Wednesday, January 25, 2012

RTW: Character Mix/Mash

This week’s Road Trip Wednesday Question is:
Write a dialogue between two of your favorite YA characters.

                Now this is a really hard challenge.  There are so many wonderful characters to choose from and the authors have done such an amazing job creating their own world and place for these characters it’s hard to see them anywhere else but here is my attempt.  This is my little exert should Gale from The Hunger Games trilogy have met with Minho from The Maze Runner trilogy.  Side note know I’m a total Katniss/Petta shipper but I did like Gale as a character.  There are some spoilers ahead for those who haven’t read the books but I shall try to keep them minor.

                Gale begins to wake and feels the pain in his head.  He fights through the fog trying to remember what happened last.  An explosion.  There had been an attack.  He stands as quickly as he can, swaying as his head fills with dizziness.  There is darkness all around him and he takes careful steps to find something to hold onto.
                With just a couple steps he reaches a wall.  Before he can explore further light comes from the ceiling and he feels the ground beneath him begin to move.  Before he can fully understand what is happening he is looking up at the sky, the same yet somehow different from what he knew, and more importantly a figure.
                “Get me out of here?”  He called up to the figure.
                A rope came down next and Gale used it to climb out.  He stumbled at first but was quickly regaining himself.  He didn’t know which District he was in but it wasn’t anywhere he recognized.
                When he stood up on the green grass he looked back at the hole then to the person who had helped him out.  “Who are you?  What District is this?”
                “District?  We thought they weren’t sending anymore.  The alarm didn’t sound.  Who are you Shank?”
                “Where am I?”  Gale asked again more insistant.
                “The Glade.  What do you remember?”
                “I don’t remember anything about a Glade district.  Which District is this?”
                “Look shank my names Minho.  What’s your name?  Your brain might be clunk but normally we remember that.”
                “My name is Gale Hawthorn.  I’m from District 12…well I used to be before the war.  Anyways there was an attack on our headquarters.  That’s all I remember.”
                Minho stared at him amazed.  He seemed to have a memory from before the box.  All be it crazy and unreal it was more than any of the rest knew.  “Now look we have to get you looked at by the med-jack and call a meeting.”
                “Where is Katniss?  What did you do to everyone?”
                “Hold up Greenbeen you really need to slow your roll.  I have no idea what you’re talking about.  This is the Glade as far as we know and you came up like the rest of us.  No idea about your Districts or catnip.”
                “Katniss.  She’s my…best friend.”
                “She?  Huh well we got a girl too earlier.  Strange.  This place just keeps getting weirder and weirder.”
                Gale grew angry and unsure of everything.  Nothing looked familiar and his head was still throbbing.  “Take me back.”  He demanded clenching his fists.
                Minho stood back and held up his hands and pointed to the walls, “Look wherever you want.  We are trapped here.  Now if you want to go out and get eaten by Grievers then be my guest.  I’m not the enemy.”
                “Then who is?”
                “Beats me.”
                Gale felt his head began to throb harder and his vision went as he colappsed to his knees.  Everything around him was dark and silent.  When he opened his eyes again he saw familiar faces around him.
                “What happened?”
                A nurse came over and checked him out, “You hit your head pretty bad.  You were out for a little while though.  How do you feel now?”
                His head hurt but he was back in familiar reality.  “Good that,” he said as he sat up and stood from the bed.  He had no idea what he had been imagining in his sleep but it sure didn’t seem like a much better place than he had.

The End

                So I know it’s nothing special but come on two completely different realities.  Gale being out and finding out that there was another world where people were trapped in a maze.  It just seemed kinda interesting maybe the way and their situation wouldn’t seem as bleak and bad if he knew what else could have happened. 

                What are your thoughts?


  1. I love the mix of Hunger Games and Maze Runner! You've got to love Dashner's slang :)

  2. Nice! Love the mixing of their worlds, and you captured Dashner's writing style really well.

  3. Thanks Laurie and Crystal. Yes I loved the slang in the Maze Runner. I admit I had to go back and look up a couple to make sure I spelled them and used them properly.