williams fault for being such an amazing Genie in Aladdin.  I just got a bit teary thinking about it now if I’m honest.  Like one of my childhood classics I still enjoy today, Viola and Jinn are special.  I respected Viola right off the back, even when she was down over a breakup.  The circumstance is worth being down over.  Plus the overall point of wanting somewhere to belong rings true to not only high school but in life.  We all want somewhere we can belong.  And Viola didn’t want to rush.  She wanted to think things through which is more than I can say for some people. 
                Overall the characters were interesting and though they had their moments, I overall loved them.  It was cute seeing Jinn spend more time on her world than he was used to and his freakish worry about aging by the minute.   The development between the characters grows as the story speeds along and while it was quick it wasn’t insta-love which would have detracted from it.  The whole journey through the story was really one of self-realization and to be with Viola as she discovers who she is and finds her place, even if it wasn’t what she expected, was sweet. 

                This book is not what I was expecting.  I went in expecting an average cute totally predictable book and I came out with a unique little tale witch characters I just adored.  This is my first Jackson Pearce book but I have a couple more on order now after enjoying this one so much and I can’t wait to meet her and hopefully discuss them with her in May.  I recommend this book for a super quick fun read. 

Rating: 4 Wishes

                You know the deal.  Please take a moment down below and share your thoughts.  What would you wish for if you had your own Jinn?  Also if you’re going to be at the Little Shop of Stories event let me know so we could maybe meet up, I know I’ll be meeting one book buddy there.  Enjoy.  Until next time; Keep Calm and Read On!               

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Sarah Negovetich Visited for an Interview and a Giveaway!

A few posts back I mentioned I would be interviewing Sarah Negovetich, debut author of Rite of Rejection, soon and asked for questions and such here as well on social media.  All the questions were compiled and sent over.  Now I'm here to share with you my lovely readers the interview and the giveaway down at the bottom.  Enjoy!

 Hello Sarah and thanks for joining me for an interview.  Let's jump on into the good stuff.

Your book Rite of Rejection came out in December of 2014.  How would you describe the book in your own words to someone who hasn't picked it up yet?

                In order to escape from the world's most dangerous prison, a wrongly accused teen girl will have to embrace the criminal within.  I'm calling it a cross between The Hunger Games and Minority Report.

I totally had a semi Minority Report vibe reading it.  Haven't thought of that movie in forever.  I believe Rite of Rejection is your debut novel, congrats again.  How has this changed your everyday life?

                Thank you!  Honestly, my day to day routine hasn't changed much.  Though I will say getting reader email is a great perk.  The one thing that has changed is the pressure to write faster.  Before I published, I only had a handful of critique partners asking for more.  Now, I have amazing readers wanting to know how much longer until the next book.  It's equal parts awesome and terrifying.

Women took a huge step back to the Stone Age here to make the world "perfect".  How did you come up with this concept of "perfect" for you book?

                We always hear the older generations talk about "back in my day" as if the past was absolutely perfect.  So I took some of the more prominent aspects of the culture from turn of the century America and combined them to create my society.  People look back at that period as a simpler time with fewer problems (even though we know that's not true) and I really wanted to explore that idea.

Amazon / Goodreads / B&N
How did your story start?  Was it a character, an idea, or something else?  What inspired you to write Rite of Rejection in particular?
                I read a story in my local paper about a really senseless crime and wished there was a way to know who was going to go from normal guy next door to murderer so we could stop them first.  The Machine was born from that idea and then the rest of the story just fell into place.

One of my absolute favorite parts is the continuous idea in the book of right and wrong.  You are innocent but you are rejected as a future criminal.  To survive you have to do criminal things.  Is that proving the machine right?  Or are you simply adapting to your surroundings?  Without giving away too away what are your thoughts on this?

                I'm absolutely fascinated with the duality of human nature.  Good people are often forced to make bad choices or choose between the lesser of two evils.  One of my favorite quotes comes from Sirius Black in the Harry Potter series.  Besides, the world isn't split into good people and Death Eaters.  We've all got both light and dark inside us.  What matters is the part we choose to act on.  That's who we really are.  There are no clear cut right and wrong answers to life and that's what keeps things interesting. 

Along that same line if you went through right now, would you pass through or be rejected like Rebecca?  If so why?
                Oh, I would definitely be in the PIT.  I like to think I'm generally a good person, but I have a hard time keeping my opinions to myself when it comes to unjust situations.  With my big mouth, I'm thinking the Cardinal would ship me off to the PIT well before I was old enough to go to the Acceptance ceremony.

