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~Waiting on Wednesday~ Quanta by Lola Dodge

                “Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.  Basically books that are not yet out that we are dying to get our hands on.  This week’s pick is:

Quanta by Lola Dodge
Out:  10/16

From Goodreads:
Just because Quanta can see the future doesn't mean she can change it.  She's spent most of her life imprisoned, feeding her captors information to keep herself alive, but she's finally reached the endgame and her death creeps closer by the moment.

The son of two senators, Altair Orpheus leads a life of privilege that provides the perfect cover for his side job:  working with the rebel Shadow Ravens to undermine the ruling Seligo government.  Everything is running like clockwork until he crosses paths with Quanta.  As he watches her deftly maneuver through life in the perverse prison, his plastic heart melts.  A jailbreak would be suicide, but Tair is willing to sacrifice everything to give her a chance at happiness.

Now Quanta senses a terrifying new future brewing.  She and Tair are bound together, but every image of them kissing, snuggling, and acting knee-weakeningly happy is balanced by a much darker possibility.  They'll be picture perfect together, but only until time rips them apart.  How can she follow her heart when she's seen how their love plays out?

My thoughts:
                Duh!  Ink Monster book is auto-buy.  Seriously though the first book in The Shadow Ravens, Cipher (review), was pretty darn good and I'm excited to see where this one goes.  It was described as each different author telling a different heroines POV as they all move towards the same goal, like the Avengers.  Different heroes get their own movies but come together as a team.  First love the Avengers so high point for reference there.  Also this just sounds great.  A prisoner because of something she can't control, fighting to stay alive, and romance.  Doomed as it may seem.  I can't wait to see what develops between Tair and Quanta and how she decides to move forward with her knowledge.  Plus they always have such pretty covers!

                That’s one I’m waiting on.  What are you waiting on?  Share in the comments below!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday! Books to check out if you like...

               Hello everyone!  Top Ten Tuesday is just how it sounds, a topic is picked and we put our Top Ten for that in a post and share and check out everyone’s answers.  Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke andthe Bookish.

The top today is:  Ten Books to Read if you like The X-Men!  Basically people with cool powers!

The Young Elites by Marie Lu
The Holders series by Julianna Scott (reviews: Holders & Seers)
The Geneva Project by Christina Benjamin (reviews: Truth, Secrets, Character Interview)
The Shadow Ravens (Cipher and Quanta) by Ink Monster (review: Cipher)
Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi (reviews: Shatter Me, Unravel Me, Ignite Me)
The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken
Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard (review)
Rivulet by Jamie Magee (review)
 And more magic than powers but still:
Worldwalker series by Josephine Angelini (reviews: Trial by Fire & Firewalker)

                That's it for me this week.  Do you know any other good books/series that focus on people with powers I should check out?  Share in the comments below.

                Until next time…

Monday, September 28, 2015

Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo ~The conclusion of a trilogy~

                Happy Monday!  So jumping right in today with another book review.  This one will wrap up a the Grisha Trilogy.  That's right, Ruinand Rising by Leigh Bardugo.  I've been reviewing this series for the last month and the links for the first two books are found at Shadow and Bone and Siege and Storm.  As this is the wrap up of the series there will be some spoilers if you haven't read the first two books.  Be warned.

Rating: 5 Stars

                I really liked this entire series. I have seen where some people lost the plot at points or had other issues throughout but for me it was a quick and enjoyable read.  I also had the benefit of reading all three back to back and didn't have to take the time to dive back into the world between books, which from experience can make some books lose a bit of love.  We left things in a bit of a precarious spot.  Alina almost died and her people are beaten down and also they are living with the creepy Apparat and the zealots who worship her as their Saint.  Still even as their Saint she has no power.  She still needs to find the last amplifier, the elusive firebird to have a hope of finally defeating the Darkling once and for all.  Oh and she still hopes everyones favorite outlaw Prince Nikolai survived the attack and got away.  She has to make new alliances and put aside her issues with some to find the amplifier.  Still as she gets closer to the bird she comes closer to understanding why she and the Darkling are connects and as she gets closer to claiming the last amplifier she understands she could save the world for everyone but lose her own future.

