Friday, May 26, 2017

Everything, Everything Book & Movie

                Hello happy readers!  Okay so today I am doing a book and movie review.  I finally got to read Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon which I have been excited to read since it came out but kept getting pushed back on my TBR.  So with the movie coming out I knew I had to get on it and read it before.  So I read it quickly the weekend it came out and then couldn’t wait to see the movie even more.  So I’ll fire review the book then the movie.

Book Rating: 5 Stars

                This book is all the feels!  We follow Maddy, a girl with a rare and famous disease that I can’t remember how to spell but is commonly known as bubble boy syndrome.  Allergic to everything, allergic to the world.  She turns 18 having lived her whole life in this house only seeing her mother and her nurse Carla regularly.  Her circle of people is limited until one day a moving truck arrives for the house next door and Maddy locks eyes with Olly.  Becoming friends with her isn’t easy given the restrictions, but as she begins to really understand how small her world is and what she will risk to live rather than survive. 

                First I have to say this book was such a quick read.  I would have finished it in one day had I not started it with only an hour before having to leave for a prior engagement.  I was so interested instantly I wished I didn’t have plans and I could stay and read.  The chapters are short and compelling and many times even include drawings and such which really added something extra to it.  Plus as Maddy is kept apart many of the conversations happen over IM and read quickly and the different medias in the book really helped to bring focus on all the ways one can have to communicate with the world and yet still be separate from it. 

                Maddy is a sweet girl who is happy with her life and stays positive.  She wants desperately to be normal and be able to go out into the world and experience things she can only read about or watch but she is thankful for what she has.  She loves her mother and Carla, he nurse, and books.  Considering her situation she keeps a pretty positive outlook on life which is impressive.  This helps put things in perspective when you get upset about things in your life knowing others are staying positive despite their problems.  She has struggled with depression in the past, which is only natural, and tries to stay above it.  Olly moves in next door and sees her through the window but hasn't been able to see her in person so he works to entertain her through the window for a while.  He is sweet and funny and I adored him.  He had his own struggles in life but he always treated Maddy normally, special to him but like a normal person.  Their connection and interactions are so cute and sweet it just made my heart swell.

                Maddy and Olly are the point of the book they are the focus.  However, I really loved the connection between her and Carla as well.  I enjoyed how she was so close with her.  Her story with her mother as it hits ups and downs was really a highlight thought as things progressed and things happen that just had me stuck to the book like glue.  It was a cute and quick book that was all about relationships and hope and I adore it!

Movie Rating:  5 Stars

                So I saw the movie the first day it came out only six hours after finishing the book so it was very fresh in my mind.  I enjoyed the movie.  It was cute and sweet and had so many positives and I look forward to seeing it again.  They kept to the main part of the story and most things where the same and I like a movie who does that.  They cut some things here and there and added a few things but the vast majority of the book was there.  Also Olly wasn't wearing a black cap most of the time because he shaved his head which I totally appreciate because Olly was hot. 

                One of my favorite things about the movie and something they were able to do to add humor and visual interest was during the IM sessions (now texting) was to put the characters in her fantasy worlds to have the conversations instead of just reading them.  I adored this concept.  And the astronaut was perfect.  This is something the movie did well.  I also love how all of the doodles and drawings in the book are in the end credits!  That was a real treat to see!

                The only down side to the movie is that it didn't really mention Maddy's past bout of depression and how hard it was for her.  It didn't give some deeper context to some matters so in the end when I was discussing it with my friend who saw it with me having not read the book she didn't feel my outrage at certain characters as strongly.  Without the context and past issues the book explains looking at the movie I can see it as well.

                I think anyone can really enjoy this movie.  If you read the book you understand some things on a deeper level and might even, in my opinion, enjoy the movie a bit more.  If you haven't read the book you can still go in and see a sweet movie that makes you all warm inside.  I highly recommend it either way. 

                So in conclusions I LOVED both the book and the movie and hope you read/see them both.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on both or either in the comments below!  


  1. I loved the book but I'm really bad at watching and finishing movies, especially when they're from YA books. I still haven't seen The Fault In Our Stars movie to this day. lol

    1. Nothing wrong with that! If you do decide to watch it I hope you enjoy. But yes the book was so good!