Monday, August 15, 2016

Netflix Coma Finished: Gilmore Girls!

                Hello happy readers!  Welcome back!  Sorry last week I kind of took a week off unexpectedly just with so much happening in real life and also being a bit behind in my reading and you need to read to review so yeah.  Anywho one of the reasons I’ve been so bad this last month and a half is what I will be discussing and reviewing of sorts today and that is Gilmore Girls.

                 So I mentioned in a Top Ten post last month that I only recently discovered Gilmore Girls.  This is true.  I knew about it sure but I’d never watched it.  I’m kind of OCD about watching things from the start and not hoping on in a future season and originally back in 2000 I didn’t have the channel it came in on.  I didn’t know a ton about the show just that it was a Dramady (Drama-Comedy) and focused on a mother daughter relationship of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore and was full of pop culture references with Rory being a huge reading fend.  As the show ended back in 2007 I believe it I heard even more about it and tons of people surprised I never watched it.  I always thought I would eventually give it a go so when talk of a new season, a revival coming to Netflix started all the Gilmore Girls talk again I knew I needed to get on it.

                Enter my addiction.  
                For those of you who don’t know there are 7 seasons in the series (not counting the revival) and each have 22 episodes.  That’s 154 episodes.  One night when I was trying to watch a couple hours of TV before turning into bed, not wanting to read as I would end up not going to bed, nothing was on my DVR and it was storming so the DirectTV was having some issues and I decided to check out Netflix.  There it was on the first page recommendations, Gilmore Girls.  I decided I would watch the first episode or two and see if it was for me.

                Five episodes later…I managed to turn off the TV and go to bed for a couple of hours before work.  Gilmore Girls was just as bad for my sleeping habit as reading before bed it seems.  I was instantly hooked.  It was so cute and funny and just all the feels I needed more.  And it being on Netflix meant I always had more and didn’t have to wait.  Like marathoning a good book series and not having to wait between them this is how I felt.  Now while I’ve marathoned the new seasons of Orange is the New Black, Daredevil, or Jessica Jones in a day or two before when they hit I haven’t marathoned a multi-season show since Buffy some 5-6 years ago and even then it was nothing like this.

                I came home from work and would watch 4-5 episodes and get maybe 4 hours of sleep then come home and do it again and on my days off, it was amazing if I got out of my PJs and did anything but watch.  I had to do some things here and there and I took a week off at one happy point where my OTP was happy and things were looking good and frankly other things NEEDED attention.  Still I finished all of this last week in less than 2 months which I still say is pretty impressive.  Obsessive too maybe but I have no issues with that.  Even though the seasons are on Netflix I also added the DVD’s to my Wish List because what if Netflix takes them down, then what?

Rating:  5 Jumbo Cups of Coffee (as if it weren’t obvious)   

                From the first episode I loved Lorelai and Rory.  I loved their dynamic and it made me wish I had that type of relationship.  I loved how independent Lorelai was and that she would do anything for her kid even taking a hit to her pride and asking for help to pay for her schooling knowing it would mean weekly dinners where she would be subjected to all manner of things.  Rory and her sweet naivety and the kooky town itself with its many events and traditions so much so like the townspeople it was its own character.  The relationships between Lorelai and Rory is the core of the show but it also focuses on them together and their lives individually.  Ups, downs, and all the crazy in between it has it all.   Miss Patty and Babette with their stories and timing issues, Kirk and his millions of jobs, Taylor and his control issues, Jackson and his veggies, Paris and her uniqueness, Michelle and his snark, to the town troubadour.  So from here there will be a few spoilers of the show with couples and things that happen throughout so just be warned if you haven’t watched yet and plan to and want to be surprised.  I highly recommend you do watch.

                 From the very first episode I had my ideas for the OTP and while I suspected it would take a very long time to come about I was sure it would be end game.  That OTP is Lorelai and Luke.  They were just on point from episode one with the banter and back and forth that I knew he was the ying to her yang and all those other cliché things.  I just knew it.  As the seasons and episodes progressed so too did my need for them to get together.  I never managed to watch less than four episodes in a sitting because it would give me just a little bit more to hope for.  The moments where one or the other would be so ready for something to happen but something always came in the way…torture.  So when the time came and the stars aligned I was both elated and terrified.  As there were a couple seasons left and this being a Drama I was terrified something would happen to my OTP.  I pretty much flew through the show to get to them and then I flew through it enjoying them and when things went sideways dying to see them resolve things.
                 Luke and Lorelai are my favorite part of the show.  They just edged out the dynamic of Lorelai and Rory who are the main center of the show.  While I loved Rory most of the time and things happening with her as well from her different relationships and mishaps and her struggles in life, love, and self I think having watched as an adult I related more to Lorelai.  The conflict between Emily and Richard and the girls at different stages how some things change but some aspects never do.  I loved Sookie and her cooking talk, while I can’t cook/bake like her I am just as spastic and clumsy so I adored her.  Rory and her constant friendship, through everything with Lane and how Lorelai was part of that too.  Plus can we talk about their epic ability to eat and the comedy of not being able to cook, though her best friend and man both cook for a job.  I love it. 

                 Overall I’ve completed 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls in such a short time it’s still fresh and while I’m happy with how it left off I still miss it.  And knowing that in November I’ll get a couple more episodes just makes me feel all the feels!  All I can say is they better not mess with my ship!    I’m so glad I finally watched this series and know what everyone is talking about and understand the memes about it and all.  Even better news is I can go back to reading in my down time again!  Which is great because I have so many great books waiting on me and even more amazing releases coming out soon I need to be ready. 

                So that’s about all I can say at this point.  I could go on for hours and take apart each and every single thing but for time and all I think I should call it here.  All that’s left is I’m back from my Netflix coma!  Please share your thoughts below on Gilmore Girls or Netflix binge! 

                Until next time…

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