Monday, June 3, 2013

A Pirate's Wish by Cassandra Rose Clarke

                My latest ARC from NetGalley and Strange Chemistry.  Here is a link to my review of the first book in the series The Assassin's Curse.  So yes this is a sequel, that means there are spoilers ahead from book 1.  You have been warned and should proceed at your own risk oh and if you haven't read book 1 check it out you scally wags!
That would be the manticore I assume!
                We left Ananna and Naji on the mysterious Island of the Skyes with no way off other than a promise from a good woman Marjani to return for them.  Recap, they went to this place to find a cure for the curse.  You see Ananna and Naji have to stay together, she sort of saved his life when he was trying to kill her (yep strange huh), and activated a curse put on him.  Now they have to find a way off of the island and a way to complete the 3 impossible tasks.  Naji feels the task is truly impossible, given one of the tasks, however, Ananna knows they aren't she already knows one is practically completed, 'experience true loves kiss'.  Some say cheesy, I say classic, especially with characters with such insecurities as these. 

                If you read my previous review you already know my thoughts on the main characters.  I like Ananna and Naji, the last book really set the stage but this book, in The Pirate's Wish we really get to see them grow and develop and gave you lots to devour.  We also get a more in depth look at Marjani who I really was sad we didn't get to know as well in the previous book.  We also get more action from pirates, and even new magical creatures like the manticore, a lion like creature with wings, a tale that shoots out poisonous spines, and a taste for human men.  I really enjoyed the balance, Naji and Ananna go back and forth many times, but with Marjani and Ananna it is always a strong bond of understanding and feminine strength that keeps them on the same page. 

Book 1 because it was also pretty!
   The world in this one is the same, we do get much more of life at sea and being a pirate, much to Naji's displeasure.  They are on a mission to break the curse and they make other discoveries along the way and fight battles on the sea and within themselves.  The book flew off the pages and I couldn't stop reading and then when it was over I was left both happy and sad.  Clarke does a wonderful job of building and expanding on what she already had created.  Sure I loved the plot, even when I was a bit leery of one small part, but it did lend a very interesting turn and interpretation which I am hoping will be used and expanded on more in the next book. 

                I am giving this book 5 Manticore Spines, because I liked it and the manticore.  The Pirate's Wish comes out tomorrow.  I suggest you check it out and get your dose of magic.  

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  1. This looks really interesting. And I love the covers! Thanks for the recommendation.