Sunday, December 2, 2012

Guardian by Heather Burch

                I received this book from none other than and Zondervan.  Guardian by Heather Burch is the sequel in the Halflings saga (Book one: Halflings), so be warned if you plan to read that then there are spoilers.

                This story picks up where the last left off.  Nikki Youngblood is an orphan who is under the protection of Angel Will and his 3 Halfling charges: Mace, Raven, & Vine.  Now this is well and good but when two of the Halflings are struggling with intense feelings for her, feelings that could end up costing them their shot at heaven things get messy.  Mace, steady and reliable and deeply in love wants to protect Nikki whereas Raven is more of a pusher who loves her strength urging her to be wild and free, be independent.  She knows she shouldn’t be with either of them, to not be the cause of any problems between them or risk their souls but still the heart wants what it wants.  Then again choosing between two different men who each represent something she desires, two sides of a coin, two sides to her, matters get even more complicated. 

                Yep, a love triangle to damn the souls to hell and oh yeah Nikki's godfather Damon Vessler, also a pillar of evil in his own right is still trying to win back her affection by whatever means he can.  And let me just say he uses some pretty despicable offers.  Will he be able to take advantage of her vulnerable state?  What is his real purpose?  What does he want with Nikki?  Can her guardians come together and save her?  Or is this her path to walk alone good or bad? 

                I have to say I enjoyed the first book, it didn't blow my socks off in astounding wow way but it was interesting and left me wanting more.  I have to say this book was even better.  Yes I love the angst even when I'm yelling at the screen of my kindle telling them how much trouble could be saved if people just talked and didn't assume.  You know when you assume you make an ASS our of U and ME.   Then again you see why they don't talk, they manage to talk themselves out of it sure that instead of a logical explanation they would hear things that would hurt them more, though as a reader you know how silly that is.  When your world is turned upside down whose to say you wouldn’t be a little crazy too.

                Either way Guardian came out October 9th and is worth checking out, after reading Halflings of course or I admit you might not fully value what is going on.  I enjoyed it and give it 4 stars!  Have you read it?  Is it on your 'To Read' list?  Let me know what you think below.