Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Not your typical Prince thoughts on the upcoming book by Krystal Wade

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               If you follow my blog regularly you know I’m a big fan of Krystal Wade and I even had the pleasure of interviewing her for her last book.  I have been a fan since I first got approved to read the first book in her first trilogy Wilde’s Fire.  She had such an interesting story to tell and characters I fell in love with and she even messaged me.  Come on who doesn’t get a little excited and fangirl happy when an author who wrote something you liked speaks to you?  No one with any sense.  She is a very down to earth person and pretty funny as well.  I follow her on Facebook and she has been posting teasers for her upcoming book Charming for some time now and I was lucky enough to snag myself an ARC to review.  Score!  *Did my little happy dance around the apartment*

                They say what doesn’t’ kill you makes you stronger, and that’s great…as long as you don’t die.

                What a tagline.  It says it all right there I think. 

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                Charming is about our 16 year old Haley who once had it all, the prestigious school, great family, tons of friends, a boyfriend, and a bright future until it all fell apart.  Now with an alcoholic father, a bitter little sister, and only a headstone left of her mother she has nothing left.  On the flip side is Chris Charming, with his CEO father, money, school, anything he wants, including a reputation as a trouble maker.  He may not be everything people say he is, Haley knows she isn’t what everyone thinks she is.  He has his own struggles in life and the one thing he wants is: Haley.  Little do either of them know just how determined someone is to bring them together even if it means murder. 
                So yes this is a break from the supernatural type books in the previous series but more suspense/thriller.  What do you do when the guy who has everything you used to have seems to want you as well?  Can he be trusted?  Can you let him in or is it safer to stick to what you know and never let anyone it?  I wanted to devour this book in one sitting and every time I got interrupted I would hurry to get back to it.  I needed to see what was going to happen next, never really trusting anything in the book waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Let’s face it, Haley has it rough and she doesn’t expect good things, hoping for them hurts too much.  I understand that and my heart broke for her.  I think the beauty in this book is that you root for her and want to step into the book and help her through. 
                And you also want to know what the H is going on.  Because let me tell you there is so much happening and you are thinking of a million ways the story could go and who this mysterious person is who plays a sick kind of fairy godmother to her.  I was on the edge of my seat, and with the new chairs at work that is dangerous ground, reading and couldn’t wait to get home to finish it up.  If I didn’t live so close I might have went into an open room and just read but a 6 minute break to get home was all I could take.  I won’t say too much more I don’t want to ruin the surprise for all of you.  I enjoyed delving into the characters, particularly seeing everything and everyone from Haley’s perspective while she tries to find the best solution to an impossible mess.       
                Now knowing there are a variety of tastes and preferences out there, I do want to mention that if it isn’t clear there are some pretty dark times/themes in the book in parts.  This includes child abuse, but let me assure you it’s not gratuitous or in there for shock value.  The violence serves a purpose and moves the story along, so please don’t turn away just from the implied violence there is so very much more to the story and worth the read.  I highly recommend this book to everyone!
                  It comes out October 6th and I have my official copy pre-ordered with Amazon.  Share your thoughts below!


  1. Yay! I've been waiting to read your review. I know how much you love Krystal (I mean, who doesn't?) and this book is my favorite to far. She's seriously sick and twisted, isn't she? So glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Hey Sus,

    Oh you totally made my day! Thank you. Yes well it is easy to enjoy her books so easily and Charming is no different. So many different levels and an ubber good read.