                Okay I will say right off the back, I did have part of it pegged from the start.  I'd had suspicions from the first book.  Things did play out differently in the way it happens but overall I was on point.  Still I enjoyed the journey.  I enjoyed the battles that took a lot out of everyone and pushed our group to their limits.  I liked getting to know more about the past and how the amplifiers came to be.  We also finally got some of the answers to things we had been waiting for since book one.  Everything came full circle. 

                Ruin and Rising kept everything going, from the action and adventure on their quest while also fighting a war to the internal conflict and drama of our main characters.  Even the romance was in there, and for me I liked the way it was there but not the most important aspect when the world is on the line.  Mal and Alina had a job to do.  We also got to have some much needed cute moments, as the book is rather dark.  Genya was one of those.  I was upset with her through most of the previous book.  I wasn't sure even reading this if I trusted her 100% given her betrayal but I loved that Alina made herself clear that she was not to be mocked still standing up for her.  Then when she had to face the king, and she stood up to him and told him that she used her body against him just as he did.  I just loved that and it cleared up any lingering doubt I had about her.  And David!  OMG I just adore that man, he is so cute.  Nik also really shows his stuff there and shows he will be a good and true leader one day.

                For me Ruin and Rising really took everything from the first two books and just rounded it all out into a great adventure.  I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see how broken I would feel at the end but still I couldn’t look away.  I wanted to know more.  I had to know.  Bardugo has a way of weaving everything together and making no character truly white or black but all shades of grey.  Everyone has evil inside of them, it's life.  But what you do and how you choose to live your life is another beast all together.  That really came through.  And the world of the Grisha was simply so flushed out, even the dark and evil bits that are creepy as hell, you don't want to leave it.  Though thankfully Six of Crows is out tomorrow and it apparently takes place in the same world so I'm excited to have more of the world to live in. 

                 That's all I have for this one.  I recommend anyone who enjoys a good journey/quest story, or just a high fantasy read.  Also any who started the series but might have doubted it to give it a try and see how it all wraps up.  How can you not know?  Share with me below in the comments your thoughts and feels?  Did you see the ending coming?  Were you satisfied?  What was your favorite part?    Let's discuss like the book nerds we are! 

                Until next time…
Such pretty covers!  And the all match!

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I Zombie by Jo Michaels ~ A different kind of zombie

                Happy Saturday!  So this review was supposed to go up yesterday but I had a moment.  I had planned to post it when I got to work but I left my flash drive with all the stuff at the house.  One of those days.  So instead of posting at midnight when I got home, because I was dead tired, I decided to post today.  Anywho back to business. 

Rating: 4 Stars

                So today I would like to discuss with you all my thoughts and feels on I Zombie by Jo Michaels.  Something you've probably learned I by now along with being addicted to books I also have a vast amount of time spent with movies and TV shows.  They range in style and content.  One thing I've always enjoyed are zombies.  I like the different ideas and concepts behind them and what they are and can do.  So a zombie book by someone I was excited to meet at UtopYA in June (yeah I'm behind) caught my eye.  Even more it sounded awesome.  A girl who goes to a party and ends up mutilating her dog realizing the zombie apocalypse everyone is yelling about might be legit.  Still while she might be infected she is still mostly her.  It calls into play the idea that zombies aren't all bad, maybe just misunderstood. 

                Following the story we stay with Trixie.  Normal girl who ends up in a huge mess.  The end of the world.  The zombie apocalypse.  Who reading this can say honestly they've never thought about this very topic and wondered would you survive?  I know I've went back and forth and it varies based on the different version on zombies.  Zombies who are not trying to hurt you but are still people infected with a disease that is rotting them and making them into the creepy zombies of pop culture.  We are so stuck on a certain idea of them from everything we see that most would simply shot and ask questions later.  I know personally if zombie movies and anything horror related has taught me it's something comes at me like it wants to eat me head shot is the best bet, kills most things, that or a beheading just saying.  So it was easy to understand Trixie's fear and motivation as she tried to join up with others like her, find a safe haven to just get away from the gun toting Darryl Dixon wannabes.  Yes I love The Walking Dead.
                  When I first read this I had just saw a trailer for a new show on the CW called iZombie and thought they were related.  Not the same thing.  A similar take only in that zombies are more than brainless shuffling beings searching for food.  I really enjoyed the book and the questions it puts forward.  I liked the way it turned certain zombie attributes on themselves and gave explanations for some things that, at least to me, have never been explained in current zombie pop culture.  I liked getting to know Trixie and her gang and seeing how they cope.

