Friday, January 10, 2014

The Seers by Juilanna Scott

Finally!  Cover Art
                I received The Seers as an ARC thanks to NetGalley and Angry Robot.  This wonderful book came out yesterday, January 9th, and is a sequel to The Holders (you can see my review here).  The following is my honest opinion of the book.  Beware this is a sequel so there will be spoilers for the first book, you have been warned.  I am a bit behind with this review and another one I am working to finish up due to being sick this last week.  Hard to do anything more than sleep after dragging myself home from work .  Feeling better and able to function a bit more now, so time to get cracking.
                The Seers by Juilanna Scott, picks up where The Holders leaves off.  This one is still focused on Becca and the world the magical world of the Holders, but the focus shifts as things have come to light.  In the light of her near death experience and the betrayal of a man everyone trusted so completely, they only have one clue.  A name, to someone who may be able to help them bring down the power hungry Darrah.  We see all our favorite characters again as well as some new ones as we leave St. Brigid's to investigate at the center of the aristocratic pure blooded Holder community, the Bhunaidh.  They must try to find their answers without arousing suspicion which as the lines between friend and foe wane and motives are revealed this becomes a dangerous game of cat and mouse.
               Becca is still out strong and compassionate heroine, who is still adjusting to everything in her life.  She is still unsure of her father and what relationship they can have.  She has the other teachers, who are still a riot, and her best friend Chloe. More important she also has Alex, the Holder whom she is bonded with in an unusual way.  I adore them, I get all swoony through the ups and downs.  But as the world changes so do each of our characters.  Becca is forced to into situations that even her strength might be unable to bear.  We also meet a multitude of the pure blood Holders side mainly Bastian and Steven.
                The Seers, continues the Celtic lore, mystery, intrigue, action, and yes romance that I enjoyed so much in the first book.  Can they find out what they need to defeat Darrah while keeping everyone safe?  I give this book 5 Sciaths and can't wait for book 3!  If you have already read this amazing book, tell me what you thought below.  Also…still want to learn Gaelic…read the books and it's easy enough to know why.