Don't worry I'd be right there with you for the same thing.  I'm both strong willed and hard headed as my mom would say.  She'd also say I was contrary. 

In the book Rebecca finds a group she is able to relate to and join.  It's amazing how even in the grimmest circumstances we are drawn to others both for friendship and even romance.  Was it difficult to build friendships and romances out of such surroundings?

                The relationships that Rebecca develops are one of my favorite parts of this book.  As humans, we crave that closeness.  As dangerous as the PIT is, I think being alone is what Rebecca was most afraid of.  Even during humanity's darkest periods, friendships and love are always present.

Casting Call: If your book was made into a movie and you got to pick the cast who would be cast for our core group?

Emma Roberts as Rebecca

Micah Williams as Daniel

Alexander Ludwig as Eric

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting as Elizabeth

Josie Loren as Molly

As a writer do you have a favorite or hardest types of scenes to write? 

                My favorite scenes to write are ones in which the character realizes something about themselves they had to work for.  Like when Rebecca realizes just how strong she is.  The hardest by far are the kissing scenes.  I never know where everyone's hands are supposed to be.  Just so much awkward.

Bo asks, why did you decide to write YA?  What draws you to this particular genre and would you ever consider writing in other genres?  If so which ones?

                I love how many possibilities there are in YA, both as a reader and an author.  Chaacter are still figuring out who they are and where they fit in the world.  There are so many unknowns, and that can be scary, but also exhilarating.  I can't say I'll never write for a different audience, but right now I'm having too much fun in YA.

What is your writing process?  Is there something you must do or have?  Rituals?  Do you work from an outline or just write it as it comes? 

                My schedule is way to erratic to have any must have writing rituals.  I do outline using the corkboard method from Save the Cat before I start writing.  It's not a rule, but I tend to write in silence and then use music as I edit to get into the emotional frame of my characters.  I've been known to play the same song on a loop while working on a different scene.

With that do you do a lot of research before writing?

                It depends on what I'm working on.  I tend to leave myself comments as I write to look up little details that I want to make sure I get right.  For Rite of Rejection, I did some research on concentration camps to help with the world building inside the PIT.  I also did a ton of research on how to build a microphone from spare parts that ended up getting cut completely out of the manuscript.

Facebook question, if you could collaborate on a book with any YA author who would you pick?

                Great questions!  And a tough one.  There are so many talented authors out there.  I'd love a chance to write with Maggie Stiefvater.  She creates such rich worlds and isn't afraid to explore the darker side of human nature.  I'd love to peek around in her head.  Plus our last name combo would go down in history for difficulty level.

I just adore her books.  Maggie Stiefvater has a way with words and making you just fall in love with a story.  She's also pretty awesome and totally sweet and hilarious.  The name difficulty would be epic.  Speaking of, help us out here.  How do you pronounce your last name?

                The accent is on the third syllable and it sounds a lot like “lego fetish” with just a few letters swapped. 

I wouldn’t swear to it but I think I might have it now. 

Twitter question, do you have a favorite quote?

                I already mentioned the Sirius Black quote and there are tons of others from the Harry Potter series that are just wonderful life lessons.  I'm also a huge fan of 1984 and it has one of my favorite quotes:  "The choice for mankind lies between freedom and happiness and for the great bulk of mankind, happiness is better."  It's not exactly cheerful, but it is powerful and it reminds me why we follow the heroes of our stories.  Because they are the ones who would choose freedom.

Morgan on Facebook asks if you have any tips for writers who are struggling with writers block?

                I generally find that writer's block is the result of one of two things:  Knowing what comes next, but not being excited about writing it or having no idea what is supposed to come next.  For the first, ask yourself if that is the right scene.  Chances are, if you don't want to write it, your readers won't want to read it.  If you don't know what comes next go back to your last scene and figure out what your character is thinking or feeling as a result of that scene.  Your next scene should be a reaction to that thought or emotion.

In your bio it mentions you are an agent for Corvisiero Literary Agency.  Is the publishing process different for you being an agent yourself?

                Nope.  I went through the same query process as everyone else.  Some agents represent themselves, but I know exactly how much work that is and decided I would be better off with my own agent.  I went out on submission to publishers, just like every other writer.  I did receive a lovely offer for my book, but in the end decided self-publishing would be the better route for this book.