                 I had a lot of conflicting feelings while reading because as a zombie culture fan I'm generally in the "kill all zombies/head shots" crowd but seeing things from a "zombies" prospective I was rooting for her but still found it hard to be against humans hunting them because of my past bias.  I really liked how it was able to keep pulling me in.  I do recommend this to anyone looking for a pretty quick complex read…and anyone who likes some zombies!  

                Well that's all for today.  Check back Monday for more good bookish fun!  Until next time...

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Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas need I say more?

                Hello again.  I hope you all enjoyed the fun on the blog yesterday with the interview with wonderful author Aileen Erin and other goodies for the release of her new book.  If you missed it click here.  Lots of goodies and I have some more fun things like that scheduled in the coming weeks I'm excited to share with you.  Today though I'm excited to be talking about my Heir of Fire review.  Yes I have been building up through the books that I have loved oh so much getting closer to the newest beauty.

                Heir of Fire is the third book in the series so there will be some spoilers from the previous books, sorry.  Read, catch up, and come back!   To see my previous reviews see Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight.

Rating: 5 Stars

The back!
                Okay so Celaena is in a bad place when we pick up with her.  Stuck between her oath and everything else in her life.  She is worrying about those she left behind, like Chaol, and how he reacted when he figured out what her parting whisper meant, that she is fae.  She is Aelin Galathynius .  She is back in a part of the world where magic is free and ready to discover the secrets of her heritage that will change everything.  While back at the palace things are never dull and darkness is spreading and taking over. 

                I liked that we saw things happening from several different points and as they were so spread out over the world it gave a global image.  We even got a new POV of Manon.  She is a witch, one of the thirteen bad ass ironteeth.  I admit I wasn't a huge fan of the Manon chapters at first.  They were a bit out there for me.  I think to get introduced to a new characters POV, particularly one that isn't easy to like, they could have been a bit shorter.  Because when they started I got annoyed only wanting to get back to my main peeps.  But as the story progressed I grew to enjoy them and I know they will probably play a big part in the stories to come.  We also got to meet Rowan!  He is a pretty bad ass fae and basically he gets to kick Celaena's behind and be her fae Mr. Miyagi.  He also turns into a Hawk, which as I generally don't like birds on principle, I thought was pretty bad ass for him.  I liked getting to know him and the other fae we meet.  Such a different way of life and something needed for her while she is still suffering and dealing with losing Nehemia.  We also got to see more of Aedion and learn more of his story.  He seems like a pompous ass, just like the king but as we get closer the truth is so much more fun to uncover.  Plus his interaction with Chaol is priceless. 

                Then back on the home front Dorian finds new love!  Again while I'm totally Team Chaol I still love Dorian and was sad that he was hurt by Celaena and Chaol in Crown of Midnight.  So when he started to get to know and fall for the healer, I figured it would have some trouble attached given everything but I loved them.  They were so cute together the way she was nervous and didn't want to be hurt but he was so sweet and genuine and pulled in by her eagerness to help him.  She didn’t shy away that he has magic.  I think she helped him more than anything else could have just by being there and supporting him.  He has magic, that's a fact of his dangerous life now.  I also loved the conversations Dorian and Chaol have still in an awkward place.  Neither of them is good at communicating.  Men, meh.  Chaol doesn't want Dorian to know about Celaena's secret at first but eventually he does.  After that Dorian sees he had been trying to help her get away, but he knew she would return she had after all promised.  They work together and eventually slowly find a way back to their friendship, not the same but still there.  I liked that they were about to work through most of their issues and go back to working together and that Celaena was there with them in a way.  I liked that we saw more of what each saw in her and how talking about her made them both realize things about her.  I loved one line in particular that Dorian told Chaol, "You cannot pick and choose which parts of her to love."

