Friday, May 20, 2016

The Conch Shell of Doom

                Hello happy readers!  Another week has flown right one by.  Where does the time go?  Anywho I got some reading time in on my days off and today I’m going to share my thoughts on one.  This is an upcoming release which will be out next week, Tuesday May 24th, and that is The Conch Shell of Doom by Ryan Hill.  I had the pleasure of connecting with the author last year when I attended UtopiaCon, which sadly I won’t be able to attend this this year, and was very pleased when he contacted me with his new title.  I was provided a copy for an early honest review.

Rating:  4 Stars

                The Conch Shell of Doom follow a group of very different people on a quest to save the world.  Bailey is your typical boring high school kid dealing with anxiety and normal things on summer break when he accidentally hears his parents plotting to unleash evil in the form of Trenton Maroney and his oceanic army.  He doesn’t believe it at first but as he sees things that are undeniably not normal he is forced to believe.  Franklin, an immortal searching for a way to finally end his brother once and for all instead of simply stopping his return every few decades.  Within all of this is the powerful and mysterious Conch Shell of Doom.  All parties collide in this fun quest to save or destroy the world as sides are picked and battles fought. 

                So I went into this book not knowing a whole lot about it and just from the fun cover and concept just dove in.  I think it was the perfect decision because this book is fun.  There is plenty of serious things happening, trying to save the world, good vs. evil, family drama, oceanic armies and the like sure but it was also at its core fun.  The cover and title alone lead you to believe it will be a bit whimsical.  A conch shell being super powerful, yep that’s crazy and funny. 

                There is a diverse and eclectic cast of characters in this one for sure from the hardened yet sentimental Franklin, don’t mess with his Mustang, to the bartender with spunk, to the group of high school kids who are not what one would call mature to the disfigured and magical Mr. Lovell to some minions including crooked cops, a stoner, and more.  Each one had their own voice and traits that made them stand out.  I think Julie might be my favorite though. 

                The whole story is quick witted and fast paced so you breeze right on through it.  It’s a series of events that are humorous and fun but also have some serious notes to them.  I don’t know how to describe it any other way and explaining to much would take away some of the fun.  It kind of reminded me in tiny pieces here and there of some of my favorite things and there are pop culture references galore!  So for now I’ll just have to say if you want a fun read pick up The Conch Shell of Doom and give it a go.

                Until next time…