Monday, March 31, 2014

Veronica Mars: The Movie

                So I'm a bit behind, as usual but in my defense I've been recovering the last few days, I am now free of my annoying glasses.  Yep I bit the bullet and let the doctors laser my eyeballs, clearly they gave me drugs to make it happen so I didn’t freak out like a ninja.
                Anyways I had been super excited for this movie ever since I heard it was officially happening.  Thank you fans and kickstarter.  I loved this show and it hardly seems like 10 years have passed.  To prepare I did marathon 3 seasons of this funny and addictive show.  I was breaking Veronica Mars.  To get back in touch with my character where they left things.  Now there were no showings near me in the limited release, and I was devastated.  Then as I happened to be on the phone with my mother at the time, she was checking movies to watch with dad that night and mentioned she saw it was listed On Demand…I was in shock and quickly snatched up my own remote hoping my provider also had it available and score they did and cheaper than a movie ticket.  So I lucked out got it cheaper than a ticket and got to watch it from the comfort of my own home in my pjs with real food.         
                Also for people who might not know after the show was canceled on the season 3 DVD the producers put the season 4 pitch, this mini start of the show that kinds tells where it would be going.  Post college and FBI academy first day with the FBI.  Well the trailer made me wonder…things ended different for our teenage detective.  With that in mind I do think not knowing anything about the show you may be lost in part of the joy and intrigue  This movie was simply put, made for fans of the show.

                9 years later, Veronica has escaped Neptune and that life and has created a new one for herself.  When Logan needs her help and she can't resist the pull.  Just a quick visit to help an old friend before starting her new job and life with everything going for her, right? 
                We have all our favorite characters from the show.  To name a few, Veronica, duh, Logan, Daddy Mars, Wallace, Mac, Dick, Piz, Weevle, Vinny, Sacks, Leo, and so many more.  A reunion or our people, literally at the Neptune High 10 year reunion.  Whatever happened to all those 09ers, PCHers, and everyone else? 
                What I loved about this, aside from seeing my characters back together in Neptune, was how it felt natural.  It's been 9 years, they have each changed some as everyone does over time and as you grow but at the core they are still the same.  They kept that essential quality that made them, who they were and who the fans loved.  So with veronica being the trouble magnet that she is clearly trying to get back in the saddle for a farewell case, one last gig, will spell trouble.  Old tricks of the trade with new knowledge and in a town that is the epi-center for the class war with the rich 09ers and the poor.  What's a girl to do?  And can I mentioned seeing Logan in uniform, ummm…hello an hit pause for a moment.
I'm with Veronica on this one, he should wear this and only this.
                The only bad things I can say about this really are simple.  The first which might have been only be a problem with my provider, I wouldn’t be surprised, was during the club and party scenes the music was so loud it drowned out the conversation no matter what tricks I tried with my volume.  The other were some small changes that yes over time you expect change but new home, new offices, jobs (again Logan in uniform people), a little explanation as to how they ended up there would have been nice.  Maybe it is just me being a needy fangirl but I wanted a bit more details on our beloved characters. 

                Overall I give it 5 Marshmallows it was similar to the a season, condensed in a single movie.  Full of all the stuff the fans love.  I have watched it a handful of times and can't wait to see it again. What about you?  Have you seen it?  Were you a fan of the show?  What were your thoughts?  Please share below.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Divergent: The Movie

                AMAZING.  Yep, I loved it.

                For those of you living under a rock who don't know what Divergent is it’s a film adaptation of the first book in a trilogy by Veronica Roth.  It's a dystopian world years after a war where society split into 5 different factions to help balance peace.  Those who valued each trait above all others would live in and devote themselves to their faction, be it bravery for Dauntless, selflessness in Abnegation, wisdom and learning in Erudite, honesty in Candor, or peace for the Amity.  Each year there is a choosing ceremony where you must chose a faction.  Faction before blood.  Everyone is given a test before, a test meant to show them where they should be but the choice is yours.  Now when your test is inconclusive on one faction and you show a proclivity for multiple then you are Divergent and as society is unable to put you in a nice little box you are a threat to the peace, and dangerous.  So you must hide what you are, hide within a faction.  Easier said than done.
                Our heroin Tris is raised in Abnegation with her family and is unsure where she belongs.  She doesn't want to leave her family of course but the life there doesn't come as easily for her, she doesn't jump in with the selfless action as easily as others.  Her test only confuses her more and when the time comes he chooses Dauntless.  A huge thing.  A complete 180 actually.  She starts her new life right away and is thrust into it without preamble, and Dauntless are tested immediately.  In the book and movie we follow her initiation, see not everyone will make the cut and if you don't you become factionless, basically the homeless who belong nowhere.  She, along with her class some of who are transfers like herself, must adapt and train to stay in the race under Four and the much more aggressive and boundary challenged Eric.  In a competition it is easy to make enemies which she does but she is also able to make a few friends in this dangerous new world.

