Thursday, August 28, 2014

What type of book are you?

               I’ve been a bit MIA this week and a slow reading week too.  School came back in session and work is picking up a bit and I’m learning more and more information and dealing with different situations.  In the last few weeks I’ve been pondering a few things.  One of those things is that people are horrible drivers/parkers in parking decks; seriously there is no need to act like Indy 500 meets Tokyo Drift.  The other is about my reading patterns and preferences.  I think the majority of the reason is that there have been a lot of recommendations for some light breezy contemporary books; some summer beach reads I guess you'd call them.  I have nothing against them, I had a few I really rather enjoyed and a few others I haven’t gotten to yet.  I never seem to pick them up right away; always leaning towards the other choices.
                I have been hearing about some newer ones lately; some I’ve purchased others and others I have not.  As the contemporary genre is not a section I've been drawn to in the past I think twice before dishing out my hard earned dollars.  That realization made me take a harder look at my book shelf.  I have a healthy selection of books but they are generally in the same categories and mostly supernatural or fantasy.  It was never intentional and I always prided myself on being eclectic.  So I have set out to try and diversify my collection and have purchase a bunch of new books, both series I have read good things about in my fantasy side and several contemporary types and I'm excited for them to arrive.   I did splurge and go on a bit of a book spree, had to even buy another shelf to house them on.  However, I found several at a fantastic price.
                The ones I have received and read, were a great break from the more supernatural, paranormal, fantasy worlds I've been in and out of.  I recently read a handful of books by Hailey Abbot to go along with my handful by Alyson Noel that I read a few years back.  I enjoyed them, quick and refreshing and down to earth.  Reading through them quickly I decided to start checking out the other books, newer ones people recommended in the contemporary field.  I have several that vary in their themes and topics but all seemed different and interesting.  I currently am looking forward to the Rainbow Rowell books Fangirl and Eleanor & Park and Stephanie Perkins Lola and the Boy Next Door and Anna and the French Kiss which I heard rave reviews from a few booktubers I've started to follow recently.  If you'd like to check them out, some of my favorites thus far are polandbananasBOOKS, Katytastic, abookutopia, and jessethereader to name a few (note some have more than one channel to check out). 

                The Hailey Abbot books I’ve read the last month include Boy Crazy, Flirting with Boys, and Forbidden Boy.  I have one more that arrived 2 days ago The Other Boy that I look forward to reading this week, hopefully.  They were all quick reads I finished in a shift at work and made me smile.  They were light and airy and had a good dose of sweet summer fun and romance with enough going on elsewhere to keep it interesting and make each one different.  I can’t really give much about them without spoiling the summer fun so if you need a quick little contemporary story to bring a few hours of summer romance to your day check them out.

                So please share with me your thoughts about books.  Do you only read one type of book?  Are you like me and do it unknowingly or do you simply have a preference?  Also book recommendations?  Any contemporary stories you think I should add to my list to complete my collection?  Have a booktube channel you think I might like share that too, I have started to really enjoy them and considering doing one myself but that means being in front of the camera and I've always been behind so it might take some time to build up the courage there.  Comment below and let's discuss books!


  1. Lawd Jesus! This is a dangerously loaded question. My preferences, like me, are what most would consider strange. I love descriptive stories. I love mysterious stories. I love murderous mayhem-filled stories. I love single-shot stories. I love series stories. Science fiction? I dig it. Speculative fiction? Ye'mam! Manuals? Yep. I like to learn how things work and jazz. In a surprising twist, I've recently come to enjoy historical romance. I get caught up in the period.

    You know me. You know that I am a snob when it comes to writing styles. I simply cannot abide some of the tripe masquerading as a good book. If you're going to write, reach me as an audience. Don't make me struggle to tolerate your characters. Don't make me stop reading due to awful, painful sentence construction. Don't try to ride the dead horse you're kicking. Due to your adoration, I won't be naming names, but I'm willing to bet my pretty liver that you know about whom and what I'm talking... :-)

    Recommendations? Almost Adam, Ender's Game, Remembrance, and Summer of my German Soldier.

  2. Hey A Girl,

    Yes I do know you and we have clashed over the years as to book, usually my love for one and your inability to finish it or just down right talk trash about it. And yes I know which book in particular you are speaking about and I don't care if it is badly written style wise and looking back on it now I see it's flaws clearly but it will always have a place in my heart and be a love because it brought me such joy the first and honestly every time I've read it.

    Any who I did consider Ender's Game but the series order confused me, perhaps you could assist next time you visit. Haven't heard of the others but yes I'll keep them in mind and look them up, Thanks! Maybe you'll let me convince you to read a couple new books before YALLfest :)