The always dreaded question to be asked to pick but what fun is it without it.  What are a few of your favorite books or authors who have helped shape you as a reader or even as a writer.  Also notice I made it plural so you don’t have to choose just one ;)

                Well, I already mentioned Harry Potter and 1984 which are big influences on me as a reader and a writer.  Thanks to Lurlene McDaniel I spent the better portion of my childhood with plans to be a pediatric oncologist.  As it turned out, I hated biology and then married a biologist.  I think I'm a much better writer than doctor. 

Funny how life works out.  I wanted to be a medical examiner, a lawyer, or a spy.  Sarah Leigh on Facebook asked how you as an author choose the tense in which you write?

                I usually end up writing the first few scenes in a couple different tenses and POVs until I can get a feel for how the story would be told the best.  Sometimes I'll ask my critique partners what reads better.  It's just a guy decision.  I've yet to develop a magic formula for figuring our what tense to use for what project.

Are you working on anything new?  Can you share news on it?

                I'm currently finishing up the sequel to Rite of Rejection and that should wrap up in the next few weeks.  I always have to let a project sit before I jump into revisions, so I have a SciFi plotted that I plan to start writing while book two soaks a bit.

Bo asks, is Rite of Rejection a series or a stand-alone?  If it is a series when can we expect book 2 and does it have a prospective title/cover? 

                Originally, Rite of Rejection was intended to be a stand-alone with an open ending.  However once the book started going out to Beta readers and then again when it finally went on sale, I got a lot of reader feedback wanting to know what happens next and asking for a sequel.  I had so many amazing responses to the book that I felt my readers deserved more.  Rite of Revelation is currently in the drafting phase and I hope to have it out this summer.  No cover yet.

In the sequel will we learn more about the Machine?  Will we follow our same band of characters? 

                Lots of readers have asked for more information about the Machine and how the Cardinal came into power.  I actually had this all in the first book, but thought it would be  too boring and took it all out.  Goes to show how much I know.  We'll get more details on the world with Rebecca, Daniel and the others.  Plus, a whole host of new characters to spice things up.

And most important how can readers get in touch with you?

                You should definitely head over to my website where you can sign up for my email list.  This will let you know as soon as there's news on the next book and also gets your sneak peeks and exclusive giveaways.  One social media I'm @SarahNego on Twitter and you can find me as Sarah Negovetich on Facebook as well.

Thank you so much for coming by and answering all our questions.  I know I'm looking forward to your next book.

And thank you readers for stopping by and sending in your questions.  I appreciate it and love to hear more back from you all.

Now onto the giveaway.  You all know how to use one of these they are pretty simple and self explanatory.  Given shipping we were going to keep this only to US destinations but we found a compromise for that.  US is entering to win a signed paperback copy of Rite of Rejection sent from our friendly author Sarah here.  So we don't leave anyone out, anyone wishing to enter from outside the US, you can enter for a paperback (unsigned) that will be sent through the book depository due to shipping costs.  You know what to do from here.  Good luck! 

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Ignite Me and my imagination a Shatter Me conclusion

                Okay so this is the end of the Shatter Me series and my reviews on it.  I'll discuss the last novella Fracture Me and the final book Ignite Me.   You know the drill there will be spoilers for the previous books in the series so read at your own risk of being spoiled. 

                Fracture Me is the second novella in the series that takes place during the end and just after book two Unravel Me.  We get to see things from Adam's perspective.  We see the battle and the aftermath.  Adam isn't in the best place emotionally.  He's reeling from his breakup and trying to make do with everything else happening. When he nearly loses the person who means more to him than even Juliette he is a mess.  He has to find a way to keep moving on.

                Now we move onto Ignite Me, a heart-stopping finale.  Omega Point is gone.  Juliette doesn't know if any of her friends are left alive.  She was nearly a goner herself.  But now she has to trust Warner, the one who saved her, and who she never thought she could really trust.  But he promises to help her master her power and save their world, even if he wants more than that. 

Basically everything I loved in the previous books is still things to enjoy in this one.  It keeps building the characters and developing their stories.  Secrets come out and powers are focused.  There is action and political power games/struggle.  It's a full package.