                And then there is Four, a strong silent type that is oh so pleasant to gaze upon.  Tris, like all the females in my group, is drawn to him in some way.  He confuses her.  He's a bad ass but he also seems to be more reigned in than the others who take the 'Dauntless' thing to the extreme.  He's a trainer and clearly someone who finished top of his class but he doesn't stand beside the harsher things that develop as more brutality than honor. 
                There is something for everyone, even those who aren't avid readers and just want to see a film.  It has a ton of action from jumping on and off moving trains, war games, training, and simulations.  All of that was great for the story and was visually appealing and the stunt coordinators I give them props because it has to be hard to choreograph all of that action and make it cohesive and look legit.  Speaking of visuals, with both of our leads seeing them in the fear scapes/simulations.  Talk about a nightmare.  One minute you're fine the next…your worst fears.  And yes a semi spoiler but honestly it was in the trailer, someone is dive bombed and attacked by birds…clearly would have been one of my fears only the sadistic serum would probably have made mine chickens.  I can't remember if that happened in the book and I forgot or if I just blocked it for obvious reasons.  But I digress, everything down to the clear difference in the factions in terms of colors, style, even textures came across on the screen vividly. 
                Now as a book to movie adaptation, how does it stack up?  I think it did a pretty good job.  Clearly some of the more graphic/violent stuff had to be shot in a creative way and some things were left out in that regard.  Also some things were tweeked to fit, some things sounds great on a page but the translation might not work so well to the screen but it worked.  They left out the 3rd phase of the initiation, a major conflict between two characters that comes into play in the next book and makes one of the characters more sadistic psycho than teasing jerk, so I am curious how that will play out.  Also some of the lesser relationships and connections were there on the outskirt but it wasn't as clear, to those who hadn't read anyways.  And there wasn't much explanation about the tattoos which was a bit of a bummer because I liked there talks, and why Tris got the ones she did and the ones she's missing.  Though I did not mind Four explaining his to her as we got to see the impressive artwork over his very nicely shaped and defined back. 
                And the biggest change is the end.  Now don't freak, the end doesn't CHANGE the story just how it unfolds.  There was more Jeannie.  Now I read the whole series in December so they are pretty fresh in my mind and I was worried this would mess with the flow.  For me it seemed to up the ante, gave use more action and some satisfaction on one part (you'll know it when you see it).  Now this does change things for the next book some and I'm curious to see how this change in the ending with the other changes will reflect in Insurgent.  I'm excited to see it. 

                Overall I loved this movie, I've seen it 3 times and I can't wait to see it again.  I think it managed to be true to the book for us fans and also deliver a good movie to everyone else.  I give it 5 Zip lines.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rook by J.C. Andrijeski

