Saturday, September 23, 2017

~Stacking the Shelves~

                Welcome to Stacking the Shelves was created by Tynga and the full details can be found on her page.  Basically you showcase the books you bought or received each week.  Little, or not so little, weekly book hauls.  So between a week of no books, Irma and my hiatus during/following these are the goodies I got in the last couple weeks.  Several you will see were in preparation for a book event I was attending for Epic Reads!  Little Shop of Stories did something new this time and they did author speed dating, splitting the three talented authors up into smaller groups for more personal groups.  It was a blast!  
Physical Books:
One Dark Throne (Three Dark Crowns #2) by Kendare Blake 
The Carnival at Bray by Jessie Ann Foley
Neighborhood Girls by Jessie Ann Foley

BookOutlet Haul:
Three DarkCrowns (Three Dark Crowns #1)  by Kendare Blake
TheThousandth Floor (The Thousandth Floor #1) by Katharine McGee
Siren's Song  &  Siren's Fury (Storm Siren # 2-3) by Mary Webber

Enter TitleHere by Rahul Kanakia
Don't LookBack by Jennifer L. Armentrout (review)
Forever Red & Red Vengeance (Black Widow#1-2) by Margaret Stohl

Sun Warrior (Tales of a New World #2) by P.C. Cast 

                That's if for this week.  Share a link below with what goodies you got this week. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Irma Hiatus

So this is a quick post via my phone.  I live at the Florida/Georgia line area.  I am also a dispatcher.  So as you might imagine Irma is making life real interesting at the moment.  Currently my home is safe, my big concern will be the few trees and any possible power outages that will more than likely plague the city.  However, with so many evacuees from South Florida, family coming up, and the like plus working extra shifts things are crazy.  I am hoping things clear up quickly, I mean my birthday is Tuesday and I had plans.  But for now my focus has to be on the storm.  I wish everyone well and anyone in the path of Irma be smart and stay safe.  

Friday, September 8, 2017

Cover Reveal: The Rebels of Gold (Loom Saga #3)

                Hello happy readers!  So with Irma making my town go crazy and the back and forth on what path and the impact my area will suffer is making normal life difficult.  I am hoping for the best in my area and living life as normal as possible until I have more information.  That said today I am happy to share the cover release of a highly anticipated book for me, The Rebels of Gold (Loom Saga #3) by Elise Kova.  That’s right I loved and reviewed TheAlchemists of Loom and The Dragons ofNova here this year and can’t believe I will be getting the final book in the trilogy The Rebels of Gold this year as well!

                This is awesome!!!  Seriously one of my most anticipated reads!  Well sort of I listed to the first two audiobooks and I kind of want to finish off the series in audiobook form just because they were so enjoyable! 

Series:  The Loom Saga (Book 3 / Final book)
Release Date:  December 5, 2017

                A new rebellion rises from the still-smoldering remnants of the five guilds of Loom to stand against Dragon tyranny.  Meanwhile, on Nova, those same Dragons fight amongst themselves, as age-old power struggles shift the political landscape in fateful and unexpected ways.  Unlikely leaders vie for the opportunity to shape a new world order from the perfect clockwork designs of one temperamental engineer. 

                This is the final installment of USA Today bestselling author Elise Kova’s Loom Saga, The Rebels of Gold will reveal the fate of Loom’s brilliantly contrasting world and its beloved inhabitants.


               To celebrate the final book in the Loom Saga, the first book, The Alchemists of Loom, is on sale!  The ebook is on sale for $3.99! 

               Now for those of you who love book swag, there is some pretty cool pre-order swag available as well.  For those who preorder The Rebels of Gold, they can get exclusive swag.  All the details can be found here.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the gorgeous cover, your thoughts on the series thus far, or even theories for the final book and how things will wrap up.  Share in the comments below so we can discuss! 

Pre-order THE REBELS OF GOLD from:

(more pre-order locations to come)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

~Waiting on Wednesday~ The Glass Spare

                “Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.  Basically books that are not yet out that we are dying to get our hands on.  This week’s pick is:

The Glass Spare (The Glass Spare #1) by Lauren DeStefano
Out: 10/24          

From Goodreads:
                A banished princess.
                A deadly curse.
                A kingdom at war.

