Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Quanta Reset (The Shadow Ravens #3)

                I am glad to be back!  And today I am super excited to have another Ink Monster review for the newest installment in the Shadow Ravens series, book three, Quanta Reset.  You can check out my reviews of the previous two books Cipher and Quanta and get caught up because we pick up right where we left off and let me just start off with saying WOW! 

Rating:  5 Shadow Ravens

                When we left off Quanta and Tair had managed to unlock her new power and escape from Dr. Nagi and rejoin the Shadow Ravens and Lady Eva and while things were better than being prisoners they were far from happy go lucky.  Quanta was struggling being around so many people and focusing with the constant assault of time ghosts, the pasts and possible futures and let's not forget they are in a war and in hiding.  We pick up quickly after that. 

                Quanta is struggling at the compound.  Her only bright spot is Tair and their decision to look at their genetic pairing as a positive rather than a negative.  They continue to test the limits of her abilities while Tair works on a way to help her with the constant pain being around people causes.  Things are never that easy as they try to flush out a traitor in their mists and track down Dr. Nagi and his continued experiments to duplicate her power could end everything.

                Quanta Reset is one big action filled adventure that takes you on a whole roller coaster of emotions.  I was sucked in from the start wanting so badly to see Quanta and Tair to have a little bit of downtime, a much needed break to be them because they are so cute together!  That's not in the cards so they are thrown from one situation to another and things look bad for my pair.  Still even with everything going on at the compound there were bits of calm, or as calm as one can be in this world, that really grounded and reestablished all the reasons I do love them.  The pairing we learned about at the end of Quanta could be the blame for the protective instinct but it's clear seeing them together and how they know one another so easily it's real.  His desire to put her above all else, she is his priority and while he wants to protect her he doesn't try to suffocate her but give her space and let her make her own choices. 

                Things continue to get crazy and really start to mess with your emotions if you're as invested in the characters as I am.  I mean Quanta has this amazing ability but the pain it causes her almost debilitating her in everyday life is insane but still she wants to push to help.  There was a point, I don't want to ruin it by explaining but you'll know when you get to it, where I was thinking "Oh no NOT good" and that continued to grow and keep me on the edge of my seat until the last page and then some.  I couldn't put it down.  That is one of my favorite aspects of these books, they are so quick and full of things happening you fly through them easily but they take you on a full journey each and every time.

                One other things I enjoyed about this one was we also got to see more about Cipher and Knight from book one.  They are on the compound so seeing them interact as one was really cute.  Our two couples both men worried about their hard headed and determined Red.  Seeing them side by side….yum!  We also get introduced to a new Red with an interesting power whom I hope to see again.

                Well that's all I can say.  I haven't disliked a book yet.  Another great thing is when you finish a book you know when the next one will be out.  In this case Quanta Rewind will be out on April 25th 2017!  They even have a hand pre-order link which is great because I know I can't wait!  Quanta Reset is out today and if it's not clear I HIGHLY recommend this series to everyone!

                Until next time…

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