Monday, March 6, 2017

Before I Fall Movie

                Hello happy readers.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  I missed my Friday post as I was out of town helping my mom (she broke her hand the day before so I get to help her for all the times she has helped me it was nice) but I have the review ready and it will be posted.  But today I wanted to share my thoughts on the book to movie adaptation of Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall.  I saw the movie with my best friend this weekend and was thrilled to review it for you. 

Rating:  4.5 Stars

                So I should start off saying I read this book back in December 2011, I had to look for my old review (here).  It has been a hot minute since I read the book and while I remembered many major points I don't remember tons of small things that may have been changed throughout the movie.  I know the first obvious thing is that our girls aren't all wearing matching colored outfits for Cupid's Day but as for minute details that is all I remember off hand.  Since watching the movie though I have thought about re-reading the book once I get through some of my other books first.  If I do I may make some additions to this post but for now just my thoughts on the movie.

                If you haven't seen trailers for this movie or read the book then the basic plot is that Sam, our main girl played by the amazing Zoey Deutch, who has it all in life.  She is part of the it group and everyone loves them even if they are a bit evil/mean girl like.  Then as the day progresses and we see her life we don't feel for her much but things go down and she wakes up.  It's the same day.  Sam is confused by what she remembers, a horrible case a déjà vu.  Still as the day repeats she is able to really see how she acts, what her life is.  Again and again the day repeats no matter what she does.  She tries to change things or go completely wild knowing nothing will matter and she'll be redoing it again anyways.  She begins trying to figure out how she can live her life better.  

                 I loved that we got to see Sam change and realize the mistakes she has made.  With all the time in the world she takes the time to really understand how things work.  She struggles throughout from trying to be better to getting frustrated that she is stuck and will never be free of the moment.  Deutch made the emotions shine through.  I didn't like Sam at the start, not really.  I liked he and her friends together away from anyone else because they did have that closeness that I think most everyone remembers with their best friends.  Now I admit we don't get to see as much about how they became friends and some past actions were touched on but not expanded.
                 The movie has some cliché moments of course and falls to a few stereotypes but overall the message is real.  I was lucky to have went to school in a different type of world it seems than some but this movie is relevant.  It shows both sides of things and that it is never too late to change or make things right.  I had chill bumps through parts of the movie and I almost cried at times, though I was prepared for that and managed to stave it off.  There was also a small moment when in the small theater that I made a whispered comment to my friend and several people laughed, apparently my whispered joke was loud in the hush.  Good memories.  

                Last little thought, one part of the book I do remember is there being more time and scenes between Sam and Kent.  I feel I had a better understanding of him in the book.  As I work on this review I am even more certain that I want to re-read the book, maybe before the DVD comes out.  Because I will be getting the movie when it comes out.  I look forward to seeing it again and seeing what things I missed or didn't pick up on.  I feel that someone who has read the book can enjoy the movie but also those who haven't read the book can go in and not feel like something is missing.  It is whole.  I recommend it. 

                Until next time…

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