Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Every Wednesday YA Highway ask a question Road Trip Wednesday they post a question and everyone answers.  So here is this weeks question:

Where do you buy most of your books? No one is judging!

                Okay so this seems like an easy question right?  Not so much.  I don’t have any place I must buy a book.  I did get a Kindle so I do buy books on there through of course but I still buy books in print.  Mostly when I’ve already gotten some in a series and want to have them all in the same format.

                So when I buy books in print if it’s a new release I admit I first check Walmart or Sam’s Club as they usually have a good price.  Then I check online, I’m economical.  I also can check Books A Million which I have nearby, well by nearby I mean as close as nearby is where I live.  Barnes & Noble is a bit further away but I use their website a lot, especially when they have a sale.  However for older books there are a few discount stores a little ways away that have books for under $10.  Some even for $1.  Yep if it’s been out for a while checking there is a good idea. 

                That’s about it.  Don’t have a specific place to buy books.  Anywhere that has a good sale I’m likely to get a couple books.  What about you?


  1. I am thinking about getting a kindle. I still hesitate but if I do I will probably continue to buy "real" books from times to times.
    I get most of my books from amazon but I also have a few other places :-)

  2. Mmm... yes, I understand completely what you mean by the "series" thing and buying books. I couldn't have bought the first couple of Harry Potter books in hardcover, and then switched to the paperback for a couple, and then got the last ones digitally. No. They all must be the same format! I'm like that with pretty much any series. If, by necessity, I have to get a book in a series that has a different cover design or is in a different format from the others, my skin crawls. Eeek! Yes, I've even paid more for a book to keep it in the same format and edition of a series I'm collecting.

    I wonder if you can put in a publishing contract, "All editions of this series must look the same. Forever." :)

  3. I agree about the series! I wanted to get Clockwork Prince the minute it came out, but I have every other one of Cassandra Clare's books in hardback, so I just couldn't do it. I asked for it for Christmas, and now I'm waiting patiently. @Colin -- of course you can't! They have to change the cover when they make the movie ;)

  4. lol I have the same near-obsession with all books in a series being the same format! My Lord of the Rings doesn't match up and it's been bugging me for ages...

  5. I love a good deal on books. Since I buy so many it's especially important to buy them at a good price. In the U.S. you guys seem to have a lot more places to get books cheap than up here in Canada. I'm a little envious =)

  6. Anywhere that's a good deal - so me! Your list looks a lot like mine.