                So I got Rook by J.C. Andrijeski from NetGalley, and I started reading.  As I did I went to look it up, for curiosity to see when it would be available for sale and found out that it isn’t an ARC as I suspected but a re-release from 2011.  Yep and there are already 7 books in the Allie’s War series and 3 novellas out.  They are for more mature YA audiences with stronger themes of torture, sex, rape, war, genocide, all make for an interesting story for sure but if you are a bit of a light weight be warned. 
                Now knowing me, and my inability to wait for things…I am currently reading book 5.  I finished this one a while back, 2 weeks I think, but I didn’t write my review right away because honestly I wanted to know what happened next and just kept reading.  These books are long, longer than most of the books I have been reading as of late so it took longer than I expected and I have taken a break to reflect and update my blog with some reviews.  I’m behind again. 
                The story is pretty original, with supernatural elements with a new race Seers that come with this own rules and quirks and differences.  The books also deal with a lot of mythology and fate vs. free will.  Are you destined to do one thing, can you change destine or are you fated to a certain path?  I liked that and it has some pretty interesting characters who…well they change A LOT over the course of each book and the series thus far as a whole.  Some moments you can’t stand someone, then something happens, and you rethink your opinion of them.  It’s a rollercoaster. 
                Now when I say the characters change a lot and develop that is an understatement.  I can’t give much detail without ruining the story but our main character Allie is new to this whole world.  She knew about Seers but had no idea she was one…or how it could be possible in this day and age given all of her tests.  So she has to struggle with that and how every move she makes seems wrong and the one person she knows is trying to protect her, confuses her with his odd behavior and half truths.  New world and she is the Bridge, this important being that everyone respects but she doesn’t understand the importance of that and is still programmed with the prejudices from her human upbringing.  Then we have Revik who is confused himself with his conflicting emotions.  He fights his natures, holds secrets when honestly would be so much easier.  Plus it seems many of his misunderstandings with Allie and her intentions should be cleared up when he can read her thoughts, clearly confused, but he’s so awkward it doesn’t seem to matter. 
                And there is a good bad guy, Terrian.  I mean that in a way that is hard to be.  There are so many way a bad guy can simply be just that a bad guy, the evil one for the purpose of the story and not be something else.  To be a real good bad guy, for me anyways, you have to have more going on, a complex personality that I still hate because, well you’re evil, but I can appreciate you better as a character for having depth.  Not to mention her human friends and family, Cass and Jon, find their lives changed as well knowing their friend is now something different and everyone is out for her in one way or another and that means they are at risk as well.  Like I said there is a lot going on in each book. 
Books 2-5, which is where I'm currently at.
                Rook manages to keep the pace moving along and keep things going and there is always something happening.  I’m a little fuzzy about one small part but it may have been my eagerness to keep going that I missed a small piece but that didn’t hinder my enjoyment.  Learning about the new rules of the world with Seers and the government in a world where they exist.  New things like the barrier and light bodies, all visually appealing.  Seeing things differently when looking at it with light. 
                My only complaint with the book was that it made me feel like a slow reader.  I normally read through my lunch hour at work and I can knock out a good 10-20% of a book.  I would manage like 3% and at first I thought it was me, that my reading speed was really getting off but then I looked and realized this book, all the books thus far in the series, are all twice the size of the books I’ve been reading so that explained that.  So my real complaint was that most of the chapters are a bit longer, which isn’t too much of a thing but it makes it harder to try and rationalize one more chapter before bed when it doesn’t take 45 mins to read one chapter is all. 

                Overall I enjoyed this book and give it 5 Stars, clearly I liked it as I’m currently on book 5.  Bright side is no waiting for the next book right?  Well not so much I did some research and found out there are at least 2 more full books planned and 2 more novellas…hopefully the wait won’t be too long.  I don’t know if I will be able to post much of a review of the others as I would give too much away, but feel free to always check out my goodreads page as I’ll be posting them there slowly but surely.  

Friday, March 14, 2014

Shattered Secrets by Krystal Wade

                So if you scroll back you will see I had the wonderful chance to interview the author of Shattered Secrets, Krystal Wade on the release day March 3rd.  I’ve been excited for it to come out and couldn’t wait to read it.  I even put off starting the next book in a series I started reading (Allie’s War, review of the first book to come).  I read the book the same week, however, it has taken me a bit to post my review.  I am sorry for the delay, originally I got bit by my muse for my own WIP and you never turn town inspiration.  You must obey when it says write.  Then as I got that bit out I stated to have been having some…technical difficulties that are finally being resolved and I rewrote my review I can post.  I also just backed up all of my work just to be safe. 
                Long story short when not at work I read until my eyes couldn’t stay open any longer and then dreamed about the two stories in combination.  That was very….lets just call it interesting.  Then I woke up and read until I finished.  Now…I have to wait to know what happens next but I can share my thoughts and spread the word on this book.
                There is A LOT going on in this book.  Boy troubles should be Abigails’ biggest concern, that is until she’s kidnapped and learns her normal life is anything by normal.  She’s different.  Which explains some of her boy troubles but also opens up a whole new can of worms.  A crash course in who/what you are and instructions to read a huge and conflicting book with secrets handing over your head and people trying to capture you?  Just a normal day.  What do you do?  Who do you trust? 
                There is a lot to learn in the world of Kal√≥s, influencers of human emotions.  She wants to stick to the only person she feels she can trust…but there always seems to be secrets clouding her wherever she goes.  It makes figuring out this new mess so much more difficult.  Everyone seems to have a motive or agenda. 
                Abigail is a pretty strong girl who is pushed into an impossible situation.  She is confused and she has no clue what to do and stumbles along trying to make the best decisions she can.  She feels real; just an awkward girl trying to make sense of life.  Derick is the same.  A guy who likes a girl, it’s the only thing that makes sense anymore.  But can they work things out?  Are they meant to be together?  There are so many other great characters as well that have their own complexities and I look forward to learning more about them. 
                One of the things that struck me about this book, that I can’t talk about too much without giving things away is the battle within.  Every person goes through things each day, each to a different degree, that shape us into who we are.  So when you are forced to make a decision, how do you choose the right answer?  Can something that seems right, but goes against who you are as an individual make it wrong?  When faced with two truths, would you go with your gut even if it meant something bad might happen or would you go against your nature for the greater good? 