                 My love for Kenji only grew as you see just how important he is to her and their friendship is tested a time or two.  The emotional drama meter is through the roof, there is some serious tension happening in the book.  Mainly between Juliette, Warner, and Adam.  I've talked about the triangle of sorts in the series and this was the final part.  It was never a real triangle.  She and Adam broke up, not because of Warner but because of other issues in the previous book, and she didn't run right to Warner to get with him.  She took time to herself not knowing what her heart was saying.  I love this.  Take some me time to get your head clear and don't rebound.  This, for me at least, makes both relationships seem complete.  We also as a result get to know a lot more about Warner and our suspicions are confirmed on a few things as well, or at least mine were.  I'll talk a little more about that in a bit once I move to spoilers.

                The conclusion of the series met my expectations.  I was expecting some bad ass action scenes using a combination of powers and good old fashioned human means.  You get some good military plotting and strategy and such and the powerful feeling of going against a corrupt government.  The David verses Goliath feeling.  I was not disappointed.  I was on the edge of my seat at some points, those intense scenes that as you get into them everyone and their mother wants to suddenly distract you and you strangle them in your mind so you can finish.  Yep that happened.  Now I just need to talk about things that will involve some spoilers because this was the end and I need to talk about it.  If you haven't finished the series skip ahead to the bottom and share your thoughts on the series thus far.  What do you think of the Juliette/Warner/Adam situation or whatever else is on your mind in the comments below. 

All the covers are so PRETTY!
                For those of you who have finished this series, or those who don't care if some of the major things are spoiled for you (weirdos) let's discuss shall we.  I said I would have to bring up the relationship drama again so here goes.  I've made it clear I was anti-Warner in the first book, I was so upset at the prospect of him being a love interest to her.  However, I did soften overtime and not just to his character as a whole once he was developed more and away from his normally perfect routine/act he plays but also as Juliette grew and changed.  I could see that she was growing and Adam was still in love with the helpless and broken Juliette.  I still loved him but he wasn't right for her as she came more into herself.  Then Adam lashed out proving he wasn’t the guy I fell for in the first book any longer.  He was the perfect guy in book one.  He was just what book one Juliette, nearly broken and terrified of her own shadow, needed.  Not so much for the Juliette she became.  He helped her and she will always love him but they grew apart.  Just like I don’t think her and Warner ever would have worked if she hadn’t loved Adam first.    
                Adam got the short end here, I felt more for him before he went and made her touch Kenji.  His actions are that of a hurt person and I get that, minus trying to hurt Kenji, no one can do that.  Even in the heat of battle he was busting jokes about Bruce Lee.  He helped her become confident in her own beauty and showed her that she can be loved.  Warner grew as a person and he knew he screwed up but he admitted it and apologized for the unnecessary pain and explained the other areas that he didn't apologize for.  I liked that.  He didn't change completely.  He warned her not to try and change him, and their relationship helped them both grow and change yes but in a way that is substantial and done for oneself not for another.  In my opinion that is why it works.  In the end it worked out and I have to wait to admit defeat when my book buddy finally finishes the books (she hasn’t started Unravel Me yet) and her warm spot for Warner and our back and forth before I moved ahead of her.  I’m going to happily eat my words and admit she was right.  You were right Bo.  I did warm to him. 

                The ending.  There was also the battle at the end and the take down of Warner and Adams evil daddy.  Yep that sicko had to go.  I really enjoyed how they pulled everyone to come together.  It was an amazing standoff at the end.  And the way it ends…it left it open for more in the series, in this world if Tahereh Mafi decided to do more.  It was satisfying but also left you able and wanting a bit more. 

Rating: 5 Stars

                That is it.  An entire series knocked out.  I'm still catching up on some amazing books but that just means more reviews for you all.  I'm working on some giveaways and such to make everything more interactive.  So please share your thoughts in the comments below.  Tell me what you thought of the series.  What couple did you ship?  Did you swap sides like me?  What book/series do you think I should start next?  Thanks for reading.  

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Unravel Me...further into the series

                First I want to say thank you for the questions submitted.  I am working with her on the interview and hope to have it finished up and ready in the next week or so.  In the meantime as promised I’m finishing up my reviews of the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi.  Today I’ll be discussing the he first novella Destroy Me and the second book in the trilogy UnravelMe.  There will be spoilers for the first book in this right from the start, it’s a sequel so no way to avoid them really. That being said read at your own risk.

                We left Juliette after the escape from the Reestablishment.  She’s free from their sick plan to use her as a weapon and free to love Adam.  But she still has her very lethal touch.  That is something she can’t escape.  Much like Warner, he wants her now more than ever.  She’s haunted by her past and the uncertainty of her future but it becomes clear she will have some possibly life changing choices to make. 

