Friday, October 20, 2017

Glass Sword (Red Queen #2)

                Hello happy readers.  I hope all has been going well on your end.  The weather has taken a turn, finally, to not sweating just stepping foot outside and was actually cool for a couple of days. I'm excited though the 90 to 60 sudden drop wrecked havoc on my sinuses.  I also tried a new recipe, Caramel Apple Bread which seems to be a hit!  I have been able to finish a book from my TBR I’ve had for some time, Glass Sword (Red Queen #2) by Victoria Aveyard.  I reviewed book one back in March of 2015 here so it had been a while but when I started the audiobook of the sequel it all came back as I listened.  It picks up where Red Queen left off so spoilers.

Rating: 5 Stars

                So it has been some time since I read Red Queen.  I dove right in.  Mare and Cal are on the run with the Red Guard but being a silver, Cal is not treated with the best care.  Mare is a red with silver abilities, the lightning girl.  She thought she was an anomaly but finds there are others like her, new bloods.  The king is dead at Cal’s hand.  His hand forced by the Queen, using her ability against him to dispute him and put her traitors son Maven on the throne.  He is not the man either of them thought him to be, just a puppet playing the part that would make them both care for him.  Now Mare must fight but the cost is high and all of the treachery and betrayal have taken their toll and changed her.

                The action and intrigue of this series picks up at the first page and doesn't let you down.  There is so much happening from escaping without dying and oh yeah convincing the people you're with Cal isn't just an evil silver but an ally.  I loved throughout the book there is always more than one thing happening.  The constant struggle between the reds and silvers and now new bloods, never knowing where one stands as we are constantly reminded that anyone can betray you at any time.  Oh and the political issues of being on the run as Maven takes over as king.  It's one hit after another and we just keep rolling with the momentum never slowing down.

                The pacing of the book keeps it moving along for sure.  Still there is lots of character development with all out characters.  There is no clear right and wrong anymore everything seems to be shades of grey.  Mare, everyone really but her especially, has to deal with so much.  Blaming herself.  Wanting to save people like her, save everyone and fix the world into something better.  She wasn't trained to be a leader, she never wanted to be one but despite everything people keep looking to her to lead.  Watching her struggle with all of her issues throughout the book was grounding.  There was one part in which case I was so glad I was parked when it happened because I just stared at my car display in shock.  You go through the emotional ringer with these characters that's for sure.

"If I am a sword, I am a sword made of glass, and I feel myself beginning to shatter."

                One of my favorite parts was getting to meet all the new characters.  Some good and some bad.  I especially enjoyed our new bloods and learning all their new powers as some were so much fun to imagine.  I enjoyed the difficult position each one was in and how real everything felt.  Not everyone is saved all the time.  This is a war and they are rebels and that means they are the underdog.  Farley was by far a favorite for me, the accent the narrator did for her was spot on as well, I loved how she could be surrounded by people with special abilities and be severely out matched but still hold her own with her tricks and skills.

                There is some small pieces between Mare and Cal but given everything that has happened it is very small and sedate.  They both are struggling with Maven.  Yes he is a monster.  He has done and continues to do horrible things to people.  Still that is not the Maven they knew and loved and even knowing that their Maven was "real" is still a hard thing to reconcile with the monster that is out to get you.  I love that they both are struggling with that and their places in this new war.  They both have beliefs and hard wired instincts they have to work on with everything flipped around.  I thought the reactions to it all was rather true to the characters and I enjoyed it. 

                Overall I really enjoyed this story and am glad I don't have to wait long to start the next book and then even less time for the final book to come out.  As much as I want to dive right in given that ending…and yes that ending hurt me…I also want to be fresh for the final book to come out.  And I have a few other books I have to get to this month!  I am caught up in this story and even waiting close to 2 years between reading without any catch up I fell right back into things with no problem because the author wrote such a unique and interesting world it was transfixed in my head! 

                Until next time…


  1. Great review! I read this recently as well, this year. I read the next as well. This is such a fun and fascinating series.
    Rebecca @ The Portsmouth Review

    1. I have the audiobook for the next book but I'm holding off just a little bit to catch up with other books first....and get closer to the last one :)