                Anyways I really enjoyed Shattered Secrets and hope you will as well.  This book is out and ready to be bought or downloaded now.  Tell me what you think in the comments below.  

Monday, March 3, 2014

Author Interview: Krystal Wade talks Shattered Secrets

                I mentioned at the end of my last review that my next post would be today, yes I was very specific about that which is abnormal for me, but this one is special.  A couple of posts back I did a cover reveal blog for an upcoming book, Shattered Secrets by Krystal Wade.  I got the pleasure of doing my very first author interview with the one and only Krystal Wade, herself.  She is a brilliant author and totally cool person on her facebook, who already has a trilogy under her belt and is promoting the release of her brand new story, out today, Shattered Secrets
                I have had the pleasure of getting to ready some pieces of this book so far, and as I post this I am downloading my e-book now to torment myself with while I am at work today.  Yes it is a slow kind of torture but I shall be home and reading in no time.  I fell in love with her series Wilde’s Fire, which recently got a cover make over, see below.  I’m conflicted as to which I like better because both sets are similar but different in a way that I find it hard choose.  So when I heard she was near putting out her newest book I was more than thrilled to read it, and the start of it…hold on tight. 

First I have to say you know I adore your first trilogy, Wilde's Fire.  Having 3 books published, how has it changed your way?
                Well, having three books (almost four) published has definitely changed my outlook. I used to want something out there RIGHT NOW. Now, I take a little more time, edit deeper, don’t rush into things.

So you have a new book coming out March 3rd, Shattered Secrets, so in your own words, what is this book about?
                Shattered Secrets is about a young girl who’s been deceived her entire life. Everything’s been a lie, right down to her name. When she discovers the truth about these beings that influence human emotions—and that she’s one of them—she hates it and tries to run away to be with the only person she trusts. But problems follow wherever she goes, and until she learns to trust in herself, her life hangs on the line!

Amazon B&N BAM!
Shattered Secrets the title is interesting and as someone who struggles with a title for my own WIP, I wonder how you came up with it?
                Err. Well. Umm. There was a lot of head scratching. Then I started playing around with what themes were in the story, like secrets being kept, and lies being told at every turn. And then I began thinking about how the main character overcame those things. She broke through the issues. She knocked down barriers. And broken things can sometimes be shattered? Err. Let me go with I DON’T KNOW?!

Is this a new idea or something you've been playing around with for a while?
                The idea for Shattered Secrets actually came to me in 2011, right after I’d finished writing Wilde’s Fire. I wrote down a very rough opening scene, then jotted down some plot points, then proceeded to close the Word document that wouldn’t be opened again until late 2012. So, it’s kind of an old idea.

How do you get your ideas?  Do you start with an idea, a character, or some other random way?  What inspires you, for Shattered Secrets in particular?
                Various things inspire me, whether it’s music, the clouds, trees, birds, videos I see on Facebook. Shattered Secrets came to me right after I read Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater (or one of those books). There was a scene where Maggie’s main characters go into a candy shop and close their eyes and smell chocolate and fall in love. That inspired me to actually write the opening scene of my book, where Derick and Abby first kiss—and then he proceeds to ignore her for three months. ;-) I’m evil. I know.

I love the Shiver trilogy!  I know just what scene you’re talking about, awe Sam and Grace, such a sweet love story.  Speaking of love, I feel the beginnings of a pretty great love story going on with Abigail and Derick.  Is there anything you can share without giving to many spoilers for us romantics?
                Things won’t always be easy for them. They’re young and will make a lot of mistakes, but I’m hoping they always find a way to come back together. I hope. You never know.

