Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Other Woman...hilarious

                I haven't been to the movies as often as I used to, hence the decline of movie reviews, because well it's expensive and the times are against me in lining up so I can see all in one day, so much more convenient.  Plus as much as I love the movies, and believe me I DO LOVE them, there have not been as many that seeing the previews I think, I HAVE TO SEE THAT ASAP!!!  I did see Captain America The Winder Solider though as a fan of Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. and Marvel doing everything in cannon…and me being OCD about seeing things in order, I had to see it to keep watching, plus I wanted to see it.  I didn't review it, not for any reason, just slipped my mind I guess but the point is I did go to the movies this weekend and saw The Other Woman.
                First I have to say I found this trailer on Youtube by during an accidental veg-fest.  You know when you go there to look at ne harmless video, then an hour or so later and 'X' amount of videos later you realize what time it is, yeah one of those.  I have to say I loved the trailer, the Timber song is also one of my current favorites that always get me moving my head and making my day a bit better so it was a hit in the trailer.  Also the trailer seemed to have a good mix of what its about and funny moments that make you want to see it to see all of them.  See for yourself:

                So basically a woman (Cameron Diaz) falls for  guy (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and goes to surprise him but finds his wife instead.  Jerk.  The wife is played the hilarious Leslie Mann,  who is crazy and neurotic and is crushed by the truth and at a loss of what to do.  She has no one to talk to by the mistress, so she turns to her.  They become unlikely friends as they discover another mistress (Kate Upton).  The three of them end up bonding over the fact that this guy was able to play them all and finding a way to plot to take him down. 
                The movie was cheesy and simple but it was funny as can be.  Oh was it funny, my stomach hurt by the time I left I was laughing so hard.  The girls, particularly Diaz and Mann were fabulous and that hilarity seemed so natural.  And Nikolaj (AKA Jamie Lanster) nailed it yet again as a sexy douche bag with two hands though.  Overall it was a barrel of laughs.  Besides what female doesn't love a good girl power movie and getting even with a lying man.

 Rating: 5 Grappling Hooks

                Okay so as usual share your comments below.  Have you already seen this or plan to see it?  Now the other day I mentioned this coming movie review but also that I would be posting an author interview on Sunday May 4th with Colette Ballard whose book Running on Empty I previously reviewed.  I'm super excited to spread the word on not only the interview, because lets face it as a book nerd connecting with an author is amazing, but also on the release of the paperback of the book May 6th. 

                With that being said I also mentioned hosting a giveaway.  I am waiting to hear back on one part of that, but yes I will be hosting a giveaway and hope you will all enter to win, the tab will be located in Sunday's Interview post so stay tuned.  

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