Monday, February 29, 2016


                Hello happy readers.  I hope you had a fantabulous weekend.  I worked through mine but I did get some reading done and one of the books I finished, like literally just a few minutes before typing this up, is Truthwitch by Susan Dennard.  Now I read and reviewed her other trilogy Something Strange and Deadly, A Darkness Strange and Lovely, and Strange and Ever After, earlier in the year.  I had been waiting for this book since I found out about it back when I attended a Sarah J. Maas signing that her BFF Dennard surprised her at which was boss for us attending we got an extra author plus together they are a hoot.  Anywho I learned about the story and had been craving it since.  Finally I read it with the Goodreads Group Perpetual YA Bookworms and finished it yesterday or this morning as I'm a few hours behind on night shift. 

Rating:  5 Stars

                Truthwitch centers around two female witches, Threadsisters, Safiya and Iseult.  They fall on opposite ends of the spectrum in the world of class and such but they are bound and best friends.  After a mishap they end up wanted and searching for them is the Bloodwitch, Aeduan, who can track anyone anywhere after he has their sent.  Worst of all he can sent the power in the blood and that means he knows the secret Safiya has fought to keep hidden, that she is a Truthwitch.  Merik the prince and admiral of the Nubrevna and only want to help his people but finds himself a reluctant ally in the mess Safiya and Iseult are part of running from the Bloodwitch and many others.  The girls only want freedom and to escape the danger lurking for them at every corner but with the twenty year truce coming to an end war is coming and no one is safe.  

                If I'm honest after being so excited for this book I was a bit worried in the beginning because I wasn't instantly in love.  It had a lot to take in and it starts with a bang for sure but with all the unfamiliar names, places, terms and world it was a bit much to take in at fist and the shifts in POV were a bit harder.  But then as I continued and I got a handle on the names everything just started to fall into place and I started to enjoy it more and more with each page. 

                The world is still growing as we spend most of the story on the run the scenery is constantly changing which was fun and I liked the world I was seeing so far.  Still more to learn and see.  The concept for magic in the world with each person having a witchery and how different elements could focus in on different specialties was pretty bad ass and some connections were made I never would have thought of but as I read it they made perfect sense.  Plus the action there was always something happening and I felt like I was right there in the action from fights, chases, pirates, creatures, and so much more you won't be bored. 
Who doesn't love a good map in a book?
                 But I think my favorite part was the characters.  There is still much to be flushed out on some of the characters for sure but I got a good sense of who Safiya, Iseult, and Merik were.  Safiya of Safi has hidden what she is for fear of being killed or used as a pawn her whole life with her rare gift of being able to tell lie and truth, oh and she's a Domna.  Iseult is a Nomatsi, an outcast of sorts that people are fine treating none to kindly.  Safi and Iseult are Threadsisters and their connection and love for one another is great.  No matter what they have one another's backs and that's that.  They know one another perfectly and balance one another out and bring out the best in each other while accepting the flaws and the mistakes they both make.  Then with Merik we know who he is and what he wants and while his pride sometimes gets the best of him he has a good heart and that shows through in his driving force.  There are some amazing side characters as well that I hope to learn more about in depth in following stories and I feel Aeduan has much more to him and we only scratched the surface of a very deep well there. 

                Overall this was a fantastic read for me and I am super excited to continue on in the series.  Truthwitch set things up nicely for more in the series with many things open and ready for more but still managing to be a complete story in itself.  I can't wait to learn more about the Puppeteer, Cahr Awen, Cleaving, the war, and so many other little tidbits that have been dangled in front of me.  I'd love to hear your thoughts below, tell me what witchery you'd like to have.  I'm undecided  there are so many awesome ones but to control air or metal seem like top picks to me.  I mean using air you basically fly and who hasn't always wanted to fly?

                Until next time…

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