Monday, August 28, 2017

Juniper Limits (Juniper Series #2)

                Hello happy readers!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend.  If you missed it Friday I had the opportunity to host an interview with debut author Hannah Bucchin about her book Paintbrush so head over and check it out.  The rest of the weekend I mostly worked but last night with the season finale of Game of Thrones…..OMG! Seriously thought that I have to wait for 2019 is a night mare.   On a much different note I have some thoughts on a contemporary story I recently finished.  Not much of a segway but I’m taking it.  I read The Edge of Juniper (review)earlier in the year and really enjoyed the story and its characters and felt there could still be more story to tell.  Well author Lora Richardson did as well as she turned it into a duology with JuniperLimits where we follow book one but focus the cousin and best friend of our MCs from the first book.  I was excited to hear about this book and eager when I was provided a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Rating:  5 Stars

                When we left off Fay was returning to live in Juniper with her mom and things had started to get better with Celia’s dad having had a confrontation.  Fay and Malcom are in love and inseparable and totally in love.  Celia is happy to have her cousin back and to see things on an upswing with her dad, and the blooming of something real with Paul but she isn’t one to accept things easily.  She is always prepared for the next crisis unable to trust in anything good.  Paul is also happy to have Fay back in town to make his best friend Malcom stop mopping around but he knows Celia is happy to have her back.  He’s been interested in her for a long time but this is the first time she’s ever given him any type of chance to really show her.  Even as his own family life isn’t the best he tries to break through her walls and constant trepidation and see if they can have something real or will her inability to trust in anything good keep them apart.

                Where to start off.  Celia was interesting for me in the first book, a bit aloof and rough around the edges for sure.  Sometimes she came off as disinterested in everything and uncaring and self-destructive.  While you did grow to understand some of her actions and her attitude within the book through Fay seeing things from her POV made her come to life in a whole new way.  I not only understood her but I related to her much more than I did in the past.  Seeing not only how things felt for her in the present but in the past as well, how things circle back.  As close as she and Fay were she didn’t let her in on everything.  Also being dual POV with Paul I got to know so much about him from the optimistic and happy go lucky best friend.  He has so much more going on for him, there is much more to him than the happy attitude.  I loved seeing that depth.  His take and outlook on life seriously inspired me.  He, like his best friend is serious book boyfriend material.

                The chemistry between Celia and Paul is there from the start.  They are both dealing with a boat load of stuff that someone in high school shouldn’t have to.  Neither want everyone to know the depth of the problems but they have went about things differently.   I loved the dynamic in the story.  This book focused on some serious and hard hitting issues and I think it gave them justice.  It felt very real in having to deal with the issues with the ups and downs showing the pain and damage they can cause to not only the person dealing with the struggle but everyone close to them and to them.  It's a domino effect that continues to radiate out. 

                This book is all about the emotions and connections between people.  I loved seeing so many relationships.  Both the romantic, which yes was my favorite because come on again Paul is a dream boat but the others as well.  We focused on relationships between friends.  Between family both good and strained.  Relationships in all stages both healthy and negative.  Juniper Limits really managed to capture so many moments of such emotion that it really pulls you in.  I really enjoyed this story and seeing more that Juniper had to offer.   I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys a good story focused on characters with a healthy dose of sweetness.

                Until next time…

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