Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year’s Resolutions

                It’s now 2012, can you believe it?  It feels like 2011 just flew by I know I don’t know where the time went.  So the reason I wanted to do this blog is I was thinking about my own resolutions and thought it’d make a good entry.

                I know everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, an actual list, verbal, or just in your head.  Mine last year was written in my journal and I know I didn’t manage most of the things on my list before I even looked but I had to know if I accomplished any. 

                Truth is I was doing pretty good on a couple of them but then after losing my job well the ‘De-stress’ and ‘save more money’ went out the window pretty quickly.  Funny thing though in my save more money resolution I planned it out, set aside certain money don’t spend frivolously and such which I’ve been working on more since unemployment than before but now it’s not to save it’s to get by.  Now I have that skill down packed.

                I also had planned to finish my first draft of my book.  To be far I did scrap the book I was working on when I wrote this and started a new book in July, which isn’t finished or even close to finished but I did in a way ‘finish’ the book I was talking about right.  LOL I also wrote a couple of short stories that I submitted to a contest and still awaiting back to see if they will get any feedback.  Either way if I hear nothing that was still a big step for me, submitting something that was edited and revised a million times.  Okay maybe not quite a million times but it sure felt that way.

                What is the point of all this?  To wallow in myself pity for not accomplishing those or my other goals (personal sorry).  No…  Okay maybe just a tiny bit but then to help spring board me into my new list and help tailor it to be more feasible.  Let’s face it some of my list items weren’t very realistic; certainly not all together it’s insane as some cancel the others out.

                So this year I have made my own personal resolutions list and I think this one is much more manageable.  I have made more resolutions but some are the kind you reach for the stars and aim for but if in 2013 you look back and you didn’t accomplish it that’s okay you tried.  I also have lots of easier more manageable one peppered in on the list. 

                So this is both a list and an experiment.  I want to see how well I do during the year.  What about you?  Tell me about your resolutions and your plan to tackle them?  I can say I accomplished one thing from last year and it was a random ‘might do’, I started my blog.  Everyone can reach their goals and dreams they just have to believe they can.  I will do better this year.  I will finish my book.  I will read more.  I will find a job I love.  I will get out more and have more fun. 

                You can do it!  Happy New Year’s!

Oh and as a side note a new one of mine is manage to go 1 year without having some freak accident that burns the hell out of my hand.  On second thought maybe I should just start small and aim for 6 months.

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