                So…Destroy Me.  It was a short little story.  At first I didn’t like it.  I was so annoyed having a feeling where it was going and none too happy with that option.  You see it focuses on Warner and it helps to soften him up.  It allows the reader to believe he may not be as much of a monster as we believe.  Me, I had only finished Shatter Me less than an hour prior to reading this and warming up to Warner was not something I wanted.  I was totally in love with Adam and I liked thinking Warner was the heartless monster.  I didn’t want there to be any chance that given we learned Warner can also touch her and after their little session where she used that to disarm him and shoot him.  Yes I knew this was possibly leading to a love triangle with two men able to touch her.  That is one of the somewhat convenient and fishy parts that the two guys who can touch her are her prospective love interests.  I referred to in the last review but didn’t want to say it outright and ruin any surprise. 
                So we learn Warner has some ulterior motives and also has a heart of sorts.  The idea of a love triangle seemed a bit off at first for me.  I hated Warner for everything he did.  I liked that you grow to slowly learn about him and his actions and it’s not suddenly ‘oh I suddenly like him’ after all the evil things he did but I was completely still on team Adam.  My reading buddy, who hasn’t yet read books two or three yet, knows just how unhappy I was with the prospect.  She got an ear full that’s for sure.  One of the downsides of marathon reading a series is that you don’t get a rest between them to mellow out, you’re feels for the characters stay super charged.

                That being said my feelings for the characters and story were steady.  And one thing that only increased as I read this book…my adoration for Kenji.  He is such a great character.  He is both smart and strong but also the comedic relief when needed.  He could be serious or busting jokes with everyone.  He was central to the story as it progressed.  He gave Juliette crap about her guy drama but was there for her at the same time giving her honest advice and being a shoulder for her to lean on, through her protective suit of course since he’s a friend and we don’t want to torture or kill him.  It was interesting meeting all the new faces at Omega Point and watching Juliette develop into her own skin.  She still has a ways to go but it’s a gradual process. The different talents that people have and how they have been working to fight the Reestablishment and survive thus far.  I couldn’t help but enjoy them all and the way they adapted to the world. 

Where Shatter Me was a fight to escape type arch, Unravel Me takes the reader along for the fight to live and be free as a people.  Things are a bit grander.  There was a lot going on in the book but I don’t want to give away too much and ruin it.  So from here on out I’m tossing up the spoiler warning just to be safe.  So if you haven’t continued on in the series yet then be warned.  Finish reading and come back.  Until them skip to the bottom and share your thoughts of the series thus far and speculate on what you think will happen.  I rated Unravel Me a strong 5 Stars.


Saw this on Pinterest and had to share!
                Just one small part really for spoilers.  The development of the triangle could, like many, go either way.  Love it or hate it.  I fell on the side of enjoyment given the progression.  Warner didn’t magically get off the hook for all the horrible things he had done.  Juliette didn’t magically decide she wanted him over Adam or both.  Adam and Juliette are what causes the biggest issues for themselves.  She doesn’t break up with one for the other, she has some conflicted feelings sure but she also is trying to focus on more important things.  Things progressed in a semi-natural way.  Semi because let’s face it she has powers and the whole war and dystopian aspect doesn’t leave a lot of room for natural relationship drama to unfold.  She and Adam had issues that had nothing to do with Warner.  She was growing into a different person.  She was becoming stronger and more confident but he had fallen for her when she was his damsel in distress. 

Warner then got to explain and some of his actions didn’t seem AS bad.  He genuinely cared for her and it became clear.  She didn’t want to hurt anyone but she also couldn’t fight that he had a good side and there was a connection between them.    The main difference between Adam and Warner is that Warner didn’t want her to sit around and be safe he wanted her to be strong and push her limits to gain power and control to keep herself safe.  He went about it completely the wrong way but still.  I grew to root for him.  Yes shocking I know.

                And that ending!!!!!  I’m just glad I had the next book waiting for me at home and didn’t have to wait a year to know what happened.  That was insane.  It also made any reservations I had about changing teams fall away.

*****END SPOILERS*****

                So there we have it.  I’m finishing up my review of the last novella and the final book in this trilogy.  I plan to post Monday if all goes well, i.e. my internet doesn’t protest against me again.  Leave me a comment below telling me your thoughts on the series this far!