               We also learn more about the darkness and evil coming into the world.  Both sides are working to figure out ways to stop it but still don't know they are working towards the same goal.  Also with the witches we get a chance to see more from the evil prospective, what's being planned.  Also note to self never piss them off…okay just avoid at all costs.  I really enjoyed Abraxos too and that is about the time when her chapters started to be more fun and interesting to me, he humanized her in a way.  A small way at least but enough to show me she had depth.  There are tons of battles and adventure and mystery and everything we come to love and expect from this series.  It also leaves you with such a huge hole in your heart when you finish it that you NEED MORE ASAP!!!

                One last thing, I realize that many people ship Celaena and Dorian over her and Chaol.  I realize she's not with either of them currently but still.  I'm on Team Chaol and I will go down with my ship.  Though again I wasn't totally against the other.  Still with how Heir of Fire progresses and things laid that set my little head to spinning with theories and such I am a tad bit nervous about what may happen to my Chaol. 

                That's all for today.  As usual comments are food to the soul.  Share your thoughts below.  What did you think of Heir of Fire?  Did you like the gang being split up for this one and seeing more of the world?  Did you secretly wish you could fly on Abraxos?  Tell me below.  Until next time…remember

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Alpha Unleashed Blog Tour: Promo, Author Interview, Character Bio, Review, and Giveaway!

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                Hello everyone!  I’ve been talking about this book, and series, for a while because I just adore them but also because the latest book, Alpha Unleashed, came out yesterday!  With this I’m super stoked to be participating in the blog tour and I have some goodies lined up for you.  All the book info you need, a pretty spoiler free Author Interview (I tried to keep it as spoiler free as possible) with Aileen Erin, two character bios of some of our favorite characters, an awesome little excerpt, my review, and last but certainly not least an awesome giveaway!  So scroll on down and check it out!

Title: Alpha Unleashed
Series: The Alpha Girl Series
Vol or Book #: 5
Author:  Aileen Erin
Audience: YA, 14+
E-Book Publisher: Ink Monster, LLC
Cover by: Art by Ana Cruz ; 
Graphics by Paddy Donnelly
Editor: Ink Monster, LLC
Pages: unknown at this time
ISBN: 97809906352A0M
Date Published: 10-13-15


Tessa McCaid has had it up to here with supernaturals.  Luciana may have failed to steal Tessa’s magic but she’s just getting started on her crusade for magical domination.  If her demonic summoning isn’t stopped, it could mean the end of everything.

Tessa’s allies, including her mate Dastien, are ready to fight, but they’re no match for Luciana’s power.  A little help (and ancient Inca mojo) from Tessa’s cousin, Claudia, may give the side of good a chance if she can make it home in time, but stopping the war is no longer an option.

When witches and wolves fight, no one wins.  Only time will tell who will still be standing after the last spell is cast. 

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Author Photo - Aileen Erin                Thank you for taking the time to do an interview.  I am beyond excited to find out more about our gang.  I'm also excited to see how Claudia and Lucas continue to interact given how new they are to this.  I'm holding out hope that she will eventually at some point change her mind and make the change so she can live a much longer life with Lucas.  I can't wait to see your answers. 
First I have to say that I am a HUGE fan and just adore this series so much.  I fly through each book and then thankfully don't have to wait too long for another one.  How did you decide on your brand of wolves?

               AE:  Yay!  I'm so glad that you like the series!  I love writing them, so it always makes me happy to know that someone is enjoying them.  J

               Regarding deciding on my brand of wolves, I'd read a lot of urban fantasy, and learned a lot of what I liked and didn't there.  That's where I started to get the idea of putting my own stamp on the werewolf genre.  Then, I did a ton of research on the origins of the werewolf and what various cultures say about it, and then watched some wolf documentaries and read a few books about wolf packs.  I took bits of what I liked from each, and since I get to make it up—ignored the bits that I didn't like so much.
Eve: I could google images of these beautiful creatures all day!

Did you do a lot of research before/as you write the series?  Covens and wolf packs and the like?

               AE: Yes!  I've been interested in the paranormal—magic, witches, werewolves—for a very long time.  I have a whole bookcase dedicated to my research books that I've collected over the years.  And once I decided to write the Alpha Girls series, the collection started growing even more.  I have some fascinating books on witchcraft and covens—some of them a little terrifying—but like I did for the wolves, when it came down to writing about it, I just picked and chose which bits I liked the most and ignored the rest. 

The bond between mates is very intense.  How did you decide on what would go into the bond?

