Monday, August 22, 2016

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I & II

                Hello happy readers.  This weekend has been crazy, I start to get back on track and then the upstairs apartment’s water heater has issues last Monday and I end up with a leak in the ceiling but my landlord decided that despite advertising 24 hr on-site maintenance no one could respond when it was just a leak.  After a few hours the majority of my room and living room floor is swamp like.  Dealing with the post mess has been a headache but I’m pushing through it.  Anywho a positive thing from last week is I read the new Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I & II, and I want to share my thoughts and feels with you!

Rating:  5 Stars

                Okay so I may be a bit biased because I was so so happy to be back in the Harry Potter world and seeing some of my favorite characters again.  I’ve heard some mixed things about the book since finishing it. It was in script format which was a bit different for me, I guess knowing it was a play and thinking of Harry Potter I assumed when adapted to book form that it would take the book format as well.  No big thing just took some getting used to as I don’t remember reading a script or play outside of school.  Still to be back in the world and to fly through it so quickly was amazing. 

                I went in blind.  I didn’t really know what the book was about, just that it was about Harry and Ginny’s kid Albus Severus Potter and him going to Hogwarts.  That’s it.  I think that was actually the best way to do it.  Any fan of the world can just dive in and be finished in a couple of hours.  You fly through because it is bam bam bam one after the other things happening but also we don’t have to build up and learn this world because we already know it.  Even after all this time we still know it.  The first page is literally the epilogue from book seven as our group sends off their kids to Hogwarts nineteen years after the war ended.

                The combination of bringing in the characters we adore and know so well and want to know more about how their lives turned out and introducing a whole new era of wizards was perfect.  I have to admit I think Scorpius, Draco’s son, was my favorite character in this book.  He is not what I would have imagined ever coming from Draco through most of the series but we saw little pieces here and there just as we get a new side of him in this book.  Draco is a much better man than he was teenage boy, he’s come into who HE is rather than his parent’s son.  Seeing Scorpius and Draco interact was touching as well.  Still seeing Hermione as the Ministry of Magic was pretty kick ass as well because we all knew she was going to be important.

                Without going into too much detail I enjoyed the time travel aspect of the story.  It’s a mess and full of danger and adventure for sure.  It also shows the consequences to ones actions. We didn’t play with time travel as much and how something small could seriously impact the present.  Seeing how things could have been is insane and sends chills down your spine when you read.  It’s also great to see how certain things we thought in the original books were momentous events and how someone who only heard the stories and didn’t live it might not grasp the importance, like the dance.  Just saying.

                There were a few holes here and there and things that just happened that we were just supposed to take on faith that they happened and worked out a certain way whereas normally getting to that junction would have a been a huge quest of its own.  However, with the pace the book sets some things were not as well explained.  I’m not that upset about it though because it is a script.  I know had it been a movie we would have had much more depth to explain all the specific details.  There were times when I was unsure of how certain characters turned out, Harry and how he treated some things, but then as it plays out his relationship with Albus was core.  Albus and Scorpius being such great friends when their fathers were enemies already sets things up. 

                There were so many emotions going through me as I read this book.  In only a few short hours I hit on everything.  Seeing Snape again!  Seeing different versions of our beloved heroes.  Seeing more to Slytherin than the evil house we always believed it to be.  You never have a chance to be bored and as I read I kept imaging it as a movie and how it would look with the characters I know and love but also I found myself realizing this was meant for the stage and figuring out with all the magic how it would be done and come out.  I really enjoyed diving back into the world and I wish I could afford to go to London and see the play but as I’m broke and I’m pretty sure my old passport has expired anyways this book will have to hold me over.  Maybe they’ll tape it? 

                I could go on and on about this but I’d rather discuss it with others.  So…tell me what you think?  What did you like most?  Least?  Who was your favorite of the new generation?  Did the original trio’s lives post Hogwarts live up to be what you expected?  Did you cry?  Share in the comments below so we can discuss. 

                Until next time…

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