Saturday, September 23, 2017

~Stacking the Shelves~

                Welcome to Stacking the Shelves was created by Tynga and the full details can be found on her page.  Basically you showcase the books you bought or received each week.  Little, or not so little, weekly book hauls.  So between a week of no books, Irma and my hiatus during/following these are the goodies I got in the last couple weeks.  Several you will see were in preparation for a book event I was attending for Epic Reads!  Little Shop of Stories did something new this time and they did author speed dating, splitting the three talented authors up into smaller groups for more personal groups.  It was a blast!  
Physical Books:
One Dark Throne (Three Dark Crowns #2) by Kendare Blake 
The Carnival at Bray by Jessie Ann Foley
Neighborhood Girls by Jessie Ann Foley

BookOutlet Haul:
Three DarkCrowns (Three Dark Crowns #1)  by Kendare Blake
TheThousandth Floor (The Thousandth Floor #1) by Katharine McGee
Siren's Song  &  Siren's Fury (Storm Siren # 2-3) by Mary Webber

Enter TitleHere by Rahul Kanakia
Don't LookBack by Jennifer L. Armentrout (review)
Forever Red & Red Vengeance (Black Widow#1-2) by Margaret Stohl

Sun Warrior (Tales of a New World #2) by P.C. Cast 

                That's if for this week.  Share a link below with what goodies you got this week. 


  1. I'm interested in your thoughts on Sun Warrior. I enjoyed the first one but didn't love it as much as I wanted and it took FOREVER for me to finish it despite being a quick reader. Great haul and have a great week!

    1. I did like the first one a lot though I did find I got into the world easier listening to the audiobook. I wanted to listen to this one too but I was offered an ebook early and I'd rather know more sooner lol

  2. That sounds and looks like it was a fun event. I would love to meet Kendare. I have yet to read any of her books except for Anna Dress in Blood, but she seems awesome.

    Enjoy your new lovelies, and thanks for visiting Shell's Stories!

    1. She was really fun. They all were. How she came up with the idea for Three Dark Crowns was really hilarious.

  3. The speed dating like game with the authors sounds like so much fun! I would love to take part in something like that someday. Your new books all look fantastic! So many good ones.I am not sure which one I would want to read more. I hope you enjoy them all! Have a great week!

    1. It was a really unique way of doing the event I hope a shop near you does one soon :)