               AE:  I really liked the idea of having a balanced relationship.  I find a lot of romance—especially YA and NA romance—has a very skewed idea about what a healthy relationship should be like.  So the bond between mates started out from that.  Then, I liked that they'd get to share powers and enhance what each other already has, which is what a good relationship should be.  It should make you want to be the best you can be and help you grow in a healthy, positive way.  I put in the telepathy because of something a friend of mind once said to me and my husband.  We were at a dinner party and had a few shared looks, and started cracking up.  We didn't say a word, but we had a whole conversation just us.  I thought that would be nice to put in there—that the couples were so in sync that they could talk telepathically.  Also it made it easier when they shift into wolf-form, so they can still communicate.

On a similar note there is a disparity of males to females.  With that we see many males trying to win a select number of females, does this cause a problem with the wolves in general?  More instances like Dastien and Tessa maybe?  What happens to the ones who don't find them basically? 

               AE:  Yes.  This causes a lot of problems, and puts a lot of pressure on the girls,  It's a pretty good way to show some tension,and also leaves some room for me to focus on other couples and matches—like I did for Claudia and Lucas. 

               After Tessa and Dastien, there might be more instances where a Were takes matters into their own hands.  But a lot of the guys end up hoping to find their true mate.  Their match.  I talk a little about the Cazadores—as they're the ones who haven't found their match.  But hopefully, someone will come along for each of them, given enough time.  And the Weres definitely have a lot of time.  Think about Lucas.  He waiting a LONG time for Claudia. ;)

In Alpha Unleashed we are diving back into Tessa, but I hope Claudia and Lucas will still be present because I did just adore them in Bruja and I think Lucas will be a real asset to our St. Ailbe's wolves.  Will we have some cousin time between Tessa and Claudia?  I'm dying for them to talk and compare notes as it were. 

               AE:  I'm so glad you liked bruja so much.  It was always a risk to veer away from Tessa and Dastien, but I felt like Claudia deserved her story to be told.

               Claudia and Lucas are most definitely in Alpha Unleashed.  The books overlap, so Alpha Unleashed starts the morning that Claudia leaves for Peru.  But Claudia and Lucas and the rest of the gang that end up in Costa Rica will be back in Texas before all the action gets going.

Luciana is practicing some seriously dark stuff, how can those following her not see that?  And stand behind it?

               AE:  I get into this a bit in Alpha Unleashed, but I think it's hard when you're trusting your leader to guide you.  The evil stuff didn't happen over night.  I think if she'd started doing bad things right away, they would've stood up against her.  But it was on a slow boil, and she had her reasons.  Being the coven leader meant that she had visions, too.  Only they're not as clear or as strong as Tessa's.  But still, the coven trusted her to guide them.  They didn't realize that Luciana's visions were a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy, and that her fear of coming war with the wolves were leading them into darker and darker magic as time went on.

I'm ready for the epic battle, though I am worried about some of my favorites as I know no one is safe.  From the description of Alpha Unleashed it seems the battle will be fought on several fronts, including in the media, coming out of the shadows.  How do you think our current world would react if wolves, witches, vampires, and such came out as real?  How would you react?

               AE:   hope that I'd be welcoming, although I'd definitely be super curious.  I'd have a million questions for them!  And I would really hope I didn’t piss them off if I got something wrong in my books. ;)

With so many amazing characters in this world who is your favorite to write scenes for?

               AE:  I want to say Tessa, but I really like Meredith a lot.  I think she's fun and spunky.  We got a little hint of her backstory in Avoiding Alpha, but I'd love to get her and Donovan a book.

Bogdana with Bogdana The Booknerd wants to know what book are you currently reading?  What's your favorite genre to read?

               AE:  I'm reading The Haunting by Joan Lowery Nixon right now.  I ate up her books when I was in seventh grade, but I'm writing a paranormal ghost books next and I wanted to re-read her stuff.  I'm trying to figure out how scary I want to make it.  I feel like if I just start writing, I'll make the book so scary that I won't be able to sleep at night—which won't work at all. (If you have some ghost story books to recommend, I'll take those!)  Before that, I read—or devoured—Sarah J Maas's Queen of Shadows.  Loved it!  I finished it and went right back to chapter one to re-read it.  And the book before that was Jennifer Estep's Cold Burn Magic.  OMG!  So good!  Thankfully the second book is coming out 10/25, or else I'd be DYING.

