Monday, September 25, 2017

Thrax (Angelbound Origins #4)

                Hello happy readers!  So I am thrilled to be back in the swing of things.  Today I'm super excited to be sharing my thoughts and feelings on the newest book in a series I just adore, Thrax (Angelbound Origins  #4) by Christina Bauer.  I have reviewed the previous books in the series Angelbound, Scala, and Acca.  There are more books in the series as a whole as the series took a time jump but now we are getting all the fun adventures we hear mention of in the Angelbound Offspring series.  Thrax releases tomorrow 9/26/17 but I was lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC (thank you NetGalley & Monster House Books) since my pre-order won't be here til tomorrow!  Even though there are future books I will only be discussing spoilery type materially as it pertains to the first three books in the series numerically as this takes place just after Acca.

Rating:  5 Lighting Bolts

                We left off with our dynamic duo getting hitched!  Well a bit more than that really since Myla's little igni have decided to make sure she has a scala heir sooner rather than later.  Newly married, newly pregnant, and new to the whole ruler thing Myla is taking on a whole new set of responsibilities which isn't easy given she's been having some weird dreams and scala related issues.  As their honeymoon comes to a close, time to get back to responsibilities of life, Lincoln disappears and Myla wakes up with someone who looks like her husband but she can tell is not.  Problem is not everyone else can pick up on 'Evil Lincoln' as she is.  Oh and he may have already planted that the pregnancy has made her crazy.  Yep that doesn't go over well with Myla.  Myla is always ready for a fight, and fighting to find her real Angelbound love is priority number one.  Only with her pregnancy she has to fight smart, less punching more thinking.  Enlisting the help of people she knows she can trust she must get to the bottom of what is happening before its too late.

                I have enjoyed all of the books in this series.  This series and author are auto-buy for me and as soon as pre-order links are available I always get my copy secured.  The world as a whole is vast and ever changing full of so many amazing stories and inspiration to draw from.  Each book is slam packed full of action, even if Myla is not jumping in fists first, Thrax doesn't lose any of the fast paced action.  The pacing keeps up as there is a mystery to solve.  Why would someone replace Lincoln?  But more important where is he?  I have really enjoyed watching Myla grow and change as the series grows and she adapts to each change in her life but still maintains who she is at her core.  She may be the Great Scala, a wife, queen, and mother to be but she is also part lust and wrath demon with a wicked sense of humor and a kick butt attitude. 

                I adore my Myla and Lincoln.  I can't say how much I adore this couple and how well they mesh for me.  I don't just adore him as a book boyfriend but I love them together.  The way they balance one another out just makes them for me and I could never grow tired of them.  With that in mind, with Lincoln being missing (the real deal one anyways) Myla works with her best friend Cissy.  I have enjoyed this friendship since book one and appreciate that is has come back into focus.  I love seeing more of Cissy and Myla adventures since they too balance one another out in a different kind of way.  We also got another character to 'meet' as it were that just had me saying 'awe' or laughing constantly. 

                This book flew by in pretty much one sitting because I couldn’t put it down.  That is one of my favorite parts of these books they have so much happening but it happens in a way that you just sail on through from sweet moments, heart racing, shock and awe, and surprises all the time.  There is always something new to learn and see. Thrax is a rollercoaster ready to take you on a fast thrilling ride you will enjoy and want to go on again!  Every book is.  I'm so excited for book five The Dark Lands but more than that a prequel Duty Bound  from Lincolns POV which comes out first.  So many stories I can't get enough! Plus come on these covers!  

                If it's not clear by my enthusiasm I highly recommend this series to EVERYONE!  Seriously read it so we can discuss because I have far too few people to gush about this with!  

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