In my WIP and my fanfiction, I have a tendency to cast my characters to some extent.  For my fanfic it's for my readers to be able to visualize better with me and for my story it helps me keep them solid and not constantly change little things here and there and be consistent.  Do you cast your characters, and if so who are our leading roles?  As a side note if you do and want to also share who you visualized as Arland ;)
                For Derick Crawford, I chose Chace Crawford (yes, the last names are the same so that I could never forget the actor).  For Abigail Nichols, I chose Kaya Scodelario.  Will Banaan is Andrew Garfield, Megan Bartlow is Blake Lively. And for Arland from Wilde's Fire…well, that was Henry Cavill!

Do you have a favorite type of scene to write, and can you get an example from the book?  Romance, suspense, action, comedy, back story, heroes, villains, etc.
                My favorite scenes are always action.  Where fear and fighting and lots of things going on are, you can bet that was my favorite!
                Okay, here is a scene from one of the later chapters in Shattered Secrets.  This is the ONLY place I will share this.  And I hope you enjoy! 

"Who wants to dance?"
Anything to break the attention away from the runaway status of me and Derick.
All three of them shot up, and we made our way to the deck. We danced, and we laughed, and we twirled, and we drank. Blue and red globe lights spun around and blurred in my vision, meshing with the sounds of bass and drums and guitars. People bounced beside me, giggling and singing, their half-naked bodies covered in water, sweat, and beer.
Derick jumped in the pool, fully clothed, and motioned for me to follow.
I shook my head.
"Go on, Abby!" Megan shouted from near the diving board.
"No way. I'm not wearing that bathing suit!"
Will broke away from her, ran over and pushed me in. "Live a little, gorgeous."
I sank into the chilly water, the blue light filtering through my eyelids, then kicked my way back to the surface, to the sounds of cheers.
Laughing, Derick swam to me. The depth of his blue eyes seemed endless, enchanting with the lights of the pool reflecting in them. "You look sexy."
"Oh yeah, I hear soggy is a great look." I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist, ready to dunk him. "And now—"
The ground shook, and everything around us exploded into flames. Kids screamed and took off running toward the beach. The house burned, filling the sky with smoke, glass exploding from the heat.
"Derick?" I flailed, heart pounding, treading water and spinning in circles. "Derick!"
What the hell?
Where'd he go?
"Abby," he shouted above the chaos of screams and thunderous booms all around us, "I'm behind you, at the edge of the pool. Take my hand. We have to run."
"Run where?" I grabbed hold of him, and he pulled me to my feet.
Another rumble shook the concrete, cracking the pool in two.
He stared at the water cascading through the lawn, his eyes wide, panicked. "Anywhere."
"What's happening?"
An older man ran by us, hair disheveled, skin gray, screaming Will's name. Not angry, but afraid.
Flames licked the side of the house. I glanced to our left. Every house burned.
"I don't know, but let's follow him."
We ran down to the beach and found a crowd huddled around something. Derick squeezed through the people, keeping a tight hold on my hand, tethering me to him.
He broke through the last of the guys and girls, who didn't appear to notice us, and stopped.
Will and Megan lay on the sand.
Arms and legs sticking out at odd directions.
Covered in blood.

My very only exclusive snippet.  Score!  And I have to say you sure do know how to tease us!  On the flip, what is your least favorite type of scene to write, and any example?
                Hmm. Least favorite scene to write? I’m not sure I have one. Maybe kissing? I like kissing, but I don’t like to write too much description in it. And I never know what that line is that I don’t want to cross. So, maybe these scenes cause me the most confusion? I’m not sure.

As you know I am not the most patient reader in the world.  I see this is listed as a series, Book of Red #1, do you have a number of stories in mind for the story arc at this time or is it more open ended and up to the characters?
                Well, Shattered Secrets could very easily stand alone, though I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to read more about her life. The thing is: everything will be very different in the next book. New conflicts, new characters, new LOTS OF THINGS.  This really gives me a ton of freedom. At this point, I’m only planning two more works in the series, but each book will end with a full resolution (at least that’s the plan). If the readers enjoy them, I might write more.

What other projects do you have kicking around, aside from the sequel *wink, wink*?  I believe I seen something on your blog about Charming.
                Ahh, Charming.  I love Charming, Charming, Charming, Charming.  Wait until you see the cover to this thriller.  It's dark, it's gritty, and it's very real.  No fantasy in my plot at all.  This book is set to release October 6th.  I should be starting a marketing campaign for it pretty soon.
                I'm also planning to release Shattered Secrets 2 and LOST next year.  LOST is a Sci-fi that I'm really excited about.  Alien cats.  Lots of dead people.  A fight for dominance.  Wee!

