Tuesday, October 31, 2017


                Hello happy readers!  Happy Halloween!  Normally I would do a Top Ten Tuesday but I am drawing a blank for the Halloween freebie and I have a review and giveaway to post and thought what better time than to add a treat on Halloween!  To get into the spirit I spent the weekend doing Halloween items like a haunted corn maze, a haunted trail, and a Saw movie marathon to prepare to see the new Jigsaw movie.  All and all it was a good weekend.  I also spent Friday with family celebrating my moms’ birthday and then stayed up much too late one night finishing up a super cute audiobook, Geekerella by Ashley Poston, which was totally worth the lack of sleep.  I have been excited to dive into this book since I went to the signing for it a few months back and heard how much of a fangirl the author was.  While I was at the signing I also snagged a second copy that I got signed to use as a giveaway!  The details will be at the bottom of the post, but first my thoughts on this book.

Rating:  5 Stars

                Geekerella is a the story of Elle and Darien.  Elle is a huge geek/fangirl for her beloved Starfield which was something her parents loved, to the point of creating a con, ExcelsiCon which holds a coseplay contest for it.  Now the odd man out living with her step mother and her twin girls and treated like the help and working at the vegan pumpkin food truck she is beyond excited for the revamp and interest her favorite show is getting with the new movie coming up.  Only down side…Darien Freeman, teen heart throb and not who a fan wants playing the lead role of Carmindor.  Darien is thrilled for this role as his favorite character on a show he loved.  Before becoming the teen heart throb he lived for conventions and getting to see all the splendor they hold, now he’s on the other side of the table.  But to keep his image he has to keep his geek status hidden, making him feel more like a fake than ever before until a wrong number turns into something more.

                This book is FILLED with fun references and Easter eggs from different fandoms.  I constantly found myself laughing at finding them.  The characters were fresh and fun.  I loved Elle and her story.  Her history with her father.  I felt for everything she has been and goes through.  She is someone you root for and instantly understand.  I wanted her to win at so many things in life and things to go well for her.  I wanted her as our Cinderella to have her dreams come true.  Then you add in Darien who is sweet and likeable being separated from life in a different way with people planning and marketing everything you do.  While I couldn’t relate to it personally, so few can, I felt for him.  I could see how your path in life could isolate you and how being anonymous could be the best release. 

                I also adore the idea of making a friend by accident of a wrong number.  It’s so random and fun.  As many of us make friends over the internet via blogs, forums, etc. it’s easy to see how you could start connecting with someone you’ve never seen before and just get along with them.  That is normal but the pure act of coincidence that you would get a wrong number and connect with them is special. Plus there is something to be said for the joy of having someone like you for only your wit and conversation having no idea what you look like. 

“I suck at being social.  I think one thing and my mouth says something completely different, like I’m possessed.  By a whole lot of stupid.”

                Overall the story has lots of cute moments, great characters, and life lessons all in a modern day retelling.  Yep this is a retelling and I love it.  It has elements but for most of the book I did forget that part.  This book flew by and the audiobook format was fantastic (score Audible daily deals) but the book itself has such pretty end pages full of fangirl stuff.  Among all the fan nods in the book I lost track but they will instantly bring a smile to any fans face when they find them peppered in the story.  I highly recommend this to any reader because you can enjoy it on every level!

                Now for the giveaway.  I had the pleasure of meeting the author at her event at Little Shop of Stories some months back.  I knew I would love this book after seeing the cover, title, and summary.  But hearing her talk about it I had to snag an extra copy to do a giveaway with because I wanted to spread the fangirl love!  So you can enter in the widget thingy below.  Open to anyone.  I will leave this open until November 14th/15th @12:00AM EST  Enjoy and fangirl on!
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  1. What are some of your favorite fandoms?

    *Harry Potter
    *Percy Jackson
    *The Maze Runner
    *The Grishavershe
    *Sailor Moon
    *Stranger Things

    Uhhh... This could take forever! 😂

    1. I love the PJ movies but I have yet to dive into the books but it is a goal of 2018 to finish the first 2 series and catch up. Also been told by several friends I have to watch Stranger Things.

  2. Some of my favorite fandom?
    Doctor Who, Star trek, Star wars, anything that's sci-fi honestly!

    1. I never got into Doctor Who mostly because I'm kind of OCD about starting at the beginning and that is WAY to far back for me and just starting with a specific doctor feels like cheating and I'd miss things...

  3. This sounds like such a great book. I am so glad that you enjoyed it as much as you did. Great review!

  4. Doctor who, Merlin, star wars, HP, and Percy Jackson

    1. Oh I loved Merlin and of course HP is my jam. I can't wait to read the Percy Jackson!