                Wil Heidle, the only daughter of the king of the world’s wealthiest nation, has grown up in the shadows.  Kept hidden from the world in order to serve as a spy for her father—whose obsession with building his empire is causing a war—Wil wants nothing more than to explore the world beyond her kingdom, if only her father would give her the chance.

                Until one night Wil is attacked, and she discovers a dangerous secret.  Her touch turns people into gemstone.  At first Wil is horrified—but as she tests its limits, she’s drawn more and more to the strange and volatile ability.  When it leads to tragedy, Wil is forced to face the destructive power within her and finally leave her home to seek the trust and a cure.

                But finding the key to her redemption puts her in the path of a cursed prince who has his own ideas for what to do with her power.

                With a world on the brink of war and a power of ultimate destruction, can Wil find a way to help the kingdom that’s turned its back on her, or will she betray her past and her family forever?

Why I’m Waiting:
                I think this one sounds interesting.  It reminds me a bit of the Midas touch but to me gemstones are much prettier.  I’m curious to see where this one will go. 

                What are you waiting on?  Tell me below what you think of this title and leave a link to your WoW as well so I can check it out.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

~Stacking the Shelves~

                Welcome to Stacking the Shelves was created by Tynga and the full details can be found on her page.  Basically you showcase the books you bought or received each week.  Little, or not so little, weekly book hauls.         

Physical Books:
Anna Dressedin Blood (Anna #1) by Kendare Blake
The DazzlingHeights (The Thousandth Floor #2) by Katharine McGee

E-Book Review:
Thrax (Angelbound Origins #4) by Christina Bauer
Wolves andRoses  (Fairy Tales of the Magicorum #1) by Christina Bauer

                That's if for this week.  Share a link below with what goodies you got this week. 

Friday, September 1, 2017

Mirror Me

                Hello happy readers!  Happy Friday.  I'm thrilled for this weekend because I am supposed to do my second escape room with my group tomorrow and I am beyond thrilled to see if we can continue the success in the Mad Hatter room.  Today's review kind of follows along the lines, going down the rabbit hole in a tale of a girl and her adventure wondering if she is going mad.  The book is Mirror Me by Tara St. Pierre.  I reviewed another title by the author Just a Few Inches some time back and enjoyed the writing and message so I was more than ready to give this new one a read.  I was provided with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating:  4.5 Stars

                Mirror Me follows our MC Hannah who is currently under lock and key with strict rules and punishments in place while attending a private school.  It seems a bit harsh, the list of unapproved things but Hannah is trying to be better.  These are in place after a major screw up the previous year.  She is trying to get her life back on track and earn back trust.  So when she suddenly starts getting in trouble, accused of breaking the rules she has been so diligent to follow, no one believes she isn’t doing them.  She can’t even look at her own reflection, seeing a completely different person in there.  Are her past mistakes coming back to haunt her or is she losing her mind.

                 At the start we know Hannah got into some trouble and has since moved and started over but with no trust built with her mother and some serious rules.  I wanted to know just what happened to inspire these rules from the start and getting little bits along the way made me even more curious as I tried to figure it out.  Her mom, while I really appreciated her taking an active role in her life unlike some parents in YA who are never around, I think she was a bit harsh.  The whole dynamic works well within the story and really plays out over the length of the story.  There are also moments where I felt honest empathy for several of the characters.

                Hannah is very hard on herself and is punishing herself for what happened.  I liked that she was remorseful for what happened, even before we knew what that was.  She was the kind of person who knows she was making mistakes and is trying to learn from them and change.  Which is why I thought her mom was too harsh most of the time.  You can sympathize with her and what she is going through in trying to atone.  Hannah has her friends that she is close with and you can feel the bonds there even through ups and downs.  With friends you don't always have to agree with each other or approve of things they do to be friends.  Not every friendship is perfect but I enjoyed that they were able to work through difficult times.  Still they have plenty of hilarious moments and real sincerity. 

                The romance in this was rather cute and a bit different.  I liked the overall twist and the fall out of that twist.  I think everyone took it so much better than I think I would have.  The book has many great and positive messages that I really enjoyed.  They weren't shoved at you to make a point but woven into a fast and engaging story.  A girl with a past has things start happening that she can't explain.  Is she losing her mind?  Is her past coming back for her?  The play in binding just a touch of magical/fantasy elements was perfect.  Anything is possible.