Final question, what do you want readers to take away when reading your newest story?
                I want readers to take away a couple lessons: One, trust yourself. If you have a bad gut feeling, trust that feeling. Don’t wait until the world is on fire to realize you could have prevented it all. Two, love fiercely. You never know when the family and friends you’ve surrounded yourself with will be taken from you, so make sure you show them how much you care on a daily basis. Hug often. Kiss often. Fight less. Forgive easily.

                Thank you so much for the interview, Krystal.  It was such a pleasure getting inside your head on these things.  I hope you all have enjoyed this and are as ready as I am to check out this intriguing book.  Shattered Secrets on sale now!
Wilde's Fire new covers! 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Running on Empty by Colette Ballard

                So I'm catching up with my reading list here.  A good friend of mine actually took me out to see Vampire Academy again.  It says a lot that she didn't know if she'd like it originally but then to like it enough to read the book and want to see it again, that is high praise from her.  I am sad that it is down to 2 showings a day at my local theatre.  Anyways onto the real reason for this update, a new book review.  This one is Running on Empty by Colette Ballard, courtesy of NetGalley.
                Running on Empty is a good book and a break from the science fiction I normally read.  It is a story about average teenagers in the world.  The cover caught my eye because, I'll admit, it made me think of a serial killer movie holding females in the basement dark enclosed space but one exit filled with light.  That's not what the story is about but that is how my mind worked.  The story is of a girl who is forced to flee the only life she's known, and her two best friends go along with her.  All for one and one for all kind of mentality and I adore that, the loyalty of those few true friends who when it counts are there through anything. 
What does it feel like when you die—in those final moments? Do you feel the physical pain, or just the pain of your regrets? What does it feel like when you realize you can’t answer these questions because you’re not the victim?

You’re the killer.

River Daniels lives an ordinary life as a high school junior growing up in the confines of rural Texas until her boyfriend’s brutal attack leaves her both a murderer and a fugitive. When River’s closest girlfriends come to her aid, they make a hasty decision to not only help her, but leave their own troubled lives behind and join in her escape. The girls manage to elude police for months, but with every near-miss, River’s life spirals further out of control, until she finally hits rock bottom. Realizing she must stop endangering her friends and find evidence proving she acted in self-defense, the girls decide to make a risky move. River must face her ugly past and the one person she was protecting the night her world caved in, the guy she has loved for as long as she can remember.

                Now if the summary wasn't clear enough this book does have a few more adult themes for those who are a bit squeamish.  But overall the story is a tale of discovery.  Finding oneself in the midst of everything falling apart around her, River is forced to take a hard look at who she is, what her life is, and where she wants it to go from there.  It is also a tale of relationships, not simply romance but of friendship.  I had a great time reading and seeing how each of them reacted to things, each bonded over different events in their life, not always agreeing with the other but always there through thick and thin.  That is a bond I can appreciate.
                The story also resonated with the small town feel and how no matter the truth, if you have enough money and power you can get what you want.  Truth and justice are in the eye of the one with the power.  Where it would make sense to just do the simple and right thing, might not be the right thing.  The whole story is through River's head so you get a good feel for her and how she feels of course, but you also get an even better view of her by those she keeps dear.  I've always found it to be at least partially true, you can tell what type of person someone is by the company they keep.  Her friends, help shape who she is as a character as well as flushing themselves out to be unique and different. 
                There is also a romance aspect to this, and you know I'm a sucker for a good romance.  Though this one has it, it was not the central front and center aspect and if you think about it if it had been done that way then I would have found it hard to enjoy, I can't explain that part well without providing many spoilers so you'll just have to trust me.  Instead it was a suspenseful story that has many different aspects to it, different relationships.  The bonds of friendship, the bonds that we hold ourselves to.  I was eager to keep reading to see what would unfold between the characters.  For the day or so it took me to read this I was completely immersed with the story and the characters. 
                Running on Empty is on sale now.  I give it 5 stars.  So I ask you, what would you do for your friends?  Do you feel you have friends you could count on if you were on a witch hunt?  Share your thoughts below. 

*****Coming soon*****

Author interview with Krystal Wade for the release of Shattered Secrets Monday, March 3rd.  Stay tuned!