Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outcast by Adrienne Kress

              Another ARC from NetGalley and Diversion Books.  Now I know there are a few different books on angels, I have read some, others are on my infinite TBR list.  Though Outcast was handled in a way that felt completely unique which I think is key in writing a book in a 'hot' area.

                First I have to say I love the cover.  It's simple but beautiful.  A dark stary night sky with wings picked out of the stars all framed with trees and Spanish moss or willow switches, I can't be sure, and 2 people on a motorcycle.  It made me want to go look at the stars and the beauty they hold when you just take a moment to look.  Yep I saw cover love.  Now what can I say about the book? 

                It has a very self conscious, awkward, and kick butt female lead in Riley and a sexy, confident, bad boy with a lot of 50's charm with Gabe.  From the very start we see who they are, Riley always unsure but fed up and pushed too far.  She snaps and shoots the 'angel' taunting her right in the face.  Then when she goes to get rid of the body, this is a religious town in the south, and shooting an 'angel' probably wouldn't go over well.  Only to her surprised instead of the huge and creepy looking creature she shot she finds an unconscious, very sexy, and oh yeah very naked boy.  What to do now?  Tie him up in the shed to get answers of course. 

                Come on admit it, that is pretty funny and intriguing right?  I thought so.  Things take an even crazier turn when they realize he doesn't remember being an 'angel' or being shot in the face, hell he still thinks it's 1956.  Yep, now what?  They must work together to figure things out.  Even if Gabe is more focused on the second chance at life he has been given than looking for answers as to how he stumbled upon this.  Riley on the other hand is confused, part of her likes that Gabe is around and has a connection to him, but the other part of her misses her best friend and first kiss, Chris, who had been taken by angels the year before.  All of this while trying to deal with normal teenage stuff.

                I really enjoyed this book and I read through it pretty quickly.  I did find that it had some parts that did seem a bit drawn out at one point but it was easily overlooked and it fit the story so much better.  The status of the relationship that starts out as captive and captor turns into a friendship beyond anything you would think is possible.  Then again when you stay in a town that willingly accepts that angels come down once a year and take people, well all bets are off.  Watching them unravel the mystery and grow as people was well worth it.  I had a bittersweet moment towards the end and I just couldn’t decide if I liked it or not but once my emotions settled down I knew I did really like it.

                Outcast came out yesterday, June 11th.  So it's available to check it out!  I give it 4 solid handcuffs.  The book was left in a way that I could be a stand alone book but there was also more to draw on should it be a series and if that is the case I look forward to reading the next installment.  

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