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A Court of Wings & Ruin (ACOTAR #3)

                Hello happy readers!  So as many of you are probably aware this week was the release of A Court of Wings and Ruin (ACOTAR #3) and the original end of the story though we are getting two more books from different POV's and following different characters for our lead from what I hear.  Side note on the excitement that is this release, challenge wise does this count as a series ender or not? I'm conflicted.  Anywho yes I got ACOWAR the day it came out twice.  I had planned to runt o Books-A-Million when I left work early Tuesday (yes I took my bi-weekly flex time the day of the release) to get the special edition with the pretty art inside, which I did.  I also had a credit saved on audible to get it as I LOVED the previous audio book.  Well the audiobook didn’t have a page or pre-order or anything until day of release and I found it at 3am when I woke up needing some water.  Decided to check my phone quickly before going back to sleep and I saw it, downloaded it, and decided I didn’t need two more hours of sleep.   I was addicted. 

Rating:  10 Stars!!!!!

                This may seem overly dramatic but this book…this whole series just got me.  I really enjoyed the first book but then book two just hit me in such a way that exploded my mind.  You can read my full reviews ACOTAR and ACOMAF to grasp what I mean.  I mean I switched ships and I don't do that very often and generally never with someone I despised so much in previous books.  For that person to be one of my favorite characters is HUGE.

                 So anyways we left off with a massive bomb shell dropping.  Tamlin had turned to work with Hybern, to get her back away from Rhys.  Feyre's sisters even got dragged into it and tossed into the cauldron and turned Fey one even turning out to be Lucians mate.  They were betrayed, trapped, and hurt and Feyre made a choice.  She played the victim and made her mate, Rhys, the villain everyone thought him to be.  She gave those she loved a chance to escape and regroup while she went into the enemies home base, back to the Spring Court with Tamlin her ex.  She is ready to destroy him and his Court for what he did to hers.  Oh and then that Feyre isn't just Rhy's mate but she is none other than High Lady of the Night Court his equal in every way.  See this is why I love him.

                I spent so long trying to think of how things would play out.  How she would handle being in the Spring Court again and more importantly away from Rhys.  I grew so attached to this ship that I was terrified of something happening to them.  I also had other ships I was rooting on and some of them seem to be making some progress and other ships have sunk.  I had all these theories I had played out over and over in my head things I expected to happen and from what I had seen on the internet I wasn't the only one.  I was right in some small ways and others I was way off the mark. 

                 We have been building to this battle since the beginning.  There have been pieces put in place since book one and we have been eagerly inching closer to this war from the start.  We finally have the war, I think the title (ACOWAR) is fitting in that it spells war but also that it there is a lot of ruin.  This book had me running the spectrum of emotions.  I was all over the place.  I was angry, sad, happy, laughing, nervous, excited, and more over and over again in varying levels and order.  I laughed out loud, I cried a very unattractive snotty cry, I turned red in anger and shock and so much more.  My poor heart was racing for one reason or another the whole damn time.  The twists and turns throughout really keep you guessing and while I had thought of some things I thought were creative and could help I was not nearly as creative as the wonderful Maas.  She really took us on a ride.  The story we started has come to a close but despite the war and ruin that has taken place I was satisfied.  I felt the story was wrapped in a way that paid homage to the build-up but there are still things that need told and I can see where the next books could go. 
                There is tons of magic and fighting scenes for sure because when Fey fight they fight both with their awesome magic powers but also with impressive battle skills.  You have so many people that you grew to care about through these books that when the battles start and people start dying it's painful to see so many fall.  I cried so often.  Even some deaths I wouldn’t think would make me as sad as they did just hit me, because no one is safe and that is scary for those characters you love.  All the things revealed and coming to light, this book really is packed full of moments of hope and redemption and lots of tears and pain but they balance out.

                 I'm curious who will be the focus of her next books.  I have some theories of course and I'd love to see if I'm thinking the same as any of you.  Now the next part of this review is going to have some seriously spoilers ahead.  Like it will ruin things for you so don't read ahead if you haven't finished ACOWAR


                So first I have to talk about my ship that sunk. Mor and Azriel.  I don't really even unship it so much because I still really want it but after what she told Feyre I don't think they would be as happy as I want them to be so sigh.  I want them both to be happy and I hope that we will see more of them in the next books, I especially hope she will be honest with him at least poor Azriel.  Here I am a little conflicted because I totally get her reasons for keeping it on the down low and don't think her horrible for putting on a show for most but then I think about Azriel and I kind of am a little mad because I adore him too and this could have been solved with a simple talk.  This talk needs to happen in future books.

                Next can we talk about the elephant in the room; Tamlin.  So last book I hated him.  I despised him and wouldn’t have been upset if he died but I was hoping he would redeem himself.  Wow what a way to play this.  He wasn't completely as bad as we thought.  He wasn't the best person by any means but he had real reasons for doing the most egregious crimes.  He also came through in the end and I really enjoyed the twists and depth to it; that he got his bit of redemption.  I am curious to see how that works for him in the future.  I'm still not okay with his trust in Ianthe or that he pimped out Lucien.  I hope that him and Lucien can repair their friendship.  I think they both cold use a friend in this world, but I think now that he has someplace else to go, he won't  be as sucked into doing everything Tamlin wants/needs and it will be more balanced.  Plus can we talk about the parentage news….that will be interesting coming up.

                 Which is why I think one of the books will be from Elain / Lucien story.  They are kind of okay with each other at the moment but nothing more as she is still dealing with the man she loved turning away so painfully.  The other story I think will involve Nesta / Cassian because who doesn’t need more of them after this book!   Or even Amren and her new self, this I think would be interesting. 

                Side note I did get one thing answered for me, something that kind of bugged me since book one, the tattoo that happened when Rhys made the bargain with Feyre.  I didn't think it was cool since hello no one said it would mark her.  That should be mentioned prior to it happening I think.  But it being the typical way bargains are sealed in the Nigh Court, a common thing, something he probably didn’t think much of then made me smile.  Anywho there is so much more I could share and discuss because OMG this book.  But I don’t want this to be ten pages so share your thoughts in the comments below and lets discuss.  Just please mark any spoilers. 

                Until next time…

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