Thursday, May 16, 2013

Runes by Ednah Walters

                Hello everyone!  I have another book review for you, an ARC from NetGalley, of course, and Firetrail Publishing, Runes by Ednah Walters.  This books comes out May 20th, so read on for an early look at this book.

                This is going to be Book 1 in a series so as usual once I got to the end I was upset that I have to wait but what can you say.  The cover for this book is simple, but intriguing with the lines of light on the handsome guys face, who also seems to have a disdain for a shirt, all on a pretty blue backdrop. 

                Rain Cooper is your average 17 year old girl with 2 best friends, a loving yet eccentric mother, star of the swim team, and a huge crush on her best guy friend, Eirik.  She has it all even a missing and presumed dead father, to everyone but her mother that is, and a new neighbor moving in.  Pretty much your typical normal life.  Until she meets her new neighbor and the new exchange students and sexy neighbor Torin saves her life with magical runes on his skin.  Oh yeah not so normal now.

                Even from her first meeting with Torin, Raine is drawn to him, in a way she can't fully explain even when he does nothing but annoy the crap out of her.  She knows he's different right away, but after the whole saving her life thing she dedicates her time to finding out just what he is and what he and his friends interest in the swim team is all about.  Oh and her connection to him, while trying to make the most of finally getting the guy she's been liked for so long.  Who is Torin, and what is he?  hat he is goes back to ancient mythology that she is part of, but can she stop what is coming and save those she loves?

                I really enjoyed this book and will give it 5 Runes right now.  I liked the plot, a mix of paranormal romance, Norse mythology and a good learning to find oneself story.  It made for a fun combination to read.  Once I got started and became invested I couldn’t put it down until the last click of my kindle page where I was left saying "WTF that's it, now what am I supposed to do?"  Yep it will keep you reading and leaving you wanting more, it did for me.

                Now I've never read anything from Ednah Walters before but now that I have I'm intrigued and will have to check out their other books.  Walters made good characters, I liked how Raine was confused and undecided, she is constantly adapting and changing to new information being thrown at her and doing her best to deal.  And her relationship with Cora reminded me of my best girlfriends and our crazy behind  conversations.  Torin is dark and mysterious but also seems tormented, which yes is done many times but clearly it's a winner if done right and I wanted to make him feel better and take away his pain.   Basically I liked the characters and if you have read any of my previous reviews you know how important that is for me.  Good character or its blah and this one had good ones.

                The book moved along quickly and I finished it at work.  I liked being along for the confusion.  When you have wanted someone for so long, then finally get what you have wanted for years only to find yourself thinking of someone else despite your head telling you no.  Maybe its timing or fate, either way I had a great time reading. 

                Runes has many twists and turns and yes even got me a with one or two.  It comes out May 20th so give it a click and check it out.  Share your thoughts below please I love feedback and I want to know what you think!

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