Thursday, August 16, 2012

Total Recall & Step Up Revolution

                I’m way behind in my movie watching and reviewing like everything else.  Now, I have two remakes of sorts to discuss.  Total Recall was a movie back in the day with Arnold, I remember seeing it but I admit it was years ago and my memory of it is fuzzy so I won’t be comparing the new one to the old one.  As for Step Up Revolution, it is a sequel of sots to the other Step Up films with their own spin on things.

                Let’s start out with some action.  Total Recall had plenty of that.  Collin Farrel kicks some serious ass, and gets his butt kicked too.  Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel hold their own as well being strong female characters good and bad.  There are car chases, well future cars anyways, explosions, fights, gun fire and has pretty much all the requirements for an action flick.

                Now the story was pretty cool, a bit predictable but still enjoyable.  I liked the character revelations, finding out who you really are both literally, when you’re life was erased and implanted, and also who they are as an individual, inside.
                The overall effect of the movie I give it 5 stars.  Good action movie that entertained me.  The visuals were great and I have to say I so want one of those floaty cars, very feauturistic but not so much that it was completely out of the realm of possibility.  I recommend this movie to both sci-fi and action fans alike.

Rating: 5 Stars

                Switching gears we move to a movie about dancing, Step Up Revolution.  This is the 4th Step Up movie, but you don’t have to see the others to enjoy this one.  There isn’t much to talk about with this one.

                The plot is that following the others a boy and girl from different backgrounds and classes have a love for dance and something to prove.  The story follows a dance mob trying to be seen and win a contest.  Then as their homes and jobs are put on the line due to a new development project their performance art turns protest art.

                Good story, I liked the angle of it all.  The dance scenes were amazing and as I have no balance or rhythm it made me want to try and dance (not like that obviously as that would not be pretty).  So if you want a feel good movie to just enjoy and not make you think too hard or you liked the previous movies, check it out.   I give it 4 Stars.

Rating:  4 Stars

                So I’m on a roll now, I have another book I just finished reading and working on putting my thoughts to paper for it.  As always comments or questions I’d love to read them.  Share below.  


  1. Hey, thanks for this review on Total Recall. I am an Arnold fan, so I wasn't sure about them remaking it, but maybe I should give it a chance :)

    1. Yes well it was a fun movie. If you don't try and compare it to the original, which lets face it nothing is ever like the original, then just enjoy!