Wednesday, November 12, 2014

YALLfest Follow-Up

Okay this post is going to be quick.  Just a real brief recap of YALLfest.  My whole body is sore, I split a toenail, and my cat is acting very clingy, but it was totally worth it.  This has got to be the most fun I’ve had in a long while.  I made some new and amazing friends who helped me divide and conquer and made the lines seems like just as much fun. 
                It was just Sarah Leigh and myself and I had a mission to get as many of my books signed and meet as many of the talented authors as possible.  This was our first event and there were some stumbles but we are simply better equipped for next year.  Oh yes spoilers, they already announced dates for next years YALLfest November 13-15 2015.  They will also be having one, YALLwest in Santa Montica April 11-12 2015 if that one is closer to you.  I’ve also heard speak, so I can’t verify the validity of this, that John Greene is going to be the keynote speaker next year. 

                So here are some photos of this year, sorry if the quality isn't the best one some.  Next year Sarah Leigh is getting a tutorial on how to use my camera properly.

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