Review Request Policy

                 Hi there!  If you haven't noticed I have a tiny addiction to reading books.  Okay maybe not so tiny.  I am not a professional reviewer just someone who loves to read and share my thoughts and opinions on books with any and everyone.  That being said I am happy to take review requests, I have found some amazing books this way I might not have found otherwise. 

                I will always state when a book was provided for review.  I may not review every book though I do strive to do so.  My reviews are always my 100% honest opinion if I loved it or didn't.  If I didn't care for the book I will try to pin point what part of the story didn't work for me personally in a professional way, never bashing the author or their work.

                I read a diverse selection of books, however, I generally stick to YA with some NA.  I like it all but find myself drawn to  sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary currently. 

                If you are requesting an honest review of a title here are a couple things to know:
  • Please provide a description of the book and Goodreads link
  • I take both finished copies and ARC's in all formats (physical / e-book / audiobook)
  • E-books: Kindle format is preferable. 
  • I also work with NetGalley under Evilous.
  • If requesting a review for a later book in the series, if I have not previously reviewed the earlier books in the series on this blog note if you would be providing copies to the previous books as well.  
  • Time constraints- If you have a date you would like it reviewed by (blog tour/hop/release date/ etc.) state that so I can know if I will be able to accommodate.
  • Please know any books provided to me for review will not be sold or distributed to anyone else, unless one is provided for the purpose of a giveaway.  I'm rather attached to all of my books, I'm like a hoarder. 
  • If I accept a book when I receive the copy I will feature it in my weekly/bi-weekly Stacking the Shelves haul post as well as any monthly wrap-up post. 
  • Any reviews are done on this blog and cross posted to Goodreads and Amazon.

                Any requests can be sent to my e-mail Additional contact information can be found on my Contact Me tab.  I strive to respond to each and every request in a timely manner.  I appreciate you as an author/publisher taking the time to contact me about your beautiful book and I look forward to speaking with you about it.  

Updated 1/26/18 

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