                This was a quick read for me and I probably would have finished it in one sitting had I not been out of town at the time squeezing in family visits and the like.  It was easy to pick back up and fall right back into the story.  I would easily recommend this story to anyone for the plot and the way it makes you think and take stock.  Plus any book where you seriously doubt the sanity of the character is something I want to read.  I'm happy this book fell into my radar because it was an enjoyable read for me and that is always a positive!

                Until next time…

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

~Waiting on Wednesday~ Daughter of the Siren Queen (Daughter of the Pirate King #2)

                “Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.  Basically books that are not yet out that we are dying to get our hands on.  This week’s pick is:

Daughter of the Siren Queen (Daughter of the Pirate King #2) by Tricia Levenseller
Out:  2/27

From Goodreads:
                The capable, confident, and occasionally ruthless heroine of Daughter of the Pirate King is back in this action-packed sequel that promises rousing high seas adventures and the perfect dash of magic.

                Alosa’s mission is finally complete.  Not only has she recovered all three pieces of the map to a legendary hidden treasure, but the pirates who originally took her captive are now prisoners on her ship.  Still unfairly attractive and unexpectedly loyal, first mate Riden is a constant distraction, but now he’s under her orders.  And she takes great comfort in knowing that the villainous Vordan will soon be facing her father’s justice.

                When Vordan exposes a secret her father has kept for years, Alosa and her crew find themselves in a deadly race with the feared Pirate King.  Despite the danger, Alosa knows they will recover the treasure first…after all, she is the daughter of the Siren Queen.

                In Daughter of the Siren Queen, Tricia Levenseller brings together the perfect mix of thrilling action, tense battle scenes, and a heart-pounding romance.

Why I’m Waiting:
                I LOVED the first book (review).  One of my favorite reads this year by far.  I am so ready to see what more comes out of this author and this series as I see such potential. 

                What are you waiting on?  Tell me below what you think of this title and leave a link to your WoW as well so I can check it out.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Top Ten: Hidden Gems

                Hello everyone!  Top Ten Tuesday is just how it sounds, a topic is picked and we put our Top Ten for that in a post and share and check out everyone’s answers.  Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

The top today is:  Hidden Gems with less than 1K ratings on Goodreads
Threats of Sky and Sea (Threats of Sky and Sea #1) by Jennifer Ellision (review)
The Edge of Juniper (Juniper Series #1) by Lora Richardson (review)
Mirror Me by Tara St. Pierre
Supremacy (Supremacy #1) by Christin Lee (review)
Rebel's Honor (Crown of Blood #1) by Gwynn White (review)
Crown of Smoke  (The Angel Marked Series #1) (by Snowa Fox (review)
Sin by Casey L. Bond (review)
The Morph (The Gate-Shifter #1) (review)
Rite of Rejection (Acceptance #1) by Sarah Negovetich (review)

                 Tell me what you think of my list in the comments below.  Which would you recommend so I know which ones to get first?  Also please link back to your Top Ten as well so I can check out your list and see what I missed!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Juniper Limits (Juniper Series #2)

                Hello happy readers!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend.  If you missed it Friday I had the opportunity to host an interview with debut author Hannah Bucchin about her book Paintbrush so head over and check it out.  The rest of the weekend I mostly worked but last night with the season finale of Game of Thrones…..OMG! Seriously thought that I have to wait for 2019 is a night mare.   On a much different note I have some thoughts on a contemporary story I recently finished.  Not much of a segway but I’m taking it.  I read The Edge of Juniper (review)earlier in the year and really enjoyed the story and its characters and felt there could still be more story to tell.  Well author Lora Richardson did as well as she turned it into a duology with JuniperLimits where we follow book one but focus the cousin and best friend of our MCs from the first book.  I was excited to hear about this book and eager when I was provided a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Rating:  5 Stars

                When we left off Fay was returning to live in Juniper with her mom and things had started to get better with Celia’s dad having had a confrontation.  Fay and Malcom are in love and inseparable and totally in love.  Celia is happy to have her cousin back and to see things on an upswing with her dad, and the blooming of something real with Paul but she isn’t one to accept things easily.  She is always prepared for the next crisis unable to trust in anything good.  Paul is also happy to have Fay back in town to make his best friend Malcom stop mopping around but he knows Celia is happy to have her back.  He’s been interested in her for a long time but this is the first time she’s ever given him any type of chance to really show her.  Even as his own family life isn’t the best he tries to break through her walls and constant trepidation and see if they can have something real or will her inability to trust in anything good keep them apart.