               I read fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal, some sci-fi, anything YA, NA romance, contemporary romance, and paranormal romance.  All variations on a theme.  I like speculative fictions, but I like it with a healthy dose of romance. J

OMG I'm reading Queen of Shadows now and I know what you mean.  Bogdana also asked an intriguing question, if you could co-author a series with anyone who would it be?

               AE:  It's so hard to write that idea of writing something with someone seems at times more difficult logistically yet so tempting!  My critique partner for the last 6 years—Lola Dodge—is someone who I've actually talked about writing a series together.  In fact, I wrote Cipher, and she's writing the next book in the series—Quanta (out 10/13), and my business partner—Christina Bauer—is writing another character in the series—Maker (which doesn't have a set release date yet).  So that might happen!

               Alpha Unleashed comes out October 13th is there anything you can share or tease us with?  Aside from the excerpt below, that is.

               AE:  Teasers are so hard without drifting into spoilerland.  I will say that defeating Luciana will NOT be easy, but by the time all is said and done, I think all the readers will be very happy.  Or I hope they will!  J

Are you working on any other projects? You mentioned a ghost story.

               AE:  I'm taking a little break from Tessa and Dastien to write a new series—Invocation, the first book in the Holy Ghost High series.  I've been writing Tessa and Dastien for…six years.  Becoming Alpha was my thesis for my MFA, so it's time for me to take a little break just to make sure I keep the Alpha Girl series fresh and don't burn out.  But I'll be back to it.  I can't stay away from Tessa and her gang for long!

Finally, how can fans reach you? (Links attached below for easy access)

               AE:  I'm on all kinds of social media.  I'm slowest on Goodreads but everywhere else, I check daily.  J

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Instagram: aelatcham

Teresa Elizabeth McCaid—aka Tessa—is a girl who has never quite fit in.  At least, she didn't until she was bitten by Dastien Laurent, her mate.  Now, she's part bruja part werewolf, part human, and totally cool with it.  When she's not taking down evil witches and vampires, she likes to spend her time with Dastien.  They love to go for runs and listen to EDM.

