Sunday, December 21, 2014

Keep Calm and Fangirl On...

It’s almost Christmas!  We only have a few days left and I know I for one am so far behind.  I have a ton of baking to do in the next couple of days that my apartment will be insane.  I hope you all are having a fantastic time enjoying the season and all the joys it has to offer.  Before I disappear for the next few days into the land of cookies, I wanted to send well wishes to all of you who take the time to visit and read my little blog, and of course share my next review Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

Fangirl is a standalone contemporary story; one that I have heard nothing but praise for.  The story is that of Cath and her journey through starting college.  Oh and she is a Simon Snow fan, more than a fan, being a fan is her life.  It’s what she knows.  Cath has a twin, Wren, and this is the first time they have really went their own ways, same college but not roommates. Simon Snow got them through most things growing up, reading the books in the series, hanging out in forums, writing fan fiction, dressing up like the characters for the movie premiers, that was life.  But now she is on her own as Wren pulls away from that part of their childhood. 

Cath gets a roommate whom she is sure hates her and with her, her constantly there charming boyfriend, a fiction writing teacher whose hard to impress and oh yeah thinks fan fiction is horrible, a classmate who only wants to talk about writing, and her goal to try and finish her fan fiction, which has become one of the most popular out there.  Oh and worrying about her dad.  The question becomes can she do it?  Can she live her own life, write her own stories?  And does that mean leaving Simon Snow behind?

I will start out saying I give this book 5 Stars.  I LOVED THIS BOOK.  I fell in love so easily with Cath, even though the name was a bit odd at first, though it grew on me.  Cath was me.  I write fan fiction.  I have had plenty of people look down their nose at me for doing it and it took a lot to finally realize that those people are simply stupid and don’t matter.  To watch her go through this journey was so nice, and her dedication to her story and keeping it true and constant.  The way she was able to lose herself inside the series and her own story was beautiful and true.  I love that aspect of it the best.  I can lose myself when reading or watching a good show/movie, sure but there is something different about being the master behind it. 

The journey continues through the book as each thing seems to pop up and just like in life you have to adjust to overcome.  Trial and error.  Like adjusting from having your twin as your constant companion to branching out to make new friends, like with your new roommate.  Cath’s roommate, Reagan, reminded me of a good friend of mine in some ways.  She can come off as angry and bitchy at first but she’s sweet as can be, it just takes some time to get to know her blunt honest opinion is who she is nothing personal.  It just takes time to get to know someone and take the time to do so.

There is also romance.  Cath is strong and sure about what she likes and who she is but with romance, in person and not on the page, she is unsure.  A novice really.  I think this was something else that rang true with Cath and why she was so easy to relate to for me personally.  Being new and the least bit shy, the act of putting yourself out there only to be hurt is hard to move past.  You may not want to hold onto it, you may way to forgive and move forward, but it leaves its mark.  Much like many firsts, the first heartache sticks around.  She is blind at first, to Levi, not seeing or knowing what is clear to others.  Again easy to relate to.  I’ve been there.  Never noticing if/when a guy is interested when you aren’t expecting it.  If you are out at a club and someone comes over to you and starts chatting you’re expecting them to be flirting, right.  Out of context sometimes it’s hard to notice when you live with your head in the clouds.

 She has real things to contend with as well, aside from school, finding herself, romance, and writing, she has family struggles that are real and take their toll.  Rainbow didn’t shy away from them and really drove home many of the struggles that happen on a college campus, I know I work on one.  Cath is also the center for her family, she is the care taker and stepping away from that roll and trusting that everyone will be okay and not fall apart without you holding them together is hard.

This book was beyond relatable.  I read it in about 2 days, probably would have finished it in one sitting if I didn’t have pesky things like work, and cooking.  I wanted things to work out for Cath because I felt personally connected to her in a way I normally don’t.  I will recommend this book to pretty much everyone.  As is becoming a theme in books I’ve been reading, the open ending was in Fangirl.  It wraps up the story but it also leaves it in a way that allows the reader to draw their own conclusions, both with Cath’s story and her fan fiction we become a part of throughout.  After my first few moments of shock and wanting more…of course…I decided I understood and it fit the book very well. 

She was super nice!
I’ve also been able to dedicate a bit more of my own time to working on my fan fiction, I admit to slacking off as of late with life and such.  And it brings me such joy to work on it, so thank you Fangirl and thank you Rainbow Rowell for reigniting that spark. 

That’s all I have to say for now!  Become a fan and check out Fangirl as well, it would make a great last minute Christmas gift.  Just saying.  Please take a moment to share your thoughts below and tell me what you thought of Fangirl, other Rainbow Rowell books, fan fiction, and your holiday plans; I would love to start a conversation with you.  

Merry Christmas!  I hope to get another review in before then so stay tuned.


  1. I love love love this book. It's so cute. Levi could be my bf!!! I read fanfic all the time but never wrote it not talented enough <3 what kind do you write?

    1. Hi there,

      It is adorable isn't it. I did crush on Levi myself so I can see that :) I never once thought I would be writing fan fiction, a blog, or working on my own book and short stories but hey you have to give it a try if you have ideas floating around in your head. It all started by accident with the fan fiction, for a TV show that had a very short run, Moonlight and I've done one for the Dark Swan book series.

      Thanks for commenting!