                Where to start off.  Celia was interesting for me in the first book, a bit aloof and rough around the edges for sure.  Sometimes she came off as disinterested in everything and uncaring and self-destructive.  While you did grow to understand some of her actions and her attitude within the book through Fay seeing things from her POV made her come to life in a whole new way.  I not only understood her but I related to her much more than I did in the past.  Seeing not only how things felt for her in the present but in the past as well, how things circle back.  As close as she and Fay were she didn’t let her in on everything.  Also being dual POV with Paul I got to know so much about him from the optimistic and happy go lucky best friend.  He has so much more going on for him, there is much more to him than the happy attitude.  I loved seeing that depth.  His take and outlook on life seriously inspired me.  He, like his best friend is serious book boyfriend material.

                The chemistry between Celia and Paul is there from the start.  They are both dealing with a boat load of stuff that someone in high school shouldn’t have to.  Neither want everyone to know the depth of the problems but they have went about things differently.   I loved the dynamic in the story.  This book focused on some serious and hard hitting issues and I think it gave them justice.  It felt very real in having to deal with the issues with the ups and downs showing the pain and damage they can cause to not only the person dealing with the struggle but everyone close to them and to them.  It's a domino effect that continues to radiate out. 

                This book is all about the emotions and connections between people.  I loved seeing so many relationships.  Both the romantic, which yes was my favorite because come on again Paul is a dream boat but the others as well.  We focused on relationships between friends.  Between family both good and strained.  Relationships in all stages both healthy and negative.  Juniper Limits really managed to capture so many moments of such emotion that it really pulls you in.  I really enjoyed this story and seeing more that Juniper had to offer.   I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys a good story focused on characters with a healthy dose of sweetness.

                Until next time…

Saturday, August 26, 2017

~Stacking the Shelves~

                Welcome to Stacking the Shelves was created by Tynga and the full details can be found on her page.  Basically you showcase the books you bought or received each week.  Little, or not so little, weekly book hauls.  I haven’t done one of these in a while, first from my lack of book buying and also I was out of town on vacation/family reunion.  I received my one book the day before I left and am just now getting to feature it.      

Mirror Me by Tara St. Pierre

                That's if for this week.  Share a link below with what goodies you got this week.  

Friday, August 25, 2017

Reading Challenge Wrap-Up: August

                Hello happy readers!  Here is where I stand for my monthly challenge update and wrap-up.  Here is my standing but please don't forget to share your progress as well! 

Goodreads Challenge:
Goal: 125

2017 Debut Authors (#2017DebAuthC):
Goal: 12
What I've Read:
The Wood by Chelsea Bobulski (review)

2017 Rock My TBR (#RockMyTBR):
Goal: As many as possible!
What I've Read:
CrookedKingdom (Six of Crows #2) by Leigh Bardugo (review)

2017 Series Ender Challenge:
Goal: 15+
What I’ve Read:
Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows #2) by Leigh Bardugo
JuniperLimits (Juniper Series #2) by Lora Richardson

2017 New Releases Challenge:
Goal: 31-60
What I've Read:
Traitor tothe Throne (Rebel of the Sands #2) by Alwyn Hamilton (review)
The Wood by Chelsea Bobulski
Mirror Me by Tara St. Pierre 
Juniper Limits (Juniper Series #2) by Lora Richardson

2017 Audiobook Challenge: (my best one)
Goal: 5-10 
What I've Listened:
Traitor to the Throne (Rebel of the Sands #2) by Alwyn Hamilton
Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows #2) by Leigh Bardugo

                So I think I did pretty good this month and got books in on each challenge.  I still want to do better but hoping to finish the year strong.  Wish me luck!  I'd love to hear how you're doing so link back to your wrap up!

Author Interview: Hannah Bucchin

                Hello happy readers!  Getting back into the grove from my family reunion / vacation I have an author interview that I was lucky enough to be able to participate in with Hannah Bucchin.  She is a debut YA author with her new release title Paintbrush which I reviewed last month here.  I really enjoyed the book and was thrilled to get to ask the author some questions.  I hope you enjoy!

How would you describe your book to someone who had never heard of it?
                I could probably go on and on about it, but if it had to be short and sweet:  Paintbrush is the story of Josie and Mitchell, two kids growing up in a hippie commune, and the choices they have to make as they face their impending high school graduation.

