Monday, June 19, 2017

Windwitch (The Witchlands #2)

                Hello happy readers!  I hope you all had a great weekend and  Happy Belated Fathers day to any fathers reading.  I'm currently waiting on my filling to cool before I finish up the cupcakes to take to my dad (I had to work the whole weekend) a bit late.  First order of business for today is to announce the winner of my Blacksouls (Blackhearts #2) giveaway is Sabrina!  Congrats!  And it's Monday so I have another review to share with you and today that would be Windwitch (The Witchlands #2) by Susan Dennard.  This was an anticipated release for me this year because I enjoyed the first book and the authors other series as well.  I got it when it first came out but then like so many things as of late I didn't get to it right away and it sat.  But I got the audiobook at some point as well and I was ready to dive in and give it a go.  Spoilers for book one…duh.

Rating:  5 Stars

                This is pretty much picking up where the previous book left off.  Now I admit it has been a while, since I read Truthwitch (review) about a year and a half.  That said I did forget some of the details but as the story started to play out it all came back to me.  I also read book one but was listening to this book, which I really enjoyed, but it took a little bit to figure out who was who.  The narrator was great, it was more that I had been way off on the names so I had to readjust the names in my head.  After that things got good and the book flew by. 

                In Truthwitch I loved the sisterly connection between Safi and Iseult.  I loved the other characters as well don't get me wrong but I loved their connection how they knew one another so well and balanced the other out.  I still love that, but in Windwitch our duo is separated.  Safi, our Truthwitch, is with the Empress of Marstok while Iseult is out on her own at the start.  Though she quickly finds herself in the surprising company of Aeduan, the Bloodwitch that hunted them earlier, as allies of a sort.  Seeing both Iseult and Safi working on their own but constantly thinking about the other and how they would react or get out of situations kept their connection strong and present.  While I wanted them to find one another I did enjoy seeing them on their own where they shone a bit brighter, unable to rely on the other. 

                Merik, who was a favorite last book.  He nearly died and instead is badly burned and disfigured.  People who see him think of him as the Fury, a justice seeking demigod, and as he is on a mission he rolls with it.  I understood why he was so upset and convinced about certain things, though as the story builds I loved seeing the parallel and how things were in fact different for every person.  It's a tale as old as time, one persons truth is another persons fiction.  You can't know the full story until you have all the sides not just one.  I also enjoyed getting to see things from his sisters POV.  So many different stories weaving into one another, all connected in the big scheme of things.

                This book was a bit slower and more building than book one and while I could find fault with it there I kind of enjoyed it.  I liked building up the world and the stories as a whole as we got to know more about Merik's sister and her foxes, Marstok's Empress, Hellbards, and of course Aeduan.  I felt like a lot was built up and will be important to future installments but I also enjoyed the story this book told.  Iseult really had her own journey, not just physical but she has come so far as a character.  Her connection with Aeduan is really special as well and I see I'm not the only one secretly shipping them in book one but fully opening shipping them in this one.  They both have a darkness to them but truly have a good heart.  Safi is trying to find her own ground and a way to live her life and not be imprisoned or killed because of her ability.  She has found an ally of sorts and watching her fight for her own way is empowering.  And I loved seeing the dark shadows coming into play both with Iseult and her dream visitor that cleaves and binds and just what is happening with Nubrevna court both from inside and out.  I liked how in depth this took me into the world and opened up so many more story lines.  It also have lots of different action and suspense throughout while again building up something much larger.

                I really enjoyed this book and it had plenty of twists and turns and such that have me on the edge of my seat and ready for book three.  I have some theories and such on some things but for the most part I'm just happy to be along for the ride and watch the story play out before me.

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  1. What a beautiful cover! I've seen very mixed reviews of this seems you either love it or hate it! I think the MC might annoy me too much though! Nice review!

    1. I have been finding many fantasy books have that effect as of late but thankfully there are so many books for everyone to enjoy something!