Thursday, October 1, 2015

Temptation by Casey L. Bond

                Hello everyone!  So funny enough I posted my review of Sin by Casey L. Bond about a month ago here.  I really liked it and was sad that was all there was to the story and such a quick read.  Then I saw that there was a companion sequel following Brooklyn, called Temptation.  It was perfect timing.  Also it came out today!

Rating: 5 Stars

                Temptation again follows Sin, but could be read as a stand alone in my opinion, but why would you when they're both awesome and super fast fun reads.  Anywho focusing on Brooklyn or favorite burlesque dancer.  She's a good person, even if that one tiny misdemeanor on her record says otherwise.  Still it sucks if all the cops see is that incident and not the whole currently being stalked aspect.  Creepy stalker has been leaving presents at work and even in her home, escalating for sure.  Never a good sign as anyone who has watched a single episode of any crime show can tell you.  So with her best friend Sin they skip town to try and shake the stalker.  This leads Brooklyn into the small town of Swift Rapids, VA.  In town Brooklyn finds sexy small town cop Colt Stone is everywhere and constantly bumping into her.  Stalker on her tail or no, it has been a while and Colt is meant to serve and protect.  Laying low and staying out of sight might not be so bad in this small town.

                Just like Sin this Temptation is a super-fast fun read.  I finished it in one sitting and only a few hours.  It starts off with a bang.  Right in there with this stalker being all creeptastic and making your skin crawl.  I already loved Brook from Sin but in this we get to know even more about her and what it is that makes her tick.  It made me love her all the more.  I also liked that we got more of her and Sin’s friendship and back and forth.  It feels so natural and reminds me of conversations I’d have with my own friends.  They are there for each other no matter what and I like that loyalty shining through. 

                Still as Sin went to a big city to escape into the sea of people, Brook is going the opposite route, small town hiding.  Swift Rapids, VA is a huge change for her but pleasant.  A deep rest from a normally chaotic life and just in time for her to contemplate her future.  Oh and the handsome cop who keeps showing up around her doesn’t hurt either.  He may uphold the law but he makes a girl want to break it just to get arrested by him.  Just saying, Colt is totally book boyfriend material.  And getting to see some chapters from his perspective just made him all the more enjoyable.  I really liked his conversations with Willy, okay I liked Willy in all his parts but his banter with Colt….the manther part just about had me in tears I was laughing so hard. 

                I can’t really say much more because again this is a fast read and part of the fun is experiencing it.  I really enjoyed the story and the tension playing throughout the book.  I highly recommend it to anyone. That’s all for today, share your thoughts and feels in the comments below. 

                Until next time…


  1. This sounds like a great read. I'll have to check it out sometime. Great review!

    1. It was a fun read I think you'd enjoy both books!