Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars Book and Movie

                Hello everyone.  First I have to say my new job is amazing!  I love it and I have a good chunk of it that allows me to read depending on what is going on that day which is amazing.  I have plenty of time to read and sometimes lose track of time and forget to do the reviewing part ready to dive into the next book.  However, I read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green about a week and a half ago and just saw the movie so I think I could put them together for you wonderful readers.

                Normally I try to think of movies based off books as a separate thing so I don’t get too upset when things are changed or left out.  Though this one managed to stay pretty darn close to the book and I feel I can mix them.  The book was one I had heard many things about, more so as the movie got closer to release, but I was unsure knowing it was to be a tear jerker.  But the book club my friends and I are attempting to start picked this for the first book and I wanted to read it before the movie.  It’s the story of Hazel Grace, a 17 year old girl who is living with her terminal cancer diagnosis.  She is witty and pretty straight forward and not into the whole rainbows and unicorns aspect of it.  She pretty much lives for her parents who love her, and that is why she allows them to talk her into a support group.  At the group she meets a handsome Augustus Waters and her story as she pictured it changes.

                I won’t lie it’s a sad story.  I managed to make it through the book without crying.  A feat accomplished only because when it got sad I’d put it down for a few minutes and do something else and come back 10 minutes later and start fresh again.  The movie…not so much you watch that from start to finish no stops and no breaks to compose yourself.  I cried my eyeballs out.  With that said have tissues handy. 

On that note I also have to mention that I’ve heard a handful of people ask why people would see a movie that seems depressing.  Yes it’s sad.  A story about people with terminal diseases, but it’s not depressing.  It’s an uplifting story and something that is all too real in our world.  It has a beautiful story that has romance and the right level of adorableness in it to soften the punch to the face sad stuff.  With that the movie captured the books essence wonderfully.  Yes they left out a few little side things that were inconsequential like a somewhat friend from Hazel’s time in school and the specifics of the machines and such.  Yes the book goes more in depth, as they all do, as the motives behind the characters particular the narrators. 

Basically I really enjoyed the book and the movie and I highly recommend them.  It was a nice contemporary break in my sci-fi/fantasy world.  It was refreshing and full of great moments that make reading such a beautiful release.  I applaud John Green and the actors who brought these characters to life on the big screen so vividly that it made me really feel.  That to me is what makes a great book and movie.  I give this book 5 Unlit Cigarettes.

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