About Me

                Hi book lovers!  My name is Eve, though my nickname and screen name in several places is Evilous (or Evilous88 if someone has already stolen my name) and I am a book addict.  It’s true.  I acknowledge and accept it.  I love to read books of all different types in the YA and NA field and then spread the love and share my thoughts on them through reviews and the like.  I know sites like Goodreads and other blogs I stumbled into really helped me when I rediscovered my love of reading and I hope that I can help someone find a new book to enjoy. 

                I’ve been asked a few times about my blog name.  I suck when it comes to names.  It’s true.  I wanted something unique and different but also true.  One of my favorite sayings is a quote from Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  It struck me.  I was also watching House re-runs and he is always saying he’s a functioning addict.  The idea amused me that one could suffer from functioning insanity.  After a bit more thought at a wee hour and on no sleep I realized that insanity is my life.  Going to book stores and saying I would only buy one book and coming out with five or more every time despite my budget or logical reasoning and yet each time still going into the store in the first place thinking it would be different. 

                Books became my insanity but I function perfectly with this affliction and I think it makes me a better more interesting person because of it.  Thus, Functioning Insanity Reviews became my title.   

                Now, a little about me personally.  My day job, or whatever schedule I happen to be on at any given time, is as a dispatcher for my local University Police Department.   I spent about two and a half years as a 911 Dispatcher for the county of the small town I used to live in.  I enjoyed it and I’m good at it.  Some days are balls to the walls crazy and others are so dead I can finish a book without having to put it down.  Aside from work and reading I also love to bake.  I’m still iffy on decorating but my goodies are delicious and that’s more important I think.  I also spend a good deal of time and money on movies, I was obsessed with them before I fell back into reading.

                Yes I fell back into it.  I loved reading as a child.  I would read before bed and after school all the time.  I loved Goosebumps and Boxcar Kids (not 100% sure that’s the right title but it was a long time ago) and then I went straight to my mom’s books, John Grisham, Patricia Cornwell, Stuart Woods, etc.  Then about 8th grade I stopped.  I had so much assigned school reading I struggled with, because it was boring and I liked mine better, that reading became a chore.  I was so tired of reading after the school work that I couldn’t enjoy reading for fun.  It faded away.  Then a TV show that was short lived and canceled after the first season brought me back to it.  This show was Moonlight.

                A TV show made me read again?  Yes!  I was enthralled by the show from the first episode and I went online to find some information about a song in the first couple episodes and found a fan board and by accident given I was unfamiliar with these such sites I stumbled into FanFiction.  I didn’t know what it was really but I started reading a few stories and I just loved them.  I started chatting with the authors of the stories and other fans and as I was in college at the time I had a boring class I needed to stay awake during and decided to doodle my own story for fun.  I never planned on putting it online but I was eventually convinced to try it and still post in that saga to this day, though not nearly as often as I used to.  Reading and writing again made me come alive.  I missed it so much, I also used to write short stories as a kid.  Then some friends from the board told me I had to read a book/series that they loved and had some aspects of the show, Twilight

                Twilight.  Yes.  You can love it or hate it.  Mock it if you want.  I freely admit to being a fan.  This series, I got on their recommendation and I flew through all 4 books in the same amount of days not sleeping much between that and having full time school and work schedules.  I fell back into it and when I finished I was in need of more books!  I found this whole new area that I never knew existed before: YA- Young Adult.  I went to my local book store (Books A Million is all we have) and went to that section and found a handful of other books I wanted to try and that is where it started.  Twilight is also how I ended up reading Harry Potter.

                Nope I didn’t grow up with them.  By the time they were out and popular I was reading adult books.  I had watched the movies and really enjoyed them but never considered reading them.  Until one day my friend from work told me I had to read book five before the movie came out or I wasn’t allowed to go see it.  No she had no power over me really but I made a deal of my own, that if she read Twilight I would read book five.  That way we could both talk about the other with someone.  A deal was struck and the next day books exchanged.  Now mind you I hate reading or watching anything out of order but I only had a short time and the books are kind of long; I had seen the movies to give me a general idea.  I flew through it and balled my eyes out and then went to BAM and got book five and six in hardcover (my preferred format) and gave her well used copy back.  I was addicted and I was super excited for the release of the last book that week.  I was 100 pages from the end when I was in town with my family having dinner and I advised we were making a stop to get the new book and it was non-negotiable.  I had it and was reading the last one that very night.  I did end up getting the first four books in matching hardcover (OCD about my stuff matching it seriously makes my eye twitch when a series has a major cover change mid-way) for Christmas and read them directly. 

                Since reading Twilight and discovering this world of YA I have been so unbelievable happy.  Even when I’m balling my eyes out snot crying with the feels or red in the face mad at a turn of events I am so happy that this is my world.  My reading habit has decreased the amount of time I was spending on my FanFiction and even my own story which doesn’t currently have a title yet.  Still I wouldn’t change anything. 

                This is turning out to be a bit longer than I planned but that's me and this is what happens when you start gushing about books and happy memories.  I’m a pretty open person if you have any additional questions for me about me, reviews, books, my writing, or anything of that nature feel free to contact me.  I want to connect with everyone and spread this amazing feeling you find when you lose yourself in an amazing book. 

Thanks for listening!


  1. It was Harry Potter that reawakened my love of reading after years of stressful jobs and no desire to read. I was off sick from work and joined a book club, getting the first four Harrys for about £3 and I was hooked! Once I got back to the books, I never stopped reading! I agree with you about reading at school-we got hit with 'classics' which bored me as I loved horror and fantasy at the time so it sucked the fun out of reading!

    1. Yes! Or it was all about looking at it and taking it apart and what was meant and symbolism and such rather than just enjoying the story. I'm glad you found reading again, cheers to Harry Potter.