Friday, February 19, 2016


                Hello happy readers.  It’s Friday!  I know I’m excited.  I have my follow up orthopedic appointment later today where I hope to get good news that my finger is healing properly and then baring any unforeseen issues I will be attending a book event tomorrow at Little Shop of Stories to meet Nicole Castroman who wrote the amazing Blackhearts I read last month and loved (review).  I am going to key up the audiobook and drive, about as exciting as my plans tend to be.  But first today, I have finally finished my review for a book I read a few months back that caught me by surprise, Vicious by V.E. Schwab.

Rating: 4 Stars

                I have never read anything by Schwab before but have heard some of her other works praised highly and others practically salivating over her newest series so I was excited to give this one a try.  The story is about Victor and Eli and how they started out as roommates and friends but as powers are discovered, extraordinary abilities change their focus and they become enemies out for their own gain.  Ten years since parting ways, Eli has set out of a course to kill all others with powers, while Victor simply wants revenge.  When two superpowers fight against one another, both villains in their own right, who will be left?

                I went into this expecting a sort of anti-hero type book.  That and powers were really all I knew to expect.  What I found was a very interesting story that worked both in the present and in the past from how things were simple and friendly to out to kill.  How two genius level guys ended up with powers and on a war path.  The journey and seeing how things went so quickly from one to the other was brilliant.  The whole story is a smart and twisted idea that leaves you guessing.  Who do you root for?  Who is the hero?  Is anyone?  Are they all equally doomed?  Vicious was just so wicked in the best way.  Drawing you into this feud and revenge plot like it pulled in others.

                This ended up being shorter than I intended from all my notes but as I read them I don’t want to share because learning about each power and each detail as the story flushed out and you were given little tidbits here and there made the story.  Additionally, going in not knowing much about it I think made the discoveries all the better for me personally.  So there you have it a great story about an antihero, people with powers, and revenge.  Check it out!  Tell me your thoughts below I’d love to hear who your favorite character was.  Mine was Sydney.  Also if you’ve read other Schwab books I’d love to know what you recommend for me to check out next.

                Until next time…

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