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Let's talk Shatter Me

Look isn't it so pretty
               At the start of the year I completed a series I had been hearing about for a while but had put off.  My reasons are not story related but simple book nerd problems.  The covers changed by the time I heard of them so I had to wait for them all to be in paperback so they could match.  Plus the last one was about out so I figured why read them then have to wait so close to the end?  So I waited and marathoned them.  Yep this is the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi.  I read them all, Shatter Me, Unravel Me, Ignite Me, and the two novellas Destroy Me, and Fracture Me (novellas also available in a bind up called Unite Me).  I’ve went back and forth on doing a group/series review but I find I can’t do that without the whole thing being super vague or one big spoiler so I’ve decided to break them up. 

                Today I’ll be discussing only Shatter Me the first book and what brings us into the story and world.  The reader follows Juliette, a girl who is not quite normal.  She hasn’t touched anyone in 264 days and that was an accident that was branded murder.  The Reestablishment is the government and have branded her a murderer and locked her away because her touch is fatal.  As long as she doesn’t kill anyone else in the looney bin no one cares, they have more to worry about with the world falling down around them than a 17 year-old girl.  The Reestablishment said they had a way to fix the world when they took power but now with so many dead the survivors are whispering war and The Reestablishment has changed its mind to help.  Juliette could be more than a tortured soul stuffed into a poisonous body and just maybe she is what is needed.  But she’ll have to make a choice to be a weapon or be a warrior. 

                I have to point out the cover, the redesigned cover, is beautiful.  I have a thing with eyeballs, when hurt they make mine water but when done beautifully and artistically they are fascinating.  Also I love the added feature of the bird image in the iris very subtle but it carries through with the other books.  Totally superficial but let’s be honest we all love a pretty cover.

                Shatter Me does have more to offer than a pretty cover.  I found the plot to be gripping and intense.  I also immediately felt for Juliette.  To have a lethal touch and be unable to touch or be touched without killing someone, she reminded me of Rogue from X-men, which I adore so points there as well.  That would be a harsh way of life.  This book did take a little bit for me to adjust to it style wise, there is a lot of strike through.  I wasn’t accustomed to it but once I acclimated to it, it became part of Juliette and helped it fly by.  Also if this is something that bothers you stick with it because it lessens through the story as our main character grows into herself.  She no longer needs to cross out or retract her own thoughts as much. 
The original isn't bad but I like to match!
                This story has a lot going for it and interesting characters.  Some things are left vague and unexplained but as we know what she knows and she’s been locked up for a while it’s part of the story.  You want to know more and that’s important.  Oh and some of the characters be it love them or hate them.  Juliette like I said I related to some of her pain and isolation and felt for her.  I wanted to see her take charge of her own life.  She is strong.  Even if she doesn’t know it or is afraid of it and not just physically with her power but mentally and emotionally.  To go through what she has to this point and still keep her head is amazing.  Her love interest, Adam, at first leaves you unsure who and what he wants but as you read you see their connection and he is able to give her the one thing she’s never been able to have with another person, physical contact without the overwhelming dread of killing or hurting someone.  Warner, the young leader ruthlessly ruling his section with an iron fist and no heart.  He is obsessed with Juliette and the weapon she can become.  Oh how I hate him.  The vile things we see him do are just….yes horrid.  Then we have Kenji.  I ADORE Kenji.  He is hilarious and sarcastic even when he's in serious pain.

                The romance between our characters is sweet.  It's a first love and totally new and amazing because for Juliette she has never even hoped she'd be able to have this.  Add his soft and sweet way with her and their shared past and you have some cute first love.  You root for them and hope they don't get caught or get in trouble, or at least I did. 

                I enjoyed this book and gave it 5 stars for being different and captivating.  There were some parts that I found to have a lot of coincidence happening in them.  Some luck of the draw and hard to believe this just happened naturally, but not enough that it detracted from my reading experience.  By a certain point in the book, which I won't say directly because I don't want to ruin anything, but yeah it cleared up any doubts I had about some future story line paths.  That part had me fuming as one of my book buddies can attest. Still I enjoyed the story and I liked where things were going overall with the world, the powers, and the rebellion.

Rating:  5 Stars

                What did you think of Shatter Me?  What was your favorite part?  Also I am getting the chance to interview Sarah Negovetich, author of Rite of Rejection which I reviewed here.  I've opened up for questions to add to the interview on my Twitter page (@Evilous88) and on here.  If you have any questions and post them on my Twitter or in the comments I'll try and ask them.  I'll also be hosting a giveaway then as well, I'll post more on dates when I have them so stay turned.  Next I plan to finish reviewing this series. 

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