Thursday, October 13, 2016

Concealed (Beholder #2) by Christina Bauer

                Hello happy readers.  I am working my way back up to being caught up in reading and real life.  I’m still a bit behind but I’m getting much closer and wanted to dive back in.  Though for the current time I think I will adjust my posting schedule leaving off Friday posts until I’m caught back up.  If you’re wondering still in the chaos of trying to purchase said house but it’s out of my hands for the moment.  So back into the real reason we do this, books!

                Today I wanted to discuss Concealed, the second book in the Beholder series by Christina Bauer.  I reviewed the first book Cursed here. She is also the author of another series I adore Angelbound, but now her books have a new home at Monster House Books.  I’m excited for the new Angelbound book as well but right now I want to discuss my thoughts on Concealed.  I was lucky enough to get an ARC from the publisher/author.  You know the drill: sequel = spoilers from book one

Rating: 5 Totem Rings

                Elea, Grand Mistress Necromancer, and her Caster ally Rowan banished the Tsar in the last book but the Vicomte was able to escape and take many of her necromancer sisters with him.  Now Elea is on a quest to find her sisters and put an end to this evil man, who may be even more vicious and dangerous than the Tsar.  It’s a rescue mission that could turn deadly easily and while she may have Rowan’s help that may cause its own set of dangers as they are opposites.  Plus it’s always dangerous to have your heart on the line.

                First I read this in one sitting.  I flew through it and couldn’t put it down.  It’s so easy to fall back into the story and into the magic of it all.  Things are not looking good.  Elea is confident in her strength but not so much in her feelings, after being trained to never show emotion and to stem all her feelings, a lesson he was never good with, after becoming close to Rowan in the last book it’s hard to block him out.  Especially when he keeps popping up to offer his help.  On her own Elea is a force to be reckoned with and I adore her dedication to finding her sisters no matter the cost.  It’s not just about saving her people, her race, but also finding her friend and little Ada which only warms you up to her that much more!  She isn’t cold and heartless, she actually has a much bigger heart than most. 

                Rowan.  Okay so I was totally in love with him in the first book.  I adore him in this as well, minus the secrets for his people, while I understand but don’t like.  He is the same sexy and sweet Castor we got to know in the first book.  He wants to protect Elea and tries to convince her to go home but he also respects that she isn’t the type to sit on the side lines and instead offers her whatever help he can.  He treats her as an equal which is a huge positive!  Plus the interaction between them is electric!

                We also get to know a couple new characters, Amelia and Philippe.  I enjoyed getting to know these different characters as they brought a sense of levity to some rather darker type of mood.  This is especially true of Philippe.  He was rather charming in his own way, such a scandalous flirt in a very outrageous and fun way only some can pull off.  Amelia on the other hand brings a different level to the story with her upbringing and with her skill in mechanics.  She isn’t just about magic but machines and the way the two types can combine is rather inventive.  

               The story really keeps you going and guessing from page one until the end.  I have lots of questions and some serious need to hear more after some revelations that we uncovered.  Seriously I am so not okay with certain things they made my eyes get all watery and I need them fixed ASAP!  Plus there is a whole new kind of magic happening that is just aching to be explored further and I can’t wait to see how it plays into the next story.  I already have the next book three Cherished on pre-order!  So I highly recommend getting caught up in this story that is fast paced and filled to the brim with all the good things you want in a story from interesting and unique characters and plot to magic battles, romance, and world building including a masked ball! Yes I love masked balls!  

                Until next time…

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