Rating System

My system is pretty much like Goodreads system since that is where I first started rating books. However, one big thing is if I’m wavering between I have no problem tacking on a .5 to get the rating I want.  Now generally I use stars but sometimes I tailor it to the book/movie depending on my mood but you get the jest. 
5 Stars:  LOVED IT!  Amazing hands down! I LOVED it and will HIGHLY recommend it to anyone and everyone
4 Stars: I REALLY liked it and just shy of full on LOVE and will highly recommend it
3 Stars:  I liked it and may or may not recommend depending on the book
2 Stars:  It was okay and I’m glad I finished it but not something I’d continue series wise / couldn’t get into personally
1 Star:  I didn’t like it at all and is probably a DNF because I don’t think I’ve ever give a book 1 Star

Each book is different and not all books will connect to every person.  So if I don’t enjoy a book myself I am sure there are plenty of people who will enjoy it. If I don’t enjoy a book I do try to specify the parts that didn’t work for me so that while it might not be a good fit for me someone else could enjoy that ‘item’ in a story and have a totally different experience.  

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