Thursday, August 1, 2013

Forbidden to Love - Debbie Davies

                Forbidden to Love was an ARC I received after it came out, I was still excited to get it and check it out.  Debbie Davies' mythical love story came out on March 14th, and is ready to be picked up.

                This is book one in the series that centers around Acacia, the 3rd of the Erosions Zeus created to appease Eros and keep him from causing more trouble.  The first two attempts, Allana and Amora did not do the trick either.  Eros is still upset and the three women created for him, he wants nothing to do with them, accept take pleasure in commanding they shall never love another.  He's an ass, pure and simple.  Sure heartbroken but spiteful.  The story intrigued me and I love mythology based story lines and seeing a new spin on something so old.  The cover was simple, a bit cheesy but so boldly bright it does make you look.

                Acacia is set in her life of helping others find what she is not allowed.  As the youngest looking she is to work to help high schoolers find their sweethearts.  She is reserved and unsure what will happen when the deadline is reached.  Eros also made threats.  Everything is pretty normal as far as she's concerned until she gets this feeling of not being able to breath, everything aches and something is wrong and it all centers around a fellow student she'd never seen before, Josh.  Clearly he must be an agent from hell sent to torture her, or a pawn in a cruel game by her 'sister'.  She can't possibly be in love.  The fates can't be that cruel could they?  Acacia must figure out her head and her heart while the whole world, everything she's knows is questioned.  Can one made to create love handle it for herself or the possibility of losing it?

                I liked the story, I read through it pretty quickly.  My one main thing would be the last part of the book.  I won't give it away, but it feels like the last say…20% of the book was a different story.  I am hoping it was the beginning of the next story in the series, to let you know where the story is going but it also felt slight out of place and rushed for me.  I still liked the book overall and give it 3 stars, and I am curious to see the next story and find out more about the Luca situation and what that means for Acacia and the war.

                Forbidden to Love is ready for you to pick up.  

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