Dastien Laurent is originally from France, but when his parents were brutally murdered, he came to Texas to live with his godfather—Michael Dawson.  He's always struggled with his alpha-side, but never as much as when he met Tessa.  He didn't mean to bit her, but he wouldn't change it for the world.  Even when evil witches are beating down the door, he never regrets a second.  With her, he's finally able to see his future. 
excerpt (2)
I trailed off when I noticed Meredith staring hard at something behind me. I quickly glanced over my shoulder. “What?” 
“What’s Shannon doing with that group?” Her lips pressed into a tight, thin line. “And is that Imogene?” Meredith and I might be split on how we felt about Shannon, but we totally agreed on Imogene. 
I turned back to my now-cold omelet and took a bite. “I know,” I said after a second. “Looks like they’re BFFs now.” 
She scrunched up her nose as she thought. “Why is she with those guys? Shannon has nothing in common with them. She’s from the Irish pack. And Imogene? Really?” Meredith stared at them like she could glean answers off them. “Maybe if we all try reaching out to her, she’ll sit with us again.” 
I’d explained what happened between Shannon and I while Meredith was sick, but she didn’t understand. For better or worse, they’d been friends since forever. Their parents were friends and they’d grown up taking vacations together. Meredith was loyal, almost to a fault, and that meant she refused to give up on Shannon. “We tried that, remember? It didn’t work.” 
“I should go over. Try talking to her again.” 
I nearly rolled my eyes. Meredith had tried talking to Shannon, and in her defense—Shannon was still nice to her, but it was a losing battle. Shannon would obviously rather be with her new friends than us. 
Meredith started to stand up, but I grabbed her hand. “I wouldn’t—” 
“I have to try.” 
I let her go as I tried to think of a way to say what I needed to say without making it worse. “I don’t know. I still can’t feel anyone at that table through the pack bonds. Including Shannon.” 
Meredith crossed her arms as she stared down at me. “Whatever happened between you and her, she wouldn’t do anything to harm the pack. Shannon’s not capable of that.” 
I disagreed, but saying so would only hurt Meredith’s feelings. “What if she thought it would help the pack?” And what if they aren’t part of our pack anymore? I thought the words but didn’t say them aloud. 
For a second, Meredith’s lower lip trembled, and I thought I’d gotten through to her, but then she shook her head. “No. I don’t believe that. Not at all.” 
I kept my mouth firmly shut. If there was one person I didn’t want to piss off, it was Meredith. She’d been my friend—no questions asked—from the beginning. She’d helped me through when all I’d wanted to do was run away from St. Ailbe’s. And when I’d sucked at running and kept falling out of windows, she hadn’t made fun of me. Much. “I just don’t want you to get disappointed.” 
“I—” Meredith stopped in the middle of what she was saying, and turned to the door. 
It took me a second to figure out what was going on, but then Donovan came into the cafeteria, and started our way. Maybe he’d be able to reach Meredith, because I sure as hell wasn’t getting anywhere. 
She laughed at something he must’ve said through their bond. “Donovan is going to keep you company while I talk to Shannon. I’ll be back in a sec.” 
There wasn’t any point in trying to stop her. 
Donovan took Meredith’s spot at the table. He wore sweat pants and a T-shirt and his black hair was still messy from his run. His clothes gave of the scents of cedar and grass and dirt, and it almost made me jealous. 
Maybe a run would clear my mind. Help me figure out a way around these visions. 
“She’s checking on Shannon, eh?” Donovan asked, bringing me back to myself. 
“Yeah.” I’d already said my piece to his mate. I didn’t need to repeat myself. 
He jerked his chin toward the table in question. “There’s still something off about them.” 
My fork dropped to the plate with a clatter, and I glared into his glass-blue eyes. “Oh, come on. We’re not doing this.” 
Donovan raised his eyebrows. “Not doing what?” 
He had to be joking. “I just had this conversation with Meredith. I know how the whole mate thing works. There’s not a chance she didn’t tell you.” 
He gave me a wicked grin, and I knew trouble was coming. “Aye. But what you don’t know is that I agree with you.” 
“You do?” Mr. Dawson had been all—everything’s fine. Donovan hadn’t said a word. Why now? 
“Yes. I do.” 
“What do you know?” I leaned toward him, lowering my voice. Pesky Weres and their super-awesome hearing. “Why are their bonds missing? I thought they couldn’t leave the pack without putting in a formal bid to Mr. Dawson.” 
“That’s true enough. I don’t know what’s going on, but I think you’re going to find out. If this absence of pack bond is spreading, then we need to find the cause. Just… Don’t say anything to Meredith until we’re positive. All right?” 
Whoa. I didn’t keep much—if anything—from Dastien. “Do you think that’s wise?” 
“Keeping my opinions from my mate?” One side of his mouth quirked up. “Not usually. But she made her side clear enough with you, and I’d rather not start an argument that won’t get us anywhere.” 
Who knew? Even the great Donovan—one of the all-powerful Seven—was afraid of pissing off his mate. The idea was a little preposterous, but then again—I didn’t like upsetting Dastien either. I’d done it. But that didn’t mean I liked it. That left me with one last question. “Why can’t you keep an eye on them? You’re probably way better at this pack bonds stuff than I am.” 
He raised an eyebrow. “In case you’ve forgotten, I’m not of this pack. I’m an alpha, and can use that to overpower and override the pack bonds if necessary, but this needs more finesse. An insider’s look.” 
“But your mate’s in our pack.” When Dastien bit me, I’d become part of the St. Ailbe’s pack. I figured it would be the same for Donovan and Meredith and their mate bond, even if they hadn’t gone through with their bonding ceremony. 
“Doesn’t work that way. I’m already the alpha of another pack.” 
“So, what about Meredith? Is she still part of this pack?” 
“Until she and Michael decide to let her move to mine. She’ll keep it for as long as she’s here, and I think that’s best.” He leaned forward. “I’ve heard through Michael and Meredith, but I want to know what it is you’re feelin’ from them. I’ve not experienced this before, and that’s sayin’ something to me.” His Irish accent thickened, and I finally knew that someone else was as worried about this as I was. 
“I don’t know what to say except that I can’t feel them. It’s like they’re there, but they’re not.” I sighed. “It makes no sense. Which is why Mr. Dawson blew me off when I brought it up. Shouldn’t you be talking to him about this? He’s the alpha.” 
“What makes you think I haven’t already?” 
The tension on my shoulders relaxed. It seemed like a good sign that two alphas were really talking about the problem. “And?” 
“Nothing. If they’ve withdrawn from the pack, he’s not feeling it.” He leaned in closer, speaking so quietly that even I could barely hear. “But last night, he gave that group of boys from the Canada pack a direct command and they disobeyed. I backed the command and forced their obedience, but I shouldn’t have had to. He’s their alpha. It may be that Rupert Hoel’s influence went deeper than those we’ve caught. There’s still a major player out there, and I’ve a fine idea who it might be.” 
Holy shit. That was bad news. Only someone more alpha than Mr. Dawson could ignore his commands, and they weren’t more alpha. At all. 
“I think you might know. It’s one who got away.” 
It hit me then. They’d kicked one of the Seven out of the Council. The one who hated me. Ferdinand. “Do you really think it could be?” 
“But you didn’t say anything when I brought it up before.” 
“It took me longer to feel what you were getting at. I like to suss things out before actin’. Get fully aware of the situation. If you feel anything else out of the ordinary, let me know. Just be aware that if that lot wants to leave, that’s fine by me. They’re welcome to go their own way, but they need to make formal bids to Michael and they’ll have to tie to the Seven until they find their new packs. It must be done properly, or they’ll be considered lone wolves. And if they align with Ferdinand… I’d like those youngsters to avoid that if possible.” 
My stomach churned, and suddenly I didn’t feel much like finishing my omelet. If the pack was breaking up, then how were we ever going to defeat Luciana? We needed to be united if we wanted to stand the slightest chance of surviving. 