One thing I really enjoyed was the whole Paintbrush community setting.  How did you come up with the idea to use this as the setting?
                I don’t remember how or when I first learned about communal living, but I do remember thinking, “Wow, what an interesting place to grow up.”  I love stories about characters who live unusual lives, so this worked perfectly for me.

Speaking of the setting the scenery sounded so attractive and beautiful it made this strictly inside girl want to go out into nature, preferably with a hot guy to a swimming hole.  You seem like an adventurous spirit, what is your favorite place you’ve visited thus far?  Favorite activity?
                Adventuring is my favorite thing to do, whether that means taking a three month long backpacking trip or a quick one hour hike!  My favorite place I’ve ever visited is probably Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand – it’s miles and miles of pristine, deserted beaches and blue water.  My favorite activity is definitely swimming in nature.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the ocean, a lake, a river, etc. – I love it all.

Do you see part of yourself in Josie or Mitchell (or any of the others)?  If so what parts?
                I saw parts of myself in both Josie and Mitchell.  For Josie, I identified with her love of home and her protectiveness of her family.  For Mitchell, I identified with his love of adventure.  I’m probably more like Josie, but there are definitely parts of me in both characters.

With the dual POV how do you balance getting each voice to sound different and distinctive?  Do you like writing for one over the other?  If so who?
                It was more comfortable to write from Josie’s POV, which made it a little easier, but I also liked the challenge of writing in Mitchell’s voice and from his perspective.  I relate to different aspects of them both as characters, so I can’t really pick one over the other. 

Paintbrush has lots of real issues that people struggle with daily be it family or even not knowing what you want to do after school.  Did you set out to write about these meaningful issues?
                There were definitely certain themes that I set out to explore when writing Paintbrush.  Struggling with deciding your future was one of them – I feel like kids are being pressured younger and younger to decide who and what they want to be when they grow up, which is hard.  Most of the themes and issues I explored are issues I struggled with myself during high school, and/or continue to struggle with today.

What is one of your favorite lines/scenes that you wrote?
                One of my favorite scenes in Paintbrush is the cave scene between Mitchell and Josie.  I’m a sucker for romantic moments, but I wanted to create a moment that was realistic and original without being too cheesy or cliché, which I hope came through in the writing.

I think you pulled that one off!  If you could put together a soundtrack for the book what are a couple songs you think would need to be on it?
                I love this question!  I actually plan on one day soon making a Paintbrush playlist on Spotify.  For now, a couple songs that inspired me and/or relate to Paintbrush would be:  Alaska by Maggie Rogers, Flowers in Your Hair by the Lumineers, and Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.  These are three of my favorites that I feel really capture the spirit of Paintbrush.

This is your debut book, congrats by the way!  How has having your book published changed or effected your life?
                Having a book published hasn’t changed too much of my life (though my friends and family are VERY excited for me, which is fun).  The biggest change is the amount of pressure I now feel (from myself, mostly) to finish up my next project.  It’s good pressure, though!

I’m sure they are and rightly so!  Any tips for aspiring authors?
                Start writing now!  Don’t wait for the “perfect” time of place or moment, because that might never come.  Just sit down and start.

What are you currently reading?
                I just finished The Serpent King by Jeff Zenter, which was amazing.  Next up is The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead, and then If Birds Fly Back by Carly Sorosiak.

What about TV?  Any shows you’re obsessed with?
                I mostly watch comedy (though I do love Game of Thrones and Westworld).  Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Broad City, Silicon Valley, and Veep are some of my current favorites.  However, The Office will always be my number one—I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode at least twice, and some of them three or four times.

I love my Game of Thrones!  I know Paintbrush just came out but…what’s next?  Any projects on the horizon?
                I’m currently working on my second YA contemporary!  This one takes place in Maine and revolves around the lives of two sisters.

Great I look forward to learning more.  Now how can your fans reach you?
                I have my contact info listed on my websiteInstagram is my most-used/favorite form of social media.  My email is Feel free to send me a message!

                Well there you go!  I hope you all enjoyed all of these answers as much as I did. I’ve added some new books and shows to my “check out list” and heard some new tunes that helped me feel even more about this book while adding a new place to my “want to visit” list.  Share any thoughts and opinions below in the comments!