Friday, November 23, 2012

My Wildest Moment

                Wow have I waited until the last minute or what?  I didn't do it in purpose though I swear.  I thought I would be able to do this in no time but as I sat down to write about something I always came up blank.  Crazy with some of the things I've done right?  They are wild.  Maybe.  Or maybe they were just crazy and there is a different.  Were any of them life changing?  Sad as it was to admit nope.  Sure I might have learned to not twirl the broom while walking through the door again, that just because it happens on the movies doesn't mean it is safe to try at home, that cars really can sail through the air but they shouldn't, or that not sleeping more than 2-4 hrs in 72 hours will give you a bad set mood swing from grumpy to giggly. 

                Truth is I'm 24.  I live in a relatively small area, slightly larger since my move but still no big city, and I'm a shy person.  I'm a creature of habit.  I like the same things, sure new things can be great but when in doubt stick to safe reliable choice.  All of my 'moments' of craziness I first thought of as wild were pure luck, unfortunate timing, my clumsiness, or just seemed like a really good idea at the time.  I'm shy.  Really I am.  People who know me shake their head in disbelief but it's true.  Sure when I'm with a friend or someone I'm comfortable with I'm way more out there and open than when I'm alone.  Meeting new people, doing new things scares me.  I don't know why I just get this whole panicky thing and want to fade into nothingness.  Now, I have gotten better over the years.  I've been working up to it really and some of my more 'out there' friends are to credit for that. 

                I've sadly never been in love.  Never even been in real like before and that is really sad and depressing to me when I think about it too long.  I want to find someone but either my mother is right, and God help me I hope she isn't, and I scare men away because I'm too stubborn and intimidating, which fyi if I am maybe it's her fault for raising me to be that way haha though if you ask me again I'll never admit to being like her (long story).  Or maybe I'm just oblivious to other guys liking me and they are shy like me, which is a strong possibility due to my randomness, apparently I need a bright flashing sign.  Then again who knows this is not the point of my post, my wildest moment is. 

                Now no love here.  Well none of the kind that makes you all warm and fuzzy reading about like Kate and Arland.  But there are all types of love and that is sorta what I'm talking about.  Now many of you know I've talked about this before that a TV show of all things got me back into reading and writing (which I had given up on years ago).  Well that same show also made me some amazing friends.  We would chat on phone, messenger, e-mail, text, whatever.  If we go a few days without hearing from one another we grow concerned and someone sends out an 'everyone okay' message.  It's great that we are so close and this is from a show in '07-'08.  One single season of a show. 

I'm in the middle, even with red eye reduction I get it...sigh
                That show did change things for me yes but my wildest moment I'd have to say is going to meet my new friends.  I haven't met all of them, but one of the two who I e-mail daily and just got off the phone with I hoped on a plane for my birthday the year before last and flew from Florida to Vegas.  I stayed for like 4-6 days, it was all so much fun and sorta a blur too.  I was staying at one of the casinos of course and during the day part of the time my friends (I made another friend through her as she was working on a book and we also talk back and forth regularly) had their jobs so I would busy myself with sleeping in of course and seeing the town some.  I was surrounded by so many people it is crazy, that place is like my biggest nightmare alone but I managed to have a great time.   We got to hang out and be tourists (I really was one) and see things but mostly just hang out which when you live 2 time zones apart is really nice.  They also through me a little birthday party (something no one else has ever done for me) and it was amazing.  I got to play the games, see the sights, and meet these wonderful women I have grown to know. 

                To me that doesn't seem that wild but when other people learn that I went to Vegas to meet people I met online they are astounded.  Why?  Sure there are dangers, I used to work 911 and I have watched way to much true crime TV to ever doubt that but I'm a pretty smart individual and can employ common sense and jazz.  I have to admit the reason some people, like my grandparents, freaked out was because it was a 'vampire' show and grandma was convinced I was going to be killed and have my blood sucked out or something.  So there you have it, my wildest moment was conquering my fear of large crowds and unfamiliar settings alone, or at least setting it aside, to completely enjoy my time seeing my friends.  Taking that leap.  We still talk daily and I can't imagine not going and that is still my best birthday is so long and I don't think they know how special it was to me.   
That Salvatore Sandwich I was talking about ;)

                This also helped me gather some good character information for my story, some characters there for sure, and gave me some confidence that allowed me to do 2 writing conventions, and a Vampire Diaries one as well but I admit that one probably didn't help me with my writing just my fan girl side, oh the 'Salvatore Sandwich' sigh.

                Now it's too late to enter yourself but go ahead and check out the others in the blog hop below, I'm only halfway through them but they are all pretty great stories.



  1. Sounds like you are conquering your fears. I had few in my twenties -- now I have so many I'm neurotic! :)

    Sounds to me like you got your act together -- I do hope you find love -- me, I'm still looking! :)

    1. Yes well some fears rather than others it seems.
      Thanks Yolanda me too! Good luck to you as well :)