                I was so excited to get to ask some interesting questions of the author but not nearly as exciting to read this book so I was stoked when my I got my ARC a couple weeks ago, even though my pre-order downloaded yesterday.  Now I get to share my thoughts with you.  Now as she mentioned this is a wrap of to the current open story arc.  While the door isn’t shut on all the characters in the future this is a sort of end.  My previous reviews:  Becoming Alpha, Avoiding Alpha, AlphaDivided, and Bruja.

Rating: 5 Stars

                This book was amazing!  I have loved this series since the first book and each book in the series as I got to know the characters a little more in each story just made me love them more.  There is so much happening and wrapping up.  We have the epic battle with Luciana and her demon mojo and everything happening with the wolves, witches, fae, and humans.  There are a lot of moving parts and constantly something happening. 

                As much as I loved Bruja and seeing from Claudia’s POV I am happy to be back with Tessa for this final battle as it started with her.  She is so over the whole fighting mess, she wants it over with and just to live her life with her true mate, Daestien.  They have faced obstacle after obstacle and are ready for some peace.  I just love how they interact and how they can help each other through their different internal struggles simply by being there for one another.  Tessa is doubting herself after losing her powers however temporarily and feeling she will make the wrong move and be the cause for people she cares for dying.  That’s a lot on anyone’s shoulders.  Plus being concerned about your pack turmoil, the witches, and the humans and you’re lucky to be functioning. 

                I was super stoked to see Claudia and Lucas interact with the gang.  I didn’t get my talk I was hoping for…yet but there was still some good stuff and seeing Lucas around the gang was awesome!  Choosing sides and getting your people as ready as possible for what’s coming is the name of the game.  I really liked adding in the human perspective as well, it was a long time coming in my opinion.  No way would it have been under wraps much longer and seeing out supernaturals deal with that was humorous at times. 

                Again without giving much away, I was worried for all my characters life and limb throughout most of the book because there is no shortage of death in a war this large.  Still as this arc came to an end I feel that the main points have been wrapped up nicely.  It was very satisfying ending even as my heart raced through it all.  I highly suggest marathoning all five of these amazing books, they are superfast reads that you want to read in one sitting. 

                Now there is only one thing left to do and that is to check out the giveaway below and enter it!  Also spread the love in the comments below.  Did she answer your most pressing questions?  Who is your favorite character in the Alpha Girls series thus far?  When she continues the world in the future is there anyone you’d like to see the story focus on?  Let me know below. 

                Until next time…

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