2018 Reading Challenges

Happy 2018!

                Below are the reading challenges I will be partaking in this year.  2017 was a bit slow for me and I missed a couple of my challenges….okay half of them.  This year I am bound and determined to win!  As with 2017 I plan to do a month wrap-up post on the 25th of each month.  I'll also update this tab as well.  Please wish me well on these:

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
Eve has read 0 books toward her goal of 100 books.
2018 Goodreads:
Goal:  100
Last year I didn't make my goal and that was really sad for me.  So this year I vow to watch less Netflix and do more reading!

Goal: 12 (shelf)
This will be my 3rd year with this one and since I didn’t complete it last year I didn’t make my goal so I’m looking to hit this one hard!  It’s great because it brings new authors to your attention!  Now for this one they don’t count until they have been reviewed.  #DebutAuthorChallenge

Goal:  15 (shelf)
3rd year on this one as well but I have yet to complete this one.  Hoping 2018 is the year for finishing some series!  The goal is to finish series simple as that.  Only the last book in the series counts (hence series ender) so you can read the final book in a series you started a while ago or read the whole series.  Here are some planned series enders I have in mind: Succubus Revealed, Always and Forever Lara Jean, Our Dark Duet, Midnight Star, Witch's Pyre, The Last Star, Their Fractured Light, Hero at the Fall, War Storm, In the Afterlife, The Crown's Fate, Kingdom of Ash

Goal:  48 (shelf)
This is my first time with this challenge though I have done something similar the last few years.  I am putting a number down this year and aiming for Mt. Ararat (48 books).  Books on your TBR that have been published before 2017.  Basically cleaning off your shelf of unread books!

Goal:  31-60 (shelf)

My 2nd year bringing this one back and a challenge I won in 2017!  While I want to aim higher my goals for my budget say this is where I need to be.  Books have to be released and reviews in 2017!  Minimum page length is 100 pages.  I’m aiming for a New Release Pro of 31-60 books!
Progress: COMPLETE!!!

Goal: 30+ (shelf)
So last year I developed a huge love of audiobooks and went from "might listen to a couple when on trips" to devouring half my books in that format.  This year I’m aiming for My Previous which is 30+ books.
Progress:  COMPLETE!!!!

Updated: 10/29/18