Thursday, November 8, 2018

~Movie Corner #21~

                Hello happy movie fans!    A few movies recently, and hopefully more to come!  This weekend I have my besties birthday which I am excited for because I've had her present wrapped and ready for about 4 months now and it's been begging to be given.  Bella will also be front and center for the adopt-a-thon looking for her furever home so I'm sure I'll be sore and tired by the end of this weekend lol.  That said here is what I’ve seen the last two weeks:

Halloween: 3.5 Stars
                So I finally watched the first Halloween online then just a few hours later saw the new Halloween, which per my internet dive said takes place after the first one, if it had ended slightly differently.  That said having seen them so close together, literally within 4 hours of one another, I did enjoy the parallel between them that paid a sense of homage.  Still while it was fun, made more so by my co-workers joining, it wasn’t the best Halloween time / horror type movie nor was it the best I’ve seen recently.  Still I enjoyed it enough that I’m glad I saw it.  I do plan to watch the other movies in the series at some point as well and maybe when I do I’ll rank them but for now the new iteration was fun but not something I’m excited to see again or own.

Hunter Killer:  5 Stars
                I hadn’t seen a ton of trailers for this one much like his other movie Geostorm but when I did see the trailer it looked interesting.  A commander in charge and having to go into something never done before while a spy thriller is played out.  I was down.  Plus let’s be honest I might have a soft spot for Gerald Butler.  I enjoyed myself.  I love a good story about a strong leader fighting the odds to try and stop all out war.  Trying to make friends of enemies and so on.  It’s a great dynamic. 

The Nutcracker & the Four Realms:  5 Stars
                So I might be one of the only people in the world unfamiliar with the Nutcracker ballet.  I know of it, that it exists and there is a Nutcracker and Sugar Plum Fairy but that’s about it.  I didn’t know the story behind it, though having seen this movie I would love to see a real ballet.  The movie as a whole was beautiful.  Seriously the whole experience was eye opening and a marvel to watch play out before my eyes.  I enjoyed all the characters, the story, the visuals, the music.  Everything.  It was a total package for me.  


                So upcoming movies….there are so many I want to see but clearly only the budget for so many and weeding out which ones is hard!  What movies have you seen recently?  What should I see? Next weekend I'm seeing Fantastic Beasts 2 no question but other than that it's hard